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different complexity of skills ?

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As i'm also playing GURPS beside od6 (fantasy), i wonder if there is a mean to make some skills harder to learn than other ?

I explain : In gurps, there is 4 "levels" of difficulty to learn a skill, depending if it's easy (savoir-faire, brawling, gun), average (broadsword, Electrician, Public Speaking), hard (Mathematics, karate, Forgery) or very hard (Surgery, Alchemy, Computer Hacking), so a skill "default" or start at attribute -0 for easy, -1 for average, -2 for hard and -3 for very hard. I like the idea a skill is harder to learn as it is more complex to study.

In od6, all skills seems to be "easy" as they directly add to attribute, weither it is a simple (say levage) or a very complexe (say hyperdrive repair) to learn. I know it exists, in SWREUP the Advanced skill, which start, sort of, at "no default" ; interesting idea but it sounds a lot like those pseudo attribute like Magic or the like.

So, how to improve difficulty to acquire (at start) and learn a skill in od6, depending on its complexity ?

Thanks in advance for your comments ! Regards

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What I do is have a graduating scale.  So the initial aspect of learning a skill might be easy, but once you hit a certain point, it becomes much more difficult to continue learning.


Gaining a skill not previously known

            Must have used it successfully more than 3 time in order to gain a single pip.  The first pip costs 3-5 CPs to get, depending on the complexity of the skill.


Advancing from 1 pip up to 3D

            The cost is a variable amount of CPs to increase, and the maximum amount that may be gained at one time is 1D.  The skill can be advanced by normally using the skill with the average amount of success and failure.


Advancing from 3D+1 up to 4D

            The skill may be increased by 1 or 2 pips (usually one), and the cost varies depending on the number of pips.  The skill can only be advanced for heavy usage of the skill or above average quality of use.


Advancing from 4D+1 up to 5D

            The skill may be increased only 1 pip at a time.  The cost if 4 CPs per pip.  The skill may only be advanced for extremely high usage of the skill or extraordinary quality of use. 


Advancing from 5D+1 to 7D

            The skill may only be increase 1 pip at a time.  The cost to increase a pip will vary depending on the skill level.  The skill can only be advanced for extended usage.  Usually the amount of usage necessary to learn something new is around 1 to 2 months.


Advancing from 7D+1 or more

            The skill may only be increased 1 pip at a time.  The cost to increase varies depending on the skill level.  Advancement can only be achieved if the person is instructed by someone that has a higher skill level than the person being taught.  Time to learn something new will depend on the instruction ability of the teacher and generally takes anywhere from 1 week to 1 month of proper training.

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Thank you Grimace for your idea, and even if this is different of what I was thinking first, you gave me interesting elements to work with.

Tell me what you think about that :

1) I split many existing skills to have a wider palette of possibilities and fine tuning for pcs
2) for rare/very complex skills, I use advanced (A) rules from SWREUP
3) for quite complex skills, I use your idea of progressively increasing cost and limiting progression.
Comments ?

Have a good eve ! :)


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The concept of Advanced Skills is perfectly fine.  It would just kind of depend on which skills you feel are (A).  

Advanced skills should be high level learning type skills.  Rocket Science, so to speak.  Something like (A) Surgery.  

I found putting a more limited increase on how quickly a character may raise in skills was easier to control the "bucket o' dice" issue for advanced characters.  But making some skills, appropriate for your setting, is also a reasonable method to limit some skills even more.

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