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  1. I somehow missed this thread - I'd really like to playtest this!
  2. If you haven't already seen it, you might mine Robert & Deborah Donoghue's "Wheel of Fate" for ideas. It's sort of a collision of FATE, D6, and Over the Edge - you might find something useful there. Also, check out this post!
  3. It's been covered since the overall system went Open (4th paragraph; April 6, 2009); the Directive on Superpowers would be part of that provided someone took the time to excise the IP of DC Comics from it. I removed the examples from the DCU core book to create the SRD (and also removed the write-ups of the superheroes and the locations), but I got some negative feedback for doing so. You might consider going the route the OpenD6 Space miniature rules did and keep examples, but rename them and get as far away from the original IP as possible while still maintaining the spirit of the document. If you need it, I can provide you with the Word document that the D6L SRD .pdf was based on - just PM me with your email address and I'll forward it to you. If you were wanting to flesh it out with examples, that would probably be a big win for the system and its fans - I'd considered revisiting it, but have been more focused on my own project for the past 6 months now that I have enough bandwidth to get back into gaming. Hard to believe looking at this thread that even though it was completed (in a rush) before GenCon in August of 2009, the D6 Legend SRD went public January 18th of 2010. Eight days from now it'll be four years.
  4. This Indiegogo campaign kicked off yesterday - I'll be kicking in something after the Christmas shopping is wrapped up, but I'm pretty excited about this! http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/warlord-of-mars-the-role-playing-game
  5. From the SRD document: Emphasis added. I'd say "Yes, the Wild Die applies to damage rolls." To clarify, though, it wouldn't be 1D plus the Wild Die; that 1D would be rolled as the Wild Die. If you get a "6" then take that success and roll again. To the second question, while I believe it is always used in skills, I think there is one power; Dimensional Travel, where a check is made on 2D6 and the Wild Die is not used. Hope that all helps.
  6. Quick question about attributes - looking at your Hunter template - I'm wondering if with the 1D to 3D spread and 8D allocated between 4 attributes, what would the "average" NPC human look like? In most D6 settings (those with attributes, anyway) it's 2D - are the PCs then "average" or would the "typical man-on-the-street" have 1D in most attributes? Put another way, is the attribute "benchmark" 1D Below Average 2D Average 3D Above Average or 1D Average 2D Good 3D Great?
  7. I like it - I can see where a lot of the influences came from, and I think they'll work well together. Only question I had at the read-through is how does the Wild Die work in this? I didn't see any specifics. Is it 6 = roll again (my assumption since the difficulty chart goes through 10 and the attributes give a maximum of 3D - not sure how many dice the Tags can provide), or the Wild Die succeeds on a 2-6 instead of 3-6, or what exactly? I'm looking forward to reading more about the Tags. Good work so far - keep it coming, please!
  8. The D6 Legend conversion is solely the DC Universe RPG; I was under a time constraint to get it to Eric before GenCon so that he could include it in the "first wave" of OpenD6 products. That didn't end up happening at GenCon, but the short version is I didn't add in any of the corrections or revisions from the Directive on Superpowers sourcebook, solely because I ran out of time to do it. If someone had the time to do a "DC intellectual property" (i.e. examples and their proprietary named superheroes) free version of the Directive, I'm pretty sure Eric would give it his blessing, at least he'd said as much back when OpenD6 was in the planning stages. Same holds true for Ghostbusters, actually, if someone wanted to write up the rules and remove the intellectual property content.
  9. Solely based on DCU; if anyone has the bandwidth to add in a (IP-free) supplement for Directive, I can tug on Eric's coat-tails on FaceBook to get the all clear for it to join the OGL...
  10. Check this page about halfway down - http://www.d6online.com/photopost/ - although it's more an image gallery for the covers, it seems complete.
  11. To the original question, other than dice pools composed of six-sided dice, there's not much that I'd consider "off limits" to change. Granted, I've seen some changes that I would not personally adopt or play, but I've long abandoned the notion that OpenD6 will be like D20 from a standpoint of uniformity - and that's okay. It's a very versatile core mechanic that can be tweaked pretty hard and still produce entertaining play, so it's all good.
  12. I prefer pips, but modify the difficulties like so: http://www.d6online.com/forum/showthread.php?2405-Potential-Revision-to-Classic-D6-Difficulties. I use them in D6 Legend mods as well, for exactly the same reasons as Grimace...
  13. It's okay, Whill - I'm terribly conflicted on your behalf.
  14. Is the revised version at the same link as in the first post?
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