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Wild Die Use for Gamemaster Characters

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Greetings, all.

I have a question regarding the Wild Die. Do "extras" like Stormtroopers and "supporting" GMNPC's gain the use of Wild Die like regular Player Characters? I would guess major GM Characters like Lord Vader and Luke Skywalker would. I was trying to fish around for a rule that says otherwise. Let me know what you think or if such a rule exists.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and comments.

Regards and have a Happy Holiday Season! 

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In Fantasy p47, it is writen "Whenever any player, including the gamemaster, makes any roll, (...)", so per the rules, it concerns all rolls, then all npcs.

But, as a GM, i consider only major npcs (sort of, equals to pcs) could have a chance of major success (6s on wild die), minor npcs are only there to warm the encounters.

No rule is written in marble, so you do as you wish and follow the only true rule : make everybody happy ! :)

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