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A group of us down here in the Fort Worth area are working on playing a skirmish scale minis game using OD6. Everything works perfectly but, what if one of us wanted a unit of characters instead of individuals?


A unit of soldiers instead of just one named unique soldier.


I'm figuring they get a single die roll for attack + a die for each shooter after the first? Maybe the same with Damage? Though that sounds like WAY too much damage (even is a unit may only include up to 5 minis). Adding Pips sounds like it could work though, taking a full die, of course, after 3 members of the unit.


What do you guys think?

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I guess a similar mechanic would be when you have two or three characters all trying to help each other climb a fence. How do you guys work around something like this?


A single roll for the character climbing modified in some way by the other character(s) helping in some way, I imagine.


A teamwork modifier. +1 pip per teammate or some such similar to what I mentioned in my previous post.





+1d for the first helper

+2 (pips) for the second

+1 (pip) for the third+


This might represent the degradation of help...too many chefs in the kitchen sort of thing.

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With multiple people trying to help each other over an obstacle, I'd use my command rules.


The basic premise of this is that each person

being lead/commanded is equivalent to a difficulty

of 3, up to a difficulty of 30 (10 people), and 1

point each thereafter. If you were to attempt to

command 3 people to act in unison, the difficulty

would be 9.

In cases where a person is attempting to command

or lead a lot of people and simply trying to

get as many of them to act together as possible, the

Leadership dice would simply be rolled and whatever

the difficulty rolled is would indicate how many

people the person in charge managed to successfully

lead. So if there were 30 people and the leader

wanted to get them all to storm a barricade, a roll

of Leadership with a result of 18 would succeed in

getting 6 of the people to immediately understand

and act appropriately.

Leadership can also be used to inspire people to

perform even better than they normally might. For

every increment of 3 greater than the required difficulty

that is rolled, the people being commanded

get a +1 bonus to whatever skill they are using. If

an officer was attempting to lead 4 soldiers in an

attack to take out an enemy fortified position, the

difficulty would be 12. If the officer rolled a 18,

each man he commanded would receive a +2 to

their skill roll for the attack on the position.


So essentially one person would be the "leader" and roll leadership in an attempt to coordinate their efforts. Then, depending on the success, they might receive bonuses to overcoming the obstacle, but otherwise they would each basically be doing individual skill rolls and not really assisting in any meaningful way.

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