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Green Dragon

Sith Branches help

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Many sources divide the Jedi into three branches, which I have linked to the three force skills.

Consulars (Diplomats, Healers, Scholars) - Alter

Guardians (Weapon Masters, Aces, Lightsaber Instructors) - Control

Sentinels (Detectives, Scouts, Spies) - Sense


But according to the Old Republic game and Wookieepedia, the Sith are only divided into Warriors (Juggernauts and Marauders) and Inquisitors (Sorcerers and Assassins).

I had previously set up the Sith to parallel the Jedi

Consulars = Sorcerers

Guardians = Warriors

Sentinels = Inquisitors


I need to come up with specialties within the branches. FWIW I'd consider Palpatine to be a Sorcerer (analogous to a Consular Diplomat), Vader, Maul, and Dooku to be Warriors, And The Emperor's Hands (Mara Jade for instance) either Warriors or Inquisitors.

Alchemists is probably a Sorcerer Branch, reflecting the Sith who make "magic" weapons or Armor, create Rakghouls, etc. Darth Maladi would be one of these. Official texts give Assassin as a Inquisitor branch (and Hand could fit in as an alternate form of that branch).

So I need a Sith analogue to the Jedi Sage/Scholar/Lore Keeper and/or Diplomat/Ambassador and a Investigator/Watchman analogue.


Can anyone suggest something that might fit within the pre-existing material?

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So I made a decision on my own - for those interested:

Sorcerers - Alchemists (practitioners of Sith Alchemy) and Tyrant (excel at deception and mental manipulation - Palpatine)

Warriors - Marauders (finesse fighters - Dooku) and Juggernauts (physical powerhouses - Vader)

Inquisitors - Assassin/Hand (name says it - Mara Jade) and Shadow/Eye (excel at stealth and observation)

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