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  1. Hi. Looking for rule advice on how seatbelts reduce damage in vehicle collisions. I'm using d6 Adventure and can't seem to find any info on this.
  2. Fantastic. Thanks for the brilliant ideas. I have used your suggestions to create some Mobile Smartphone Rules (using Into the Shadows rules, skills and information table) 1) To Operate eg use an Application (minimum Time required: 1 round+) = COMMUNICATION TECH (Technical) at EASY = +1D to equivalent Skill eg GPS provides +1D to NAVIGATION (Technical); Flashlight +1D to FIND in Dark environs 2) To Search for Information (minimum Time required: 1 minute+) = RESEARCH (Canny) +1D, see table below for results INFORMATION DIFFICULTIES Amount of Information
  3. Hi. How do you deal with mobile smart phones in modern RPGs? I played my first modern RPG for the first time in many many years (over 10 years since I played a modern RPG) and the one immediate problem which eventuated was to do with mobile smart phones. The players had mobile smart phones eg i-phones, and they just used it as a skill substitute. For example, one of the skills is Locale (knowing about a particular area) and the players just said we'll look it up on our iphone. They needed to navigate to a location - so they just said we'll use iphone Maps/GPS. Basically, their smart phones bec
  4. It went very well. It's the first time I have run Into The Shadows (ITS). The player who only wanted to play fantasy said it was ok but he was annoyed that he chose to play a Priest. His own fault really, he was adamant on playing a Priest and then once we started he said "where are all my powers?" because he expected a modern Priest to be like a fantasy Cleric.
  5. Hi. I'm about to run my first ITS session tonite, after a long (10 year) fantasy campaign using Advanced Fighting Fantasy. So a little nervous about using the d6 System. Have homebrewed some of the rules to suit (as you do) and I'm ready to run the first adventure, which is set in the Rocky Mountains. Hoping to game monthly with my group of 4-5 players, and take them thru all the adventures on the ITS site. One of the players was actually not keen (against) a new 'non-Fantasy' campaign, so it's going to be an interesting (and hopefully fun) night.
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