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[Mini Six Fanatic] Simple Six - Test Drive

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Hi All... I've thrown together a cut down version of the D6 Legend system, I've called Simple Six. Based heavily on the concepts of Mini Six I'd be happy to hear any feedback or comments.

If there is any interest in this approach, I will look at extending the rules (especially in regards to different genres), and perhaps do a larger release with some sample settings (Kickstart it for some art maybe?)?

Anyway - you can find the Simple Six: #TestDrive here - http://www.unboundbook.org/MiniSixFanatic/?page_id=190

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As am update I'm about to release a 1.1 version (mainly fixing typos, adding more examples, etc.), I thought I'd outline a few more things I'm looking at adding to the Test Drive - 

  • Alternate Damage system (body/hit points option).
  • More sample equipment.
  • A Magic/Powers system
  • System to manage NPCs in combat etc.


Marcus (https://plus.google.com/+MarcusDBone)


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Looks like, upon my cursory look over, that you've put some good effort into this.  I downloaded it to look at with a more discerning eye as things slow down.  


Thanks for sharing!

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