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  1. Maybe you can explain more what you mean about this armor/weapon comment. I'm curious. What did you do to optimize?
  2. Thank you for the very in-depth answer. Very good reply. Are your rules available somewhere? I did some more digging. It seems one of the more prominent criticisms against D6 Fantasy is the magic system. Mostly people just describe it as clunky. What magic system therefore would work well with a fantasy d6 game? Any suggestions?
  3. I played D6 Star Wars a number of years ago. Since then D6 has been ported to a number of genres. Now in Star Wars we had lots of blaster fights, space combat, chase scenes, bargaining, computer hacking, some Jedi action, etc. But in fantasy (at least what I've played) it tends to be more dungeon crawl, close combat heavy, which is a different ballgame to me. So how does D6 work with fantasy? What is your experience? How does D6 hold up? Please explain to me. Thank you.
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