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  2. Yeah, I can go to https d6online with no warning too. It looks good here. Thanks!
  3. This time when I logged on I did not get the error message. So hopefully that did fix it. What did you do?
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  5. When I came back here to read this, I got the "security warning" again. I tried to reload and get on again in order to snap a screen shot of it, but it's remembering my passage through that I just did. I will let you know.
  6. I did an update to the site, is it fixed for you now ?
  7. I guess some people are having (as have I on occasion, but not now) a "Security Warning" when visiting this site. A message pops up warning that this is a security threat site. It's not related to my anti-virus, and it actually shows up in place of the site. You then have to tell it to ignore the security threat in order to get here, and verify your purposefully ignoring the threat. Others seem to be unable to even circumvent the threat. Sadly, as it is now not happening to me I cannot share a picture of the message, but I figured I would ask to see if anyone else is getting these w
  8. And Happy New Year to you as well! I really do hope that things normalize in 2021 compared to last year.
  9. Hi, I wish you a happy new year 2021, strong health, high wealth and lot of rpg table play !
  10. I tend to go by Grimace's suggestion more or less.
  11. How about typing up an animal from Westward, that way there is a reference point for me. I've got D6 Adventure and D6 Fantasy, so I can reference from that. If they both utilize D6, it should be VERY easy to convert, if not just use as is.
  12. I don't have Westward, so sadly don't have a reference point. Having said that, converting to D6 is generally pretty easy. If Westward uses D6, it's super easy. Full dice = full dice. Partial dice of 1 or 2 gives +1 pip. Partial dice of 3-4 gives +2 pips. If it uses D10, just do it by 3s instead. Full dice is full dice. Partial of 1-3 gives +1 pip, and so on.
  13. I am using Westward, but want to use "critters" from d6 Adventure and d6 Fantasy and am looking for a conversion chart of some kind. Please help.
  14. I believe it was done because the "1 on the Wild Die" turned into such a problematic aspect for some. I always worked with the "Roll a 1 on the Wild Die, subtract the highest die rolled with". I went further and said that if the result of that subtraction resulted in a success anyway, play went on normally. If it resulted in a failure by missing the result by a few, play went on normally but it was a failure. If it resulted in near zero (say single digit when rolling 4D or so), I worked it as a "failure with consequence". Other people, though, viewed the "1 on the Wild Die" as a
  15. The rules say that when a "1" result happen on a wild dice, the largest dice roll must be subtracted from the dicepool (and also not count that 1). And with the repeated roll of 1, a critical failure occurs (or how GM decided). But why roll the wild dice again? With 6 roll it is clear - to increase the total rolls result. And what about 1 roll? Roll the dice just to check if 1 comes up again? Sorry for the nagging, but isn't this a time wasting?
  16. In my constant tinkering of the Open D6 and Mini Six rules, one of my goals has always been to create a set of mechanics that provides the simplicity and flexibility needed for gaming in a convention (or time limited) setting. The prerequisites for this include being easy to teach, common consistency in core mechanics and allows genre specific rules to be easily bolted on. My most recent attempt at this is Raw Six (http://www.unboundbook.org/MiniSixFanatic/?page_id=409), where I've pared back Open D6 to what I think are its fundamentals. However, I've also looked to add more player ag
  17. Hi, you could take a look at Star Wars REUP, I remember there is a lot of optionnal (or not) rules for this or that.
  18. Got a little sidetracked but I've decided to go with a more free-form playtest where you don't have to be a mutant. More player freedom and more stress on the system to handle all the weird stuff my players come up with I also made couple of sample writeups Iron Fist and Luke Cage for my players to see what well known superheroes could look like in Chimera. My hope is having a couple of example characters will help them build their own characters. Here's my writeups: Iron Fist Luke Cage I also put in a system for martial arts, not in the current version of Chimera.
  19. Late to the party but looking forward to seeing what you've done.
  20. That is an interesting idea... I know one of the players has been tinkering. Maybe I can ask some of the more intrepid players to give it a go before the session 0. It'll be interesting, the power building system is more complex than it was and has inherited some of the problems in HERO. Namely, players have to wrap their heads around seperating mechanics from SFX. The math in Chimera is more simple than Champions with it being just addition and subtraction based... no formulas to follow like in Champs, less margin of error. I know when I was learning Champions I didn't make
  21. I can't say I've really seen anything about that, other than maybe a little something for a character or in an adventure. This is almost sounding like something that you'll need to do a little research and then create your own material for in D6.
  22. Wow! Lots of work there! Good to hear that your first high-fantasy went well. I'm curious, have you done a "blind" character generation yet? One where you have players make up characters without ANY input from you other than the rules? Good luck with your ongoing work with this!
  23. It's been a long time since I did anything with Chimera, this project got shelved when the world changed essentially. For those unfamiliar, Chimera is a blending of OpenD6 and HERO System into one game. I took OpenD6 and swapped out the 'Special Abilities' for a more mature and sophisticated 'Powers' system based on HERO. Using the new power building system you can simulate just about any character for any genre you can think of. Playtest I: High Fantasy The first playtest went well, we played a high fantasy 1-shot set in the Forgotten Realms setting using the Chimera rules. The system
  24. I noticed a while ago that there weren't any rules for poison or disease in open d6. I only ask now because it actually came up with a player wanting to play an assassin poison user. Is there a section on it in a book I missed or did it just not get covered? If so could someone point me to a solution? Thanks
  25. I've thought about doing that in the past too, because I do not fear the "bucket of dice." But a player could leave their PC's Alter skill low and let those powers that include Alter just ride on the other skills being high, which would be the player making difficult Alter rolls with the other skills. So if you are going to make individual Force skills less important anyway, it would be easier to just go with Grimace's suggestion to reduce rolls.
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