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Hand to hand

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Instead of brawling, was going to call the skill Hand to Hand. 

And possibly making a quasi skill Hand and Foot. 

Would add Hand and Foot dice to Hand to Hand skill checks.

Would add +1D damage. 

And each full D of Hand and Foot +1 Block, Damage, Soak ?

Lose all advantages of Hand and Foot if using Armor or a Weapon.

Note the skill would take an attribute point to get and cost double too advance. 

 Is this to much for the core rules?

Any thoughts, tweaks would be appreciated.

Thank you. 

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3 minutes ago, anlarye said:

There are some warrior traditions that would be skilled in fisticuffs while wearing armor and suffer no penalties. 

Vary true!

Also some forms are compatible with weapons. 

That part was mainly game balance issues not reality. 

Maybe if they are wearing armor they don't get the soak bonus from the skill or they lose the damage bonus if the wield a weapon. 

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Might start getting into the "too specialized" for a core rules.  Difficult to say for sure.  I guess it depends on whether you think it is important enough to be considered "core", or if it's just a further refinement that is optional at best.

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