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On 1/22/2019 at 1:37 PM, hdmD6 said:



overlooked that :((


Thx again, Iam checking to many sources at the same time for info.. seems like I got lost in the woods looking for trees 🙂

Happy to help, made me double check that I had converted it over.  Spell resistance is an ability that is pretty potent when ported over, on the weak end it adds a bit of difficulty, but against heavy hitting endgame monsters it'll likely end up making casting the powerful spells you need very tough since the difficulty to cast a high level spell should be pretty difficult. +14 to the difficulty is a huge difficulty boost.

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I've been doing this project too, roughly (converting d&d to D6) for a while now as spare time permits, just recently after a few months break got back into doing so. I have not got to monsters yet, as I've started at the beginning. If I could just post screens of what I got it would simplify things and maybe help you some. 



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Right, sorry for the multi post, was fighting with getting those screenies made available. Chaotic aligned DM who is poor at organization but big on mountain dew.

Anyway, here is my take. I set out to play D&D but with D6 system because I've grown to despise hit points and loved the wounding system in D6 starwars, as well as the the opposed roll/result point method of adjudication inherent or implied in the system. I bought the D6 fantasy space adventure line to compare to my D6 starwars game in order to "see" the mods made to adapt the system to each genre, then emulate that technique it in adapting D6 Fantasy to a specific game/setting, that of D&D Forgotten Realms set in the Empire of Netheril in the distant past.

So, I started by changing the D6 fantasy ability scores to simply Vitality, Agility, Knowledge, and Perception. I have not truly settled on ability score generation but generally want the same 1D-5D starting scores you've come to expect. I then went through all my books from every game to make the relevant skill lists and tried as a proof of concept to list at least 10 for each score.

The "Attribute Derived skill Bonus" chart is an idea I stole from the fine folks over at the rancor pit, using it for example for skill synergies like dodge/acrobat (one provides a bonus to the other if there is any overlap, so backflipping out of the way when dodging is a dodge with an acrobat skill derived bonus, the same could be said maybe as a potential warrior class feature with fortitude/vitality on resisting effects like psionic blast from mind flayer or what have you).

Instead of character points/force points or character points/fate points, I went with mana and experience points though mechanically they are pretty much the same, you spend experience (character points) to increase skills or maybe purchase special abilities. Initially I had intended to have only 3 classes, warrior wizard & wanderer, but after reading the net yesterday I felt that maybe all the actual d&d classes could be done, say four core classes with paladins and druids and the like being templates. This means tinkering wanderer some more to make it rogue, and cutting a balance between warrior and wizard to make cleric.

My intention for magic was to straight convert 5e spells as much as possible; levels 1-3 would be level one in D6, 4-6 would be level two, 7-9 would be level three. With what I've got written coupled with my established understanding of D6/starwars system, they seem to read like a very easy conversion with some caveats. Arcanum Gathering die code is the answer to most questions of "how many people can you effect, how many 5 foot squares from each other" while Arcanum Focus does the same for "what do you roll against their perception or vitality to see if they are effected". Arcanum Craft serves this end too in questions of "how hard is it to counterspell/interrupt/dispell/banish" etc.

With what I have written so far a mage (Bargle) with 5D in each of the three arcanum skills can have 15 mana and prepare 5 spells. He could cast 15 level one spells (or other combinations) even if he has none prepared. Lets say he prepares 2 level one spells as consumable wax medallions, scrolls, or potions, his mana cap is now 11 until those are cast and those points are returned to both his cap and current pool. He could prepare 1 level one spell as 3rd lvl by binding it to a non-consumable talisman or whatever, and cast that spell forever (only cost being the 3 point penalty to his mana cap) so long as he retains the item. The advantage to spell prep would be this ability to have some spells work even without active right-now expenditure of mana, and of course being able to cast multiple spells in a round as action rather than full-round action. So long as damage/effect-resist is tempered to the harsher D6 climate the spell conversions, unless I fail to see something, should go pretty smoothly.

Present question for me is the cleric and rogue possibilities, and this may require a re-think of how I handled "cross-class" skills, ie, giving the warrior weapon groups while others must do weapon types, making arcanum skills advanced skills for non-wizards. Without a huge skill list players need experience point sinks, making magic items is one but falls more on wizards, special abilities/powers such as a paladins mount I had thought could serve as xp sink too if it is unlockable only through purchase.

