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  1. There are German-speaking Austrians? Tell him, a Bavarian said that.
  2. True, true. And who'd have thought some years ago that we'll be able to get TORG in German one day? That's really great news.
  3. D6 is the system of choice for Lovecraftian-Victorian-Horror-Mystery-Arkham-Dreamlands-Evil-Dangerous-And-So-On-Pulp-Adventures-Of-Terror. But we also ran some Fallout-inspired and X-Com-inspired games and it's also great for Steampunk in Space.
  4. Exactly! And if a character wants to do something unskilled, it depends on the skill what I do. If it's under Reflexes, Coordination or Physique I normally increase the difficulty by about 3, if the skill belongs to Knowledge, Presence or Perception, I let the character subtract one die to a minimum of the Wild Die.
  5. I love dice-pool systems, so rolling a handfull of D6s really is a pleasure to me. The rules are easy to explain to newbies. We have a small RPG Con in my hometown every year, where people can have a look at some RPGs, have a Hot Dog and so on. And last year I was offering a 6-hour adventure including character creation using D6 Adventure. And everyone told me aferwards "Oh, that was pretty easy. I thought you have to calculate here and use lots of charts there. But you take some dice and roll'em." and so on (I showed them some Rolemaster books afterwards ). Creating a couple of NPCs is done in a minute. It's very easy to alter the rules and create some new ones. I altered the magic system, so that the players have to roll against drain afer casting a spell. Therefor, I added another wound system for that and in case of playing with body points some day, I also added mind points. You can play whatever you want. Be it in ancient Persia or 500 years in the future on the Mars or in another universe, you can be an investigator in the 1920s in Arkham who has to fear for his life and mind (we're playing this at the moment) or you can play in a post apocalyptic world and just try to survive (since we are fans of the Fallout computer games, we played this some time, later we also tried X-Com, which is also a great setting). Not only that, you can be a a human, one of the classic fantasy races like dwarfs, elves and so on or one can play an Insectiod, a werewolf, a vampire, a superhero or super villian, a slimy mold on a strange planet, a zombie, a robot or whatever you'd like to play. The Wild Die. Creating your own spells is great. I have some spells in mind, I create them. And there's nearly no limit (except the caster's magic skills ). I don't like classes and levels. It's okay to play a Lvl. 13 Mage in a computer game, but when playing a P&P RPG, I'd like to improve my characters skills and not his levels. And levels in combination with experience points are the worst. "I killed 534 Goblins with my bare hands, I'm on level 8 now. I suddenly can ride and I also increased my reading skill." In some RPGs, you have to beat a static number to successfully perform an action, e.g. die roll + skill have to beat 20. I like the D6's system of determining a difficulty. There certainly is much more I like about the D6 System, but this is what spontaneously came to my mind.
  6. It looks... different. Not that I don't like it, but it's... different.
  7. To determine the difficulty of normal actions, I usually roll my smiley die and set the difficulty depending on the rolled smiley, starting with 8 for , then 10, 12, 14, 16, 18.
  8. In the early 90s we had a TV series here in Germany called "Hilfe, meine Familie spinnt!", which would be "Help, my family is crazy" or something like that. It was a poor copy of "Married...with children", which is "Eine schrecklich nette Familie" in German. They copied the script, translated everything literally to German, took some really bad actors and tried to sell it as "nearly better than the original". This series was really horrible. Luckily, there was just one season.
  9. Finally, it has arrived! My girlfriend ordered the complete Torg Box Set at Amazon Marketplace in early March as my birthday present and now it arrived. The shop is located somewhere near Boston, but strangely the package went over New Zealand. But who cares, I got it now. The Rule Book was new and unopened, the World Book, the Adventure Book and the Drama Deck cards are in a really good condition and the newsletter is quite okay. And I love that die. I don't know if I'm just imagining it, but I think it's a little bit heavier than a "normal" D20. Two years ago my girlfriend bought me the D6 Box, last year I got D6 Adventure Creatures and D6 Space Aliens and now the Torg Box. I just wanted to brag a little bit.
  10. If anyone's interested and Eric doesn't mind, Vade Mecum of Magic with D6 Magic cover can be downloaded .:here:.. Edit: My hoster is updating the servers these days, it's possible that my homepage and with it the pdf are temporary not available.
  11. Great, great, great, great, great! I would have bought it. And if a printed version was published right now, I'd still buy it.
  12. I'm running a Cthulu adventure with all these Great Old Ones and Outer Gods and terrifying Lovacraftian creatures. It is 1925 and my players started in Lexington. We have a doctor, a guttersnipe, a singer, a vagabond, an acrobat and a katanafighter. At the moment, they are in the Dreamlands and just survived two Gugs. I allowed them to use magic, but I didn't make it easy. At the beginning, I set a spell difficult modifier of +12. Everytime they cast a spell, as soon as the effect triggers, the caster has to resist the magic drain. The caster divides the spell difficulty by 2 and rolls against it with Willpower; that's the drain. If the caster has more than half of the spell difficulty, he resisted; if not, he gets a mind wound; could also be mind points. When the PCs face something very unusual, frightening, scary, psychic, paranormal, monstrous etc. they also roll with their willpower against a difficulty I set. I modified the charakter sheet, perhaps this is something for you. You can download it .:here:.
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