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Dodge Specialization

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Yesterday, during a game test, the PC called for Dodge. He have dodge 6d and specialization (guns+3d), but there was three thugs with guns, 2 with knifes and one with bare hands. 

How the active defense would work in this situation?


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Is dodge specialization allowed? In a Star Wars D6 game I was in, the GM fairly resonably forbade dodge specialization, with the argument that it would mostly be used to make a character (cheaply) impossible to hit with guns. I think in general, brawl or melee parry of some sort is the proper skill to defend against close combat attacks. In SWD6 dodge specialization isn't given as an example, but don't think it's disallowed, it just is used to defend against ranged attacks, guns/grenades, not unarmed or melee weapon attacks, so balance-wise it might work out diferently depending how your system have spread the offensive and defensive skills.

Dodge shouldn't IMO be a catch-all defence, whether or not the D& sytem you use tells so.

What game system are you playing, is it D6 System/Adventure or some other of the WEG titles? At 

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Well, doesn't change much except me not knowing exactly the rules. Think over the things I brought up and you'll probably figure out which way you want to go if the rules aren't clear. 


You're the GM so you'll make the last call if the rules are ambigious.

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