I had not gotten to monsters yet, because I was doing all the rest of this mess, but I will have to eventually and so I've stumbled upon your thread here to garner what I can and I'd thought I'd contribute what I already have accrued for your use as well. I am curious to see further thoughts on the prospect of recasting D&D within the frame work of D6. 

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Interesting.  I look forward to really looking over these when I get a few moments of peace. My family is post-move; everything is still in boxes and we don't have reliable internet, I'm using my phone as a hotspot to check in on my various forums.  Feel free to muse here whenever you like, I haven't looked into 5th edition D&D yet, so most of my converted material is from 3.x.

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While I thought it was nifty players didn't like the first draft on grounds that it still wasn't D&D enough. So I'm thinking through another approach from the starting point of the ability score conversion chart that was posted earlier in this thread. 

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Sorry to hear that they didn't feel like it was D&D enough.

I think part of my motivation to start this project, was that I didn't like the "feel" of D&D in the first place, only the setting.  I wanted something that felt like an adventure game set in Greyhawk, Faerun, or some other established D&D setting, rather than something like a miniatures combat simulator with minimal story development.

Another thing that I like about D6 versus the typical D20 D&D is that player characters are meant to be special.  Your 5th level expert blacksmith is actually better suited for going into a dungeon to handle goblins than the first level players.  I think D6 can make it so that a master blacksmith can easily have zero combat ability because all of his years have been dedicated to learning his trade and how to haggle on the price of his goods.  You just don't put any dice into his combat skills.

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Back at the drawing board currently. Basically my players are down with the D6 systems handling of combat and movement and such but they want to use their polyhedral dice too and want to draw as much as possible from their 3e books whenever they can, so the current project has taken a slightly different form. Classes, levels, and granular advancement are important to them.

Granted one could simply replace 1d20 mechanic with d6 system ability based dice pool mechanic and otherwise almost run things straight from the d&d books with whole number modifiers becoming pip increases...but I still want some differences beyond just replacing d20 mechanic. I'd like to do this in a way that is somewhat intuitive and lends to ease of conversion on an as needed basis rather than filling a document with monster stat blocks and converted spells before the game begins.

For example I considered deconstructing AC and making it damage resist rather than to-hit;

drop the base 10 and do not include any numbers derived from size or agility, add con modifier, this gives you a static damage resist number modified by a roll of (depletable) hit dice for damage resistance...this is of course only if you want to keep existing D&D weapon damage numbers.

This scenario would have an attack roll with longsword go like this as an "example";

3D str + 3 pips from BaB + 1d8 for the longsword (so attack roll is 4D + 1d8)...if hit damage is 1d8 + 3 pips for str (so 1d8+1d6)...versus enemy ac that counts only armor, natural armor, or bonuses which represent physical resistance...use normal d6 wounding chart results based on roll differences.

This largely means scrapping d6 system rules for advancement/character points and instead using D&D's class, level, xp, and skill ranks to the same effect. Still drafting atm, when i get it remotely ordered i will try to share it. Is slow going though as the urge to rewrite and convert has to be crushed and replaced with a conversion formula to be used on the fly.




So really i guess the current approach for us is to use d6 system mechanical framework but D&D details/numbers. Will report back when I have anything more finished.

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That way lies madness.  


Things will become so obfuscated as to potentially lose the fluidity of the D6 system.

If you want more crunchy, use the D6 Fantasy book as it is written.  

And if they want granular advancement, going to levels is NOT the way to get granular.  If your players think it is, then they desperately need to play the regular D6 system so they can REALLY see what granular advancement really is.

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I agree with Grimace. 

D6 Fantasy as written can be pretty crunchy, and having to raise each skill and attribute individually is about as granular as you can get. 

If you want to keep musing here in this thread, then that's okay, but I'm not sure I want to follow you down this particular rabbit hole.

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4 hours ago, Grimace said:

If you want more crunchy, use the D6 Fantasy book as it is written.

My only personal issue with the book as written is I dislike the default abilities as printed in the book, as you can see in my first attempt I changed those to different scores. Now as to my players, what they say is that essentially they do not know how to behave in a fantasy game without the rails of class/level that they are used to. I pointed out that total freeform control in skill advancement (D6 system default method) does in a paragraph what d&d requires multiple chapters to accomplish with classes/multiclassing, but they still give me the stink eye. They've played and love D6 star wars, so it's not like they are totally uninformed on the matter. Why exactly they wish to cling to classes and levels with relative power tied to those levels is something none of them have been able to articulate to me well so far.

