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Embers and Ashes

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Working on a setting that is like 3 or 4 generations after a collapse of a federated group of planets (20-30) that had different governments and such. Some planets lost civilization others didn't. The can range from space tech to stone age. They may have magic and/or psionics, or have lost the knowledge. 

I am working on the magic/psionics systems. Then realized I needed to work on char creation. Then realized I need to work on traits(race stuff) and advantages/disadvantages.

Sigh, keeps snowballing.

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awareness = perception

body = strength, endurance

dexterity = coordination, reflexes

education = how much you know

spirit = magic, psychic, willpower

social = get along

   extra attributes(can be 0, if start 0 must stay 0)

Geek = making and fixing things (technology)

Symbiosis = controlling things (mechanical)


initiative = awareness

melee damage base = Lift/2 roundup

damage resistance = body

damage type = wound levels


starting chars get

1 race

18D attribute dice

14D for skills, equipment, and traits

1 profession

1 fate point

5 char points



Each char starts with clothing, each piece of equipment cost it's bonus in dice or a min of 1D.



If a ship is part of the campaign it will be assigned.

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Spirit skills



Meditation <working on rules, faster recovery of stun effects and effecting spirit manipulation>

Magic (casting, shielding, enchanting, summoning)

Psychic (telekinesis, telepathy, teleport, telesensory)

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