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 So far I have these ideas

Omnivorous (2)

Immunity (1) ?×5?

Elasticity (1)

Accelerated Healing (3) ?


was thinking natural armor to simulate no internal organs. 


energy weapons could hurt him but physical weapons just inconvenienced him. 

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Morph, blob of goo

cost 16-7: 9 starting dice of 14

Omnivorous (2)

Immunity (1) x2 +2D vs poison, toxins, disease

Elasticity (1)

Accelerated Healing (3) +1D

Natural Hand-to-Hand Weapon (2) +1D

Natural Armor (3) +1D

Immortality (7) from Physical & Force

Enhanced Sense (3) taste +3

Enhanced Sense (3) smell +3

Enhanced Sense (3) hearing +2

Reduced Attribute (R2) can’t take Geek

Reduced Attribute (R2) can't take Symbiosis

Reduced Attribute (R2) can't take Magic

Reduced Attribute (R2) can't take Psionics

Cultural Unfamiliarity (R2) social +6 difficulty

Achilles’ Heel (R3) Metabolic Difference

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