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In the formula for determining difficulty OpenD6 magic system is a bit convoluted. So I've streamed it down some.. It comes from the OpenD6 info, a bit of Star Wars, and AD&D 2nd Edition (Mainly the DM Options book on High Level Campaigns with the chapter on True Dweomers.)

So there are the 4 magic skills (from OpenD6):
Alteration, Apportation, Conjurations, and Divination.

It's still +1 to the difficulty per pip of damage/attribute/armor/skills, ect. So one full die would still cost +3 to the difficulty.

You would double that for attributes. And add +1 for every die of soak/armor penetration and maybe some other factors too.

Other than that bit, a spell is defined by Casting Time, Range, Area of Effect, and Duration.

Casting Time        Difficulty
1/2 Round           +2 or maybe +5 (the spell goes off the same round it is cast in)
1 Round             0 (the default, goes off the next round)
10 Minutes          -2
1 Hour              -5
1 Day               -7
1 Week              -10

Range               Difficulty
Touch or 0          0
20 yards            +2
50 yards            +5
100 yards           +7
500 yards           +10
1000 yards          +12
1500 yards          +15
Line of Sight       +20
Anywhere (Same dimension) +30
Anywhere at all     +40 and 1 Fate Point

Area of Effect
Creatures  Area (sq ft)  Object     Difficulty
1          5             200lbs     0
3          50            500lbs     +2
6          500           1000lbs    +5
9          5000          1 ton      +7
12         10000         5 tons     +10
15         25000         10 tons    +12
18         50000         50 tons    +15
21         Province      100 tons   +20
24         Region        200 tons   +30
27         Everywhere    500 tons   +40

a Province is about 20 sq miles. a Region is about 100 square miles.
To effect all creatures in a given area +10 to the difficulty listed in the table.

Animated Objects
Size          Weight (lbs)   Damage   Difficulty
Tiny          50             +1       -5
Small         100            +2       -2
Man           200            1D       0
Large         500            1D+1     +2
Huge          1000           1D+2     +5
Gargantuan    1 ton          2D       +7

Time                             Difficulty
Instantaneous                    0
1 Round                          +2
10 Minutes                       +5
1 Hour                           +7
6 Hours                          +10
12 Hours                         +12
1 Day                            +15
1 Week                           +20
1 Month                          +30
1 Year                           +40
Permanent                        +50 plus 1 Fate Point

I'm thinking this needs some more tweaks as it makes the difficulty a lot higher in a number of tests from the OpenD6 base system. I want to find a way to make it a bit closer to the difficulties in the OpenD6 base system but also easier to calculate. 


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Lol, I am having troubles of my own with difficulty numbers and drain effects. 

I am also working on a scale modifier for ranges.

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If it works for you and your players, then use it!  I never understood the convoluted nature of the Magic system in D6 Fantasy, etc. books.  Just too much work and none of the enjoyment.

It's the very reason why I came up with my own Magic system (highlighted in "Magic & Miracles").  I didn't relish spending a lot of time calculating up spell upon spell.  I wanted a completed spell listing without all of the "bones" showing in it.  I don't care how the spell was built and all of the features that added to the difficulty to cast it.  My players didn't either.  They wanted to know what they needed to roll to get the spell to work, and what the spell did when they rolled that number.  That's it!


So if you have a player who loves to spend a lot of time calculating up spell after spell, then hopefully this system works out better than what was published in the D6 Fantasy book.  It never worked for me, and I have something different now, and no reason to use a spell construction formula, but I hope this works for what you're wanting it to do!

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I like the concept. 

I know of one system they had two ways of doing spells. On the fly and learned. On the fly spells took two rounds to cast (if i remember right) but a learned spell only was an action. 

So moist of the time you used precalculated spells, but had the option to make something up on the fly if you ran into something wierd. 

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