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  1. Yeah, I can go to https d6online with no warning too. It looks good here. Thanks!
  2. I've thought about doing that in the past too, because I do not fear the "bucket of dice." But a player could leave their PC's Alter skill low and let those powers that include Alter just ride on the other skills being high, which would be the player making difficult Alter rolls with the other skills. So if you are going to make individual Force skills less important anyway, it would be easier to just go with Grimace's suggestion to reduce rolls.
  3. https://rancorpit.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=157780#157780 In my game, mooks don't have wounded twice or mortally wounded.
  4. Jerry D. Grayson of Khepera Publishing, creator of D6 POWERS, GODSEND Agenda, HELLAS: Worlds of Sun and Stone, ATLANTIS: The Second Age, and more, has a Kickstarter for a new Open D6 game that uses an update to the D6 Legend system. This is complete game with a setting based on superheroes vs. chthonic entities, but the game is billed as being versatile enough to handle any heroic action adventure genre. It has already far exceeded its funding goal, and Jerry is going crazy with adding on to the packages. I'll highlight two: $20 (Digital only) - PDF of the MYTHIC D6 roleplaying game + All the achieved Stretch Goals in PDF + 5 Godsend Agenda PDFs + one Khepera Publishing PDF of your choice from the HELLAS: Worlds of Sun and Stone or ATLANTIS: The Second Age line! $35 - Print copy of the MYTHIC D6 roleplaying game + everything in the $20 digital package above! I pledged $35. I have already have the entire Hellas line (it's great), but this will complete my Godsend Agenda collection plus get me the core book for the Atlantis game which I totally missed out on except a Free RPG Day giveaway. 20 days remaining!
  5. I was about to order directly from FFG to give them the most profit from my purchase, but the outrageous shipping fee reminded me that I should be supporting my FLGS, so I put my order with them. I'm so excited that FFG is doing this. It was 30 years ago this month that I showed up for my high school job and found these two books.
  6. There is no set time. We've had such a hard time with spammers (humans and bots) that each new user must be approved manually by an admin. After you register, you can post. At first, only you, moderators and admins can see your posts. Moderators (such as myself) can approve individual posts to be visible to everyone on a post-by-post basis, but only one of our two admins can permanently approve your registration so that all your posts are automatically visible to everyone, and everyone (including yourself) can view your profile. The admins check in every so often. Moderators do have the ability to ban spammers which I do several times a month. I try to check in every few days to once a week, and when I see new posts by people I am convinced are not spammers I approve your posts and post a reply in a backstage thread we have that such-and-such needs approved. When an admin sees it, they approve you. Ryue, I approved your first post, and your registration has now been fully approved. Savar1, I did post backstage asking for you to be fully approved. Sorry for the delay. If anyone is having problems with the forum I would suggest contacting Grimace.
  7. Being as we've gotten past the holiday weekends, perhaps everyone who is trying to avoid spoilers has seen it by now? </till>
  8. My wife liked it too. I saw TFA again Friday morning and it feels like I enjoyed it even more, or came to a fuller awareness of my initial appreciation (if there is even a difference). I haven't yet posted any specific reactions publically to avoid spoiling anyone or even coloring their perception of it in case they might be planning on seeing it soon. A few friends with various reactions have contacted me privately to initiate discussion, and it would seem so far from that, the film overall really works for me. I'm really looking forward to taking my son Monday morning and having a daddy-son day all about Star Wars (until my wife gets home from work).
  9. I've had my six tickets for three showings since the week they went on sale. I'm taking my wife Thursday night, a long time friend (since before RotJ in our childhood) on Friday morning, and my son on Monday morning. I'm now going into media exile until after Thursday night, but I'll try to check in here this weekend. May the Force be with us!
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