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Bloodshadows 2E Cover Ideas

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Im starting to think about what sort of cover image I'd like for Bloodshadows Second Edition, which is in the works as a stand-alone RPG. I'm open to suggestions. What would be cool? What would scream what the setting is all about? And while we're at, what are your favorite PC races from the setting?

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I always thought that the covers, as they were, really conveyed the idea of a pulp 20s or 30s set in a Gothic type horror world. I was a bit disappointed when I found out it was a weird amalgam of futuristic type world and Gothic type horror world.


So I would say to make a cover that conveys exactly what Bloodshadows is. Include the Gothic type, but also convey exactly what the "feel" of the setting is with the imagery.

Don't over-sex it, unless the adolescent males is what you're hoping to have as your main purchase base. Instead, you can use "sex" but use it in a subdued manner that suggests rather than flaunts, that revs the imagination without demonstrating it willingly.

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Okay, yeah, the general "idea" is to be in the 30's and 40's, but it's the wording that is used which makes it feel futuristic.


"The world of Marl has been at peace for centuries, with only

dim memories of a brutal war almost a millennium ago. Part of

an ongoing struggle between Order and Chaos that has touched

many times and many worlds, this bloody clash saw things of

the shadows fighting beside Humans. In the end, much of the

planet was devastated and the war moved on to someplace else,

leaving Marl forever changed.

Now civilization can be found only in the cities, each unique

in its level of technology and the sorceries used there."


Words like "millennium", "many worlds" (note the plural of world), "technology" all tend, to me, to convey a futuristic idea. Yes, the artwork inside (and even the cover) is geared to the 40's, but besides the art, I never really got the feeling of the game being retro. But that's just me. I still stand by my suggestions for the cover. :)

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I concur with your suggestions about the cover (don't over-sex it and show it like it is), but I never got the futuristic impression from the setting at all. Human civilization has been around for many millennia but none of the previous millennia were futuristic ("millennium ago" is backwards in time from now, not forward). Each city has unique levels of technology, but technology is also not necessarily futuristic. A late 1940s-like city has a substantial difference in technology level than an early 1920s-like city. Both may exist on Marl but neither is futuristic. The context of the reference to "many worlds" is that (this setting) Marl is one of many worlds that has been a part of the ongoing struggle between Order and Chaos. The war having "moved on to someplace else" does make you wonder to where and how, but the presence of supernatural creatures and magic in this setting doesn't bring futuristic methods for the war moving to my mind first.


Maybe you would have liked this setting better than you thought?

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