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[Fan Project] d6 Shadowrun Apocalypse

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The "Fan Project" is there as an obvious caveat: I'm just doing this for the fun of it and, of course, that means there's always the danger that I'm blowing in the wind and nothing will come of this. On the other hand, if I get it to where I want there will be a spangly little PDF to go with it, or maybe ePub3 (as I wish there were more of those for RPGs).


The Background

So, why "Shadowrun Apocalypse"? Back in the day I was hanging out on a 40k forum that was heavy in the play-by-post roleplayers. I got fired up and one of the concepts that was bandied around was a non-40k on: RP'ing in the setting of the video game Hellgate: London. The only problem was that I was in the, for me, untenable position of GMing for a bunch of people that knew more about the setting than I did.


On the other hand, it did remind me of the The London Sourcebook for Shadowrun, and that got me thinking about a potential crossover.


The Gist

For those that don't know, the Earthdawn setting is set in the distant past of Shadowrun, a post-apocalyptic fantasy set after "The Scourge." The Scourge happened when the cycles of magic had reached such a peak that magical gates opened up to the planes of the "Horrors" who then promptly swarmed over the face of the Earth like leviathan with a need to snack on metahumans. Metahumans had some warning, so they were able to protect themselves with magical rituals that basically jammed people inside of holes in the ground (kaers) where they were protected by a whole bunch of earth and a whole bunch of magic.


Eventually the ambient levels of magic reduced and most of the Horrors withdrew. Metahumanity clambered out of the kaers and returned to the surface. Shenanigans ensue.


Shadowrun is set during the next peak of magic after Earthdawn's Fourth World, where magic was diminishing and heading into the magic-less Fifth Age. Yet while magic various on a sinusoidal pattern that returns it to the world every 5,200 years (or so), there are things called "mana spikes" that allow a temporary and localised resurgence of magic.


And that gets us back to Shadowrun Apocalypse.


The Setting (Thumbnail)

A bunch of magical spikes have happened across the world, focused on some of the largest urban centres. In-setting shenanigans caused them--conspiracies and the like--but they appear to be here to stay, and expanding. Within this spikes, these magical beachheads to hell, things have gone a little bit haywire (to say the least). Step in the imagery from Hellgate: London. The metahumanity that has survived driven underground into ersatz shelters, hiding from the Horrors and their constructs. On the bright side, if you can say there is a bright side, magic is enhanced in these areas. Mages and Adepts are capable of things undreamed of before the Spikes.


I'm a tad focused on London because of the aforementioned sourcebook, but there are images of deep level tube stations acting as ersatz "kaers," with the protection from the Horrors primarily revolving around tons over earth (a physical barrier to constructs, and an astral barrier to Horrors) and magic of obfuscation, but also a hell of a lot of luck. People managing to survive, barely. Some even fighting back.


As the Spike Zones roll out and expand, the dominoes of government and corporate response fall and the ability of metahumanity to respond and even survive diminishes.


The fight goes on.


What I'm Doing

The above could be run quite handily using almost any generic system, and I've tried a number of them in the past. However, to fit in with some of what I want to do I've essentially got to tinker with three inter-related settings: Earthdawn, Shadowrun, and Equinox (this last being a numbers filed-off version of Shadowrun that plays very Firefly and is quite closely tied to d6).


Most of this is (relatively) easy. Cyberware and other augmentation. Magical abilities. A novel way to do hacking--that sort of thing. Most difficult for me has been pulling together a central magic system that works on some of the 'fluff' (I'm thinking of the Earthdawn setting book Denizens of Barsaive and Shadowrun's Tir na n'Og, both of which focus on elemental magic).


* * *


So, yeah, that's what I'm up to and why I signed on to the forum--in the hopes of picking peoples' minds if they were up for it.


Hope to see you around.



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 Interesting, played 2nd ed shadowrun a long time ago, dabbled in 3rd-5th ed.

Was trying to make a magic system for d6 that used the drain concept. 

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