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D6 Online 3.0

Grey vs Green

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Going to try to make a 2 page Mini 6 setting like in the base document. 

Was thinking the characters where caught in the middle of a war between greys and greens. 

For the Aliens I was thinking max Might 3 and Whit 5 or would that mess things up. I am trying to decide if I want the aliens to be player chars or not. 

I guess I would need to make a race perk. 

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Really kind of depends on how you view the Greys and Greens.  Maybe Greys get more Brains.  Greens get more Brawns.  

Give the Greys the possibility of "Mind Control" for a limited time.

Give the Greens something like the mytosis, so they can, with a certain roll, split into two, giving them greater numbers.

Or whatever you decide is the difference between the two. 

Unless you purposefully WANT some to be notably stronger, I would suggest being careful with the escalation of stats for the races.  You can accomplish the same thing with scale or with caps on stats and not inflate the stats.

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