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I have been working a hobby project of late that I have dubbed Chimera.  Chimera is my attempt to replace the OpenD6 Special Abilities by splicing in the power building system from HERO System games.  I am fully aware of the excellent D6 powers book... I own and have used it but I do things a little bit differently and have my own ideas that I wanted to test out.  I have also been dropping in my own house rules that I have accumulated over the years and have created a draft of a genreless system.  It's still very obviously OpenD6, it looks and feels the same but I have added in my own house rules.

Chimera is a still a work in progress at 87 pages but it is mostly ready to play.  I need to finish writing the equipment section and provide some sample characters.

If there's any interest in what I've been up to I would be happy to share the project here.

This is a personal hobby project... I'm not looking to make money off this.  I'm soliciting feedback from fans of OpenD6 so that I can make Chimera better.

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