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  1. Just a week to go on the Kickstarter... it's already met its goal and is pushing ahead towards some add-ons...
  2. I just found this today and thought everyone might like to know about (and potentially back this D6 project.) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/161801557/breachworld-rpg
  3. http://www222.pair.com/sjohn/blueroom/plots.htm
  4. http://discourseanddragons.blogspot.com/2012/10/i-feel-like-i-could-take-on-whole.html
  5. I found this website: http://www.seawolfsden.net/index.php/den/ronview/277 and I think there are a few others out there, too.
  6. The key is that you're trying to sell the system and the message matters. Giving ultimatums is not the way to go. The following might be a better way to word it: "The OpenD6 Corebook is the official baseline version of OpenD6, all options and variations are derived from it." It presents the Corebook as a solid foundation from which to build without saying "take it or leave it." It may be a bit of a fib that the corebook is "official" but some sacrifices must be made in the hopes that more gamers will embrace the system.
  7. I think it had to do with marketing and player expectations. When most folks hear "Core Book" they are thinking "definitive set of rules for a game (usually with a default setting)" and expect later guides/companion books/supplements to offer options to the base system or alternative settings. If you look at some of the other successful games published: World of Darkness, Cortex, DnD, d20, Savage Worlds, etc. The have a definitive core set of rules and things branch off from there. With D6 we have three separate genre toolkits with a clunky translation between the three (the attribute-skill conversion page). And the only setting ever released by WEG was Fires of Amatsumara. While I, too, enjoy the toolkit nature of D6 and the multitude of options, I know that I am in the minority. I also have decades (scary) of experience using the system. OpenD6 is probably not a "new GM-friendly" system. (MiniSix is probably better as a new GM starter kit.) As for what would I want in a Core book, just look at the successes of the past... the Star Wars D6 Corebook is a great example. Definitive set of rules with just a few options here and there along with a setting that fits the style of the ruleset perfectly. Also, evocative artwork REALLY helps sell a game. (Look at the artwork of the D6 Core books with a critical eye and you don't really have to wonder why they didn't win over gamers very well.) To end on a positive note, I think D6 is definitely still a viable game system. It needs to be married to a flagship (iconic?) setting with solid artwork/art design and a definitve "flavor" of the rules. Once that takes hold, a publisher could start releasing rules supplements, variants, companion books to present all the options us die-hards know and love.
  8. As a player, it's nice to have a special manuever that you can repeat with some amount of predictability. Two of the three methods described depend on the GM's judgment. (The GM has to make a call on the spot rather than having a pre-arranged manuever available beforehand.) Neither is right or wrong, but if you are looking for consistency between GM's it might be best to have it as a preset manuever based on PC skill level.
  9. Here's the D6 Fantasy specifics with the point breakdown for each race: Jagers: Disadvantages: Infamy: Bloodthirsty, untrustworthy +3 to interactions (1), Quirk: do not like to get wet (1), Quirk: Vengeful (3) Special Abilities: Increased Attribute: Agility +2 (4), Claws: Str dmg + 1D (2), Ultravision +4 to sight rolls while in dim/dark conditions (2) Total Cost: 4 Leafers: Disadvantages: Cultural Unfamiliarity: +3 to difficulty of “common knowledge” (1), Quirk: will not ride beasts (1) Special Abilities: Skill bonus: Stealth +2D to hide & stealth in natural surroundings (3), Accelerated Healing: +1D to Physique rolls for natural healing (3) Total Cost: 4 Obsidimen: Disadvantages: Hindrance: Reduced Move (2) Move -2 Special Abilities: Increased Attribute: Physique +1 (2), Natural Armor: Stone Skin +1D vs. Physical (3), Ultravision +2 to sight rolls while in dim/dark conditions (1) Total Cost: 4 Orks: Disadvantages: Prejudice: Slaves +3 to interactions (1), Reduced Attribute: Charisma -1 (2) Special Abilities: Increased Attribute: Physique +2 (4), Infravision (2) +4 to sight rolls in dim/dark conditions Total Cost: 3 Skrang: Disadvantages: Achilles’ heel: Environmental Incompatibility – Cold (3), Infamy: Cold-blooded, Eat live prey +3 to interactions (1), Hindrance: Racial Arrogance, +2 to bluff, charm, persuasion difficulties (2) Special Abilities: Claws Str dmg+1D (2), Natural Armor: Scales +1D vs Physical (3), Extra Body Part: Tail (0), Natural Hand-to-hand weapon: Tail (2), Enhanced Sense: Smell, +3 to Perception when smelling (3) Total Cost: 4
  10. Hey gang, I've been kinda MIA for a while (mostly just lurking). I haven't had any D6 games going for a while. (I'm kinda burned out on Star Wars.) That said, I managed to drum up some interest for a fantasy game and one of my players asked if I would consider GMing it using D6 Fantasy. Naturally, I said "sure!" It's essentially a modification of Earthdawn set in the Southern Cone of South America. (different races, magic adapted to D6) I could use a quick review of my custom races: Humans -Standard Jagers (cat-folk) -Agile, Claws, Nightvision, Vengeful hunters Leafers (plant-based race, essentially a twist on Elves) -Vulnerable to Fire, Natural Camoflage, Fast Healers, Cultural Unfamiliarity Obsidimen (a mash-up of Dwarves & Obsidimen) -Stone skin, Tough, Slow, Darkvision Ork (typical savage race, former slave race hardened by the Scourge) -Strong, Infravision, Former Slave Race Skrang (reptile-folk, a bit more cold-blooded than default Earthdawn T'skrang) -Suseptible to cold (Cold-blooded), Claws, Scaly Hide, Strong sense of smell, Reputation for cruelty When I get home tonight, I'll post the detailed race templates for comment.
  11. A belated thanks! And as usual, I ordered more gaming books as birthday presents!
  12. I'm getting red X's (can't show picture) for the online/offline status images and the read/unread status images
  13. Happy Birthday, Whill! I hope yours is a good one!
  14. My gaming groups have taken a break from playing Star Wars D6. One campaign will start up again after the new year and with the other group, folks wanted to try out other systems. One of my players was really enjoying the campaign, but we can't seem to convince the others to come back to it. For me, there just hasn't been that much to talk about on the forums... folks have their adventure ideas and such, but I already have my campaigns well in hand, so that kind of material just isn't as applicable. As to the other OpenD6 stuff, since my group was introduced to D6 via Star Wars, they tend to only think of D6 in those terms. It's also the holiday season, so my gaming groups in general have been meeting less frequently. A "break-out" publisher who supports OpenD6 would go a long way towards reviving the system. Customers want to know that their game is "supported" with regular releases of material and rules updates. (aka the system is not "dead") Most of us here know that this is just a perception, but it is a powerful one in terms marketing and customer relations.
  15. Considering that Sumi is only 14, you could provide a challenge that she can't legally enter the Cantina (too young)... so maybe she has to disguise herself as a Jawa (or other short alien) to get in and get the info that she needs. Or she'll have to find another way to sneak into the Cantina and/or find out about the missing freighter captain.
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