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  1. Anyway. great to find an active website for star wars D6. So I was wondering how often do you guys still get to play with morden day life?
  2. I like complex characters. The best campaign I have ever played was one where I was playing a young jedi in the new jedi order era with a few people playing jedi. they were all about being the new wave of the jedi. The one I played wanted to reform the jedi and later even wanted the jedi counsel to lead the galaxy and take a more active stance in the galaxy. later he kind of want rouge with a few other jedi and launched a crusader against the hutts. slowing turning to the darkside.
  3. So how common is villain campaigns to be played? or for villain players to be in a campaign? I love them but I have only ever played two of them.
  4. I've been playing for about 14-15 years I would say. Love it!
  5. Good to hear. D6 Star Wars gaming is hard to find online anymore.
  6. Hello all. I'm totally new here and have been looking for a long time for a place to play D6 star wars. I have played for years at home with a group of friends but that has kind of broken up over the years. Not sure how active this place is but if people are still around great! I normally like to play a bad guy which kind of sucked as the GM was not in to bad guys at all. But yeah great to meet you all.
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