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I am contemplating how to do professions my way. 

An example. 

Face (aka reporter, noble) someone who is good at talking to others, who could if needed talk for the group. 

+1D social

Skill Bonus (1) choose 1

[Acting: charm, con, disguise

Charismatic: charm, con, persuasion

Leadership: command, intimidation, persuasion]

Choose 1

Authority (R2), Contacts (R2), Fame (R2)


Or something like that. 

I am thinking 7D to make the profession. Some professions would have requirements. 

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If a profession has a "requirement", will you offer opportunity for a starting character to gain skills needed for the requirement before they actually get to chose a profession?


If not, it may be a bit like a "unicorn" in that people see a profession but cannot get it because they cannot meet the requirements, so they chose a different profession and will likely never think of changing their profession once they achieve the requirements.  


Or am I misinterpreting what you mean by "requirements"?

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Combat  (aka soldier, mercenary, warrior)

Someone who fights on the front line


Require 3D+ in Body and Dexterity


+1D to Body or Dexterity


Endurance (1)

Hardiness (1)

Skill Bonus (1) choose one

Athletics: lifting, running, throwing
Close Combat: brawling, melee combat, dodge

Ranged Combat: marksmanship, missile weapons, throwing

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Sneaky (thief, burglar, scout)

The sneaky person in the group weather they sneak to steal or have fun they can get places.


Require Dexterity 3D+

Choose one Blur (3) or Silence (3)

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