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The Storm-crossed

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The Possibility Wars have seen a lot of weird things in their wake. Cybernetic Ninja Werewolves. Elven Movie Producers. Even the adorable horror that was Skippy. As part of a seemingly endless permutation of genre-blending strangeness, there are the Storm-crossed. The SCs are beings who have somehow transformed to a mixed reality. As such they gain the highest Axioms of each realitz. Some transformed into an SC in the Berlin Storm Zone (Nile/Tharkold) would have the following axioms: Magic 12; Social 20; Spirit 17 and Tech 26. All applicable World Laws would also apply to SCs.


This flexibility does not come without costs. Should an SC need to make a reconnection check, they use the highest difficulty of their two realities on the chart. A Nile/Tharkold SC who tries to reconnect in the Cyberpapacy would face a diffculty of 8 (as per the Nile Empire) instead of a 6 (as per Tharkold). Aside from their "home" or other matching mixed zones, this situation applies everywhere, included the cosms and realms of the realities that are mixed within the SC. So, if our Nile/Tharkold SC traveled to Tharkold, he'd have a reconnection number of 3 despite being a "native" there. If he traveled to the Nile Empire his reconnection difficulty would be 8.


He suffers other problems, too. In an invoked reality storm the SC only gets the +3 for "home turf" if he is in an appropriate mixed zone and not facing a person from either of the zone's realities (neither party gains the advantage in that case). If he is facing an opponent from one of his two realities, he can only drain them of Possibilities (or add to his own store). He cannot transform them to either his mixed reality or to a differing reality. So, if a Nile/Tharkold SC was in a storm with a Nile villain, he could not transform the villain to the Tharkold reality. Instead the storm conflict would end once the SC was transformed or his opponenet's Possibilities were reduced to 0. In the previous example though, the villain, could transform the SC to the Nile reality and would have an easier time doing so. An SC suffers a penalty of +2 difficulty when making Reality rolls in a situation involving one of their mixed realities, especially reality storms (The Everlaw of One really "hates" SCs). The upshot of this is that if the above reality storm conflict were occurring in the Nile, the villain would be getting an effect +5 bonus in the conflict.


As if that weren't enough Storm Knight SCs using the Group Powers, Create Hardpoint and Create Talisman to make hardpoints or talismans of his mixed reality suffer a +5 to the base difficulty and the use cost is doubled.


So how does one "make" a Stormcrossed. First, consider that they are very rare. A natural SC has to be transformed while in a natural (not invoked) storm in a mixed zone. Following from that, the would be SC cannot be a native to either of the realities in the zone. If a Nile Fast Hero, a Tharkold Race Warrior and a Living Land Human Optant go through a storm in the Berlin Zone, the Hero and Warrior will escape relative unscathed. The Optant, however, may have a completely different outlook on the when he emerges.

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