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Green Dragon

Magic and the Net

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The GodNet SB states that magic can be used in the GodNet.  But each skill counts as one 'tool' from the limit imposed by your Mind value on the Push Table.  And the Effect Values are limited to the relevant skill's base attribute (+5 because the book forgot to take into account the Law of Heretical Magic).  Miracles are not limited.  And in Tharkold, it specifies that Pain Weapons (which exist physically not virtually) can also be used in the Grid at full effect.  But no rules for magic or miracles in Tharkold SB.

Now I was looking at the Gatekeeper program, which hurls bolts of Lightning (Net Attack:Fire - I'm assuming that means Fire Combat).  And I had a thought.  Technomancers gain an option, rather than the normal skills when computing their Net Values, they may use their Magic skills.

Net Attack - Apportation for ranges, Alteration of Conjuration for melee.  The attack is a Fireball, Lightning Bolt, or other known or Spellchipped spell.

Net Defense - most likely Alt.  Their Defense is a Earth Shield or other protective spell.

Net Find and Track - Divination

Net Stealth and Manipulation - most probably Alt.

The technomancer may use a number of spell chips equal to their tools limit, which must be jacked into themselves or the deck (extra jack slots cost $100 each).  They must use chips, to bring the spell components into VX reality.  Each spell constitutes a 'program', and its benefit is determined by the data size occupied.  i.e. a Conjured Fireball might be Onslaught 5(4) or a Mystic Shield as Armor 3(2).  The spells still function mechanically like a normal program, but the technomancer looks different from a standard decker, and has the option of using their best skills instead of melee weapons, dodge, or stealth.


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