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Fewer Wound Levels

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So, I had a question about fewer wound levels, which is an option presented in the OD6 books.

Which wound levels make the most sense to give mook NPCs? Do you start at the top of the list meaning Dead always counts as 1 wound level, or would you start at Mortally Wounded and work your way down?  Or do you do Wounded, then skip Incapacitated and Mortally wounded then jump to dead?

Also, how would you make a table for such results in combat. They give pretty clear direction on how to work it using the body point system, but less so with the straight wound system.

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My first thoughts are to not include "Dead" as a wound level, that is the result of rolling higher than your table.

So, I'm thinking that perhaps we'd count down from dead, so a mook with 2 wound levels gets:

1-3 = Incapacitated

4-8 = Mortally Wounded

9+ = Dead

Would this be how you guys would handle it?

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Upon further reflection, I feel like having dead take up a wound level makes sense, otherwise you're really limiting how "limited" the target it.

So, if we include Dead, it would look like:

1-3 = Mortally Wounded

4+ = Dead


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For mooks, I typically go with "Stunned, Wounded, Incapacitated, Dead".  So 4 steps, but with narrower bands in each compared to a PC.  

So it would be something like this:

1-2 over = Stunned

3-5 over = Wounded

6-10 over = Incapacitated

11+ over = Dead.


But those number are a floating target, as a common thug might have something like above, but an NPC Bouncer might add +1 to every level to make them a little beefier.  1-3, 4-6, 7-11, 12+

And NPC Elite Guardsmen might have +2 over that.  1-5, 6-8, 9-13, 14+



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