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  1. Well, you explained it very well and it answered my questions. Thank You
  2. Unlocked- I locked it incorrectly- continue to post
  3. Madison nods "yes, that is a good idea. Be careful out there, things dont sound too good with the rioting and whatnot. The faster you get back the sooner we can get off this godforsaken planet"
  4. "Thats fine with me. That way we can have a officer to your left and one behind you to make sure you behave" Madsion says with a smirk
  5. "Well, I think we all could fit in the police car" Madison begins "I think we should all stick together. Because we dont know who or what else is out there"
  6. Captain Kaltan looks at the crew "so, are we are in agreement, we are going to sell to the seargant?"
  7. Ok, I understand but a couple questions: What are swaps and what is toxic paper?
  8. Madison shakes her head and then points to Harper "What about him, he is an officer, he has a nightstick. Is he no one?"
  9. Would you be interested in possibly doing it via play by voice chat? Either way I would be interested in playing.
  10. "I have seen what the local boys will do. You dont want them to give you a Philly Massage" Madison says with a grin
  11. He could also find himself thrown off the ship if he does that as well. She is not against abandoning him right where he is. It's her ship, her rules. Like it or get off
  12. I of course am not Eric but I know he is out of town and wont be back for a week or so, so dont expect any progress for at least a week.
  13. I am going to (as soon as Eric gets back) going to start selling some of the left over material and I will make sure people here get first shot at the material. So I will let everyone know what is going on with that when he gets back and I can get over, get an inventory and get going.
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