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Green Dragon

Aka and Coar

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The three alignments of the Space Gods were confusing and contradictory.  Example:

According to the Clerics SB greed is an aspect of Coar, as it is of the Nameless One and a passion.  But according to the Space Gods Realmbook it is a selfish trait and an aspect of Aka - as evidenced by the fact that servants of the Kanawa Corporation, compelled by the Law of Profit, are Aka.

I am seeking to revise Aka and Coar (Zinatt as the middle ground seems all right as is) for my Star Sphere Cosmbook.  I want to define Aka is self over all, with it's exemplars being masters of mental pursuits, while baser Aka are driven merely by selfishness.  Coar in its lowest form is about destruction; but it is also about the group.  Exemplars guide the group to use each member to the fullest and best achieve the goals of the group.  Pure Communism is a form of Coar.

Thoughts or suggestions appreciated.

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