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  1. Say a typical air elemental for example. Pg. 32 of Fantasy Creatures.
  2. I know minisix has rules on converting to open D6, but what about the other way round? Say I want to take a monster from D6 fantasy that isn't in minisix? Any thoughts on how to do that?
  3. Grimice, Thorvald, thanks for the reply. I think k thee shp shifting ability is the only one I want for this guy. I want the kids to be able to kill him wit their weapons. Stench is good one too. I'm gonna keep it simple for mini six. once I get a used copy of D6 Fantasy, I'll upgrade the draugr. Thorvald, I'm think he was a greedy king who was slain by his revolting people and cursed himself to not rest until he got his revenge. Again, thanks. I think I have a good idea how to finish him up.
  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Draugr. I'm doing a Norse/Germanic style setting and I'm starting with mini six since I'm playing with my two sons. Tnis is what I have so far. Might 4d Agility 2d+2 Wit 3d+1 charm 0d Dodge 13 Block 18 Parry15 Soak 18 Skills: Sword 5d+2, Brawling 6d, Dodge 4d+1 the high soak is due to chainmail armor. Considering the traits given for the Draugr, what would be the best perks and complications that would work for undead like this? I mean this is meant to be a "boss" type baddy with skeletons and zombies as minions.
  5. Not enough of them and don't have ones I want. The idea is, if there no expanded list, is to convert normal D6 foes to minisix.
  6. I'm using mini6 to run a few games for my two sons and I am not satisfied with the foes and monsters given. Is there an expanded list or a way to convert D6 foes from Fantasy, Adventure and Space to mini6?
  7. Well, I'm new to the D6 system but I have found that three different sets of attributes gets annoying. If they could be distilled into just one set, then it would be more steamlined. At least from my perspective.
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