I can say for sure that the first "thing" about d6 fantasy to make them wax poetic about d&d is magic, for all it's flaws, they favor magic as handled by d&d, ridiculous if you step back and look because the potential for more magical might earlier certainly rests with d6 fantasy's default handling of such.

I'll throw up what i've gotten so far, though I can't help but feel there has to be an easier way than injecting D6 into existing D&D, which is the inverse of my initial approach. Part of the reason I found this second option palatable is the ability to simply use what is already written for D&D in terms of magic and spells.

How does one best emulate the cleric or druid of d&d in D6 fantasy? The search continues I suppose.


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I just don't understand why you feel the need to throw in so many other dice just because D&D did it.  D6 is not D&D, but it can be made to feel similar without having the variety of different dice.  Instead of D8 for a Longsword, do a 1D+2 or something like that.  


Or use something like this:

Weapon                                Damage                           Damage Type              Special Notes

Dagger                                  STR+1D                                Pierce                      

Knife                                     STR+1D                                Slash                     

Short Sword                         STR+1D+1                           Slash/Pierce         

Scimitar                                STR+1D+2                           Slash                      

Long Sword                         STR+2D                                Slash/Pierce         

Broad Sword                       STR+2D+1                           Slash                      

Bastard Sword                    STR+2D+26                          Slash                           1 or 2H

Claymore                             STR+3D7                           Slash                      1 or 2H

Falchion                               STR+2D+3                       Slash                       1 or 2H

Two Handed Sword           STR+3D+1                           Slash

6  This weapon is easier to wield with two hands.  For users that use two hands with this weapon, they gain an extra +2 to whatever they roll to hit.


Emulating a Cleric or Druid is easy.  I did it in my fantasy D6 game when I converted AD&D to D6.  Clerics pray for things.  Druids would do the same, but they "pray" to nature, or to the Earth, the Air, the Water.  You can check out the concept in the "Magic & Miracles" book.  https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/92079/Magic--Miracles

If you want or need elaboration, I can help.  

For the record, I had some hard-core D&D players play my D6 D&D conversion.  While it was different than D&D, it kept the feel of D&D they admitted, but did things that made more sense.  Skill reduced the chance of being hit.  Armor reduced the damage you suffered IF hit.  I still used the concept of "Vancian" magic as that is what D&D used at the time.  And the players admitted that it felt VERY different being a Magic User compared to being a Cleric.  And while the weapons were all of the same name as AD&D, the damage that they did was a translation TO the D6 system rather than an amalgam of D6 and D20.  

So my recommendation, and especially if the players have played D6 Star Wars and loved it, is stick with D6 and make something that only "feels" like D&D, but doesn't use levels and doesn't use different dice.  You can still have "classes" if you want.  Heck, I had a loose concept of classes in my fantasy D6 game.  There were Warriors and Rangers and Thieves, and Monks, and Samurai and Berserkers and Magic Users, and Clerics, and Conjurors.  I threw many different monsters and had many different races, from Centaurs and Hybsils to Kobolds and Griffons and Pegasus, and Orcs and Githyanki and Hydra and Gibberlings, and I even threw in a Red Dragon!   


So it can be done, and done specifically with D6.


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1 hour ago, Grimace said:

If you want or need elaboration, I can help.  

I would be very interested in seeing what you've got for clerics/druids/ mages etc...to be stolen and used in game of course. As to the polyhedral dice, that made it to the present point due to my asking "what does it need to feel like d&d?" and players listed "funky dice" among their first responses. I myself am not wed to funky dice, but in tossing together this second attempt I thought I might try to include such to see if it placates them.

I do see the wisdom in what you suggest, I would save a great deal of work by simply writing out a page or two to make my "d&d style" d6 character sheets usable/workable rather than kit bashing both systems, at the least it would surely save a great deal of copy/paste from 3e pdfs.

As I said i'd be very interested in what you have for casters, and moreover I'd like to see how you implemented classes into d6, closest I came thusfar war separating some skills to be advanced skills for any but the class they were meant for. Thanks in advance Grimace.

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I was thinking about doing "classes" as templates, each "class" would be special because of the combination of special abilities it would receive. 

But, my first priority was to populate the world with converted monsters and magic before I started worrying too much about PC classes and how to balance them out.

