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Idea for a MtA-like magic system. Suggestions?

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So for the fantasy setting I'm working on I wanted magic to be super versatile like mage the awakening's system where with the right skills and enough knowledge you can do anything. But since I'm still new to d6 system I could use some suggestions on how or if I should proceed. 

I know I'd have to put some limitations in place to keep the magic users from being to dominate like higher target numbers or slower casting times depending on how powerful the effect attempted is, ect.

If anyone has any input or knows of something similar they could point out I'd appreciate it. 

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In the book "Magic & Miracles", I touch upon 3 different magic systems.  

One is like the "Vancian" magic from D&D in that the magic user must memorize the spell, then retains it until they use it.  They can only memorize a certain number of spells, and only cast spells equal to the amount of dice in the Magic special attribute.

One is Faith, which I use for various religious or nature-based powers (like Druids or high-level Rangers).  They "pray" for whatever gives them their power to grant them the ability to bring about a spell.  They simply roll their Prayer dice vs. the difficulty of whatever they are praying for.  So praying for fire to light a torch might be easy, but praying to heal someone who lost an arm might be much more difficult.  And praying to resurrect a dead person might be significantly more challenging to do, and likely not achievable by low-skilled characters (barring a ridiculous die roll with the Wild Die).  

The third, which I didn't detail as fully as I have info for, is Conjuring, which taps into a different power of the planet.  The user must "learn the trick" of casting the spell.  It uses up just a bit of the stored energy within the Conjurer.  They can build upon their "tricks" by learning to do so.  So a Conjurer might learn to start a flame, such as lighting a torch.  It may take 5 power to do that.  But then they want the fire to burn even if not cast on a burnable material.  So they practice and get that trick learned, which costs a bit more power.  Then they want the fire to be thrown, as in an attack, and have a modest range, and do more damage than simply catching something on fire.  So they learn that trick, which costs notably more power depending on how much damage they want to do, how far they want it to go, and whether the damage explodes on impact or just engulfs the target only.  So it might take 25 power to do that trick.   Then, as the Conjurer becomes more skilled, the cost to perform those "tricks" lessens and it doesn't use as much.  So a higher skilled Conjurer might only take 3 power to make fire, and only 18 power to do a ranged attack.  


You can find the pdf of the book here:  https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/92079/Magic--Miracles

You may be able to mine it for ideas, or just use some of the material as is.  Or you can alter the names of things to fit in your setting.  

If you have any questions about it, just ask! 

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