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different complexity of skills ?

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As i'm also playing GURPS beside od6 (fantasy), i wonder if there is a mean to make some skills harder to learn than other ?

I explain : In gurps, there is 4 "levels" of difficulty to learn a skill, depending if it's easy (savoir-faire, brawling, gun), average (broadsword, Electrician, Public Speaking), hard (Mathematics, karate, Forgery) or very hard (Surgery, Alchemy, Computer Hacking), so a skill "default" or start at attribute -0 for easy, -1 for average, -2 for hard and -3 for very hard. I like the idea a skill is harder to learn as it is more complex to study.

In od6, all skills seems to be "easy" as they directly add to attribute, weither it is a simple (say levage) or a very complexe (say hyperdrive repair) to learn. I know it exists, in SWREUP the Advanced skill, which start, sort of, at "no default" ; interesting idea but it sounds a lot like those pseudo attribute like Magic or the like.

So, how to improve difficulty to acquire (at start) and learn a skill in od6, depending on its complexity ?

Thanks in advance for your comments ! Regards

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