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D6 Online 3.0

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Human male

Dark brown hair

Grey eyes

105 kg

1.8 m

Quote “Welcome to the Stop Inn”


Might 2D

-Mace 3D


Agility 2D

-Dodge 3D


Wit 4D

-History 5D

-Languages 5D


Charm 4D

-Diplomacy 6D

-Persuasion 5D



Gear: Stop Inn, leather vest, club


Static: Dodge 9, Parry 9, Soak 6 (8)

Once a diplomat and now retired as an inn keep, Keep trys to keep an clean inn. He doesn't care who stays as long as they keep the peace on the inn grounds.

note: this is the format I would like to see chars posted in. 

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Rhysem de Anlarye

Might:        2D+2
    Knife: 3D

Agility:     2D+2
    Bow: 3D
    Dodge: 3D
    Throwing: 3D+1

Wit:         4D
    Language: 4D+1
    Magic: 5D
    Medicine: 4D+1

Charm:             2D+2
    Command: 3D
    Ride: 3D

Ht: 5’11              Wt: 175 lbs              Hair: Red-brown              Eye: Grey
Species: Human                                                Sex: Male

Quote: “Hurt not where holding is enough. Wound not where hurting is enough. Maim not where wounding is enough. And kill not where maiming is enough. The greatest warrior is he who does not need to kill.” 

Perks: Sorcery
Complications: Personal Code

Static: Block: 8       Dodge: 9       Full Dodge: 19       Parry: 9       Soak: 8 (10)
Move: 15’/30’

Knife, dmg Might +1D
Bow, dmg Might +2D+2, range 30’/100’/300’
Leather Armor +2
Healer’s satchel bag with various powders, wraps & bandages, and other ointments 
Horse w/ saddle, saddle bags, stirrups, rope, & other necessities 

Known Spells: Charm, ESP, Slumber

Character Points:
Hero Points: 1

Histories and Details:
Rhysem is a human male in his mid 30s. He has red-brown hair past his shoulders but usually has the back in a 4 strand warrior’s braid. His eyes are a piercing grey as if they can see inside your soul. He is generally in leathers of green and gold, his House colors. His only weapons are that of a knife and bow. He comes from a family of sorcerers of some renown. His magical training is generalized and tailored to the personality of the individual. He has also been trained in war and functions as a diplomat, an officer, a warrior, and healer battle-surgeon. Due to his healer training, he has a personal code of honor when engaged in combat and does not believe in needless-violence.

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