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Magic Aspects: Area Effect, Multiple Targets, Change Targets

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Hi folks! New to the forums and new-ish to the D6 system. (I played WEG's Star Wars a long time ago.) I'm starting a fantasy campaign up and decided to use d6 Fantasy for the ruleset. It looks like it's in my Goldilocks zone between crunchy and hand-wavey.

I expect this will be the first in a multitude of questions. Probably best if I just give an example:

If I'm creating a spell with Area Affect (2D Circle, 2 meter Radius), Change Target of 2 Targets, and Multi-Targets of 3 targets, would the cost be:

Area Affect = 4 (1 per 0.5 meters)
Change Target = 30 (5 per target * 2 changes * 3 multi-targets)  
Multi-Target = 18 (6 per Target because of Area Effect)

For a total modifier of 52? (Not that I have any idea why I'd make such a spell offhand, just making sure I've got the numbers crunching correctly.) If not, where did I screw up?

Aside: Is there a spreadsheet/web-page out there that's a comprehensive spell builder? I'm making one right now but I figure I could save myself some time if I just nabbed one from elsewhere.

Thanks for your help!

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Sorry, wasn't clear: I'm just making sure I'm doing the math right and that I'm correctly understanding how those three aspects interact to come up with the correct Modifier total. Given what I did, is 52 the correct Modifier cost? 

When I'm actually trying to create a spell I'll probably do something different (and simpler).



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