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  1. I would very much like to see it! I've tinkered with different ideas for Od6 supers myself off and on.
  2. Hey again. Sorry for the long abcense between posts. My hard-drive crashed and I just recently got back online. If this project is still moving forward let me know. Oh and here is some of my work.... http://reignoftears.deviantart.com/ Chris
  3. Hello there. My friend and I have begun tinkering around with a Mini-Six fantasy game of our own but are having some issues with the racial creation rules. Basically, when creating new races how the heck do you do it? I looked through the rules in Aliens 1 and Fantasy and still don't think I have it down... Thank you in advance for any help you all provide Gram
  4. Just Awesome! I can't wait to get my hands on this
  5. Hey there, I have had the chance to look over this and like what I see so far. I think more examples, especially when it comes to the lifting and melee damage with Powers/Powerks would be helpful. that way people wouldn't have to scroll back to the top if they don't remember the guidelines at the beginning. And I might be able to help with some art if your still interested...
  6. I just started looking this over a bit ago, but I am impressed at the amount of work you have put into this thus far! There are some things that will probably need work, the one being that I think there needs to be more examples. Like for instance how you came up with the final die totals for things regarding Might and Lift... basically to make it easier to read than scrolling up and down Just my 2cp ~Chris
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