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For classes, I did the following:

Players chose a Character Class.

Warriors = Fighters and Rangers

Wizards = Mage

Rogues = Thief and Bard

Priests = Cleric and Paladin and Druid


If a Fighter was chosen, and the character had a Strength of 4D, they could then roll their Strength to see if they get a Strength bonus.  Depending on the roll, they could get no bonus, a bonus of +1D to Strength all the way up to a bonus of +4D to Strength.  A Roll of 19 or less meant no bonus.  Starting at 20 and going up meant a varying Strength bonus.

Then they got starting skill dice dependent on the class types:

Warriors get 12D to allocate to skills

Wizards get 10D to allocate

Priests get 11D to allocate

Rogues get 10D to allocate

Then each sub-class had a certain list they could choose skills from.

Fighters can choose from General Skills and Warrior skills

Rangers choose from General and Warrior

Mage choose from General and Wizard

Thief from General and Rogue

Bard from General and Rogue

Cleric from General and Priest

Paladin from General and Priest and Warrior

Druid from General and Priest

Then I went with class restrictions and benefits. 

Paladins could only be Human.  But they could automatically detect Evil from 20 meters away.  They are immune to all disease.  They can "lay hands" once per day to restore 1D Health to an individual. They may "cure disease" once per week. All Evil creature that attack the Paladin or any good person within 3 meters of the Paladin suffer -1D to their attack roll.  They may "Turn Undead" like a Cleric when their Prayer Power reaches 1D or more.  They must tithe 10% of all money they collect or earn.  They may not have more than 10 magical items as they believe faith in the almighty is power enough.  They may never knowingly commit an evil act, otherwise the Paladin loses all special abilities until the repent sufficiently. They must always uphold the law.

Druids may identify all plants and animals with perfect accuracy.  They may pass through overgrown areas at normal movement rate without leaving a trace of their passing.  They may only wear natural armors (leather, hides, wooden shields).  They are limited to only the following weapons:  club, dart, spear, dagger, scimitar, sling, and quarterstaff.

Clerics may "Turn Undead".  They may not use any Slashing or Piercing weapons in combat.

Mages are limited to every race except Gnomes.  Gnomes may never be Mages.  They cannot wear any non-magical, metal armor as it interferes with their ability to tap into the mystical energies.  They may weapon any magical armor as long as it does not reduce their Dexterity.  They are limited to the following weapons:  Dagger, quarterstaff, dart, knife, sling. They start with a Spell Book.

A Thief is limited to the following armor:  Hide, Leather, Padded or Elven Chain Mail (but NOT normal chain mail).  They are also limited to the following weapons:  Club, Dagger, dart, knife, lasso, short bow, sling, broadsword, long sword, short sword, hand crossbow, and quarterstaff.  They can gain a bonus if they have high enough Dexterity.  Dex of 3D+1 = +1 to Lockpicking skill.  Dex of 3D+2 = +1 Pickpocket, +2 Lockpicking, +1 Sneak/Hide.  Dex of 4D = +2 to Pickpocket, +1D to Lockpicking, +2 to Sneak/Hide.


Those are just some of the classes.

Then I also gave starting money based on the general class grouping.  Warriors got 200 GP, Wizards got 120 GP, Rogues got 260 GP, and Priests got 100 GP.

Hopefully this gives you some idea of how you can still have "classes", to give the feel of D&D, but you don't have to do levels and can still use the normal D6 rules and skill progression (character points).


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This is Faith Power, or Prayer Power, which is used by Druids, Clerics, Paladins, Rangers.  


What is faith based power?  This is power bestowed upon a person by some other force, be it a deity or nature itself.  Those who devote their faith to whatever facet grants them power gain the ability to “pray” for the powers that can be gifted to them.  Since the power is only limited by the person’s ability to believe enough in their “power grantor” there is no limitation on what a faith based individual can call upon in regards to power.  The only limitation is if they will be granted the gift of that power when they need it.


Faith power, or prayer power, is indicated with a dice number.  Some characters may start with 1D in their Faith power, which allows them to pray for the gifts of power.  Other characters may start with less than a die, which means they must increase their Faith in order to be able to pray for the powers.  A person, such as a Cleric, may have 1D in their Faith, but they have the ability to pray for any power within their deity’s realm of influence.  Whether the power will be granted to them depends on their roll.  If it is high enough, the power is granted to them.  If not, the prayer was not done properly or the