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D6 Online 3.0

Devotion vs Fanatic

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In D6 Fantasy there is a disadvantage called Devotion R1, R2, R3

In the core book there is a disadvantage called Fanatic +3D

Now they seem about the same just devotion is in stages. 

Now with my magic system I have an element called faith. That element requires faith in something. Elements are skills that fuel magic. I could state that Faith requires you to be a Fanatic or Devotion R3, or Devotion in steps and each step raises an artificial cap on the Element: Faith skill. 

Any thoughts?

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Devotion at 3 is a Fanatic. So that definitely works out with the correlation between the to disadvantages. I wouldn't think Faith requires one to be Fanatic, not everyone who is faithful is a fanatic. Pope Francis isn't a Fanatic and he is the defacto head of the Roman Catholic Church. He has Devotion of course since his life has been given over to the Church but he isn't a Fanatic.

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