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Opposed rolls or Static target numbers?

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I prefer opposed rolls, mostly from the mindset that the target is actually trying to avoid being hit or succumbing to whatever their aggressor is doing. 

Static defense totals, to me, paint a picture of people standing around twiddling their thumbs while their opponent attacks them. 

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I am definitely into "opposed rolls", especially when it comes to resisting damage.  So dodging, resisting damage, anything that helps protect the player characters against character death, I found it better to NOT take that away from the players.  My players have griped about just having a set number, with nothing they can do, to stop the damage.  

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Hi old friends, I haven't done anything with d6 in a long time, but I had converted to static defense numbers and damage soak values in an effort to eliminate repeated dice rolls, and it worked fine. I think the last time I ran I used soak rolls, but kept the static defenses and that worked fine too. I also like having less to track in an encounter, i.e. dodge rolls. I did allow a "full dodge" roll if a player wanted to use that as their only action in a round.

My players don't have a ton of experience with d6 so I didn't have the problem Grimace cited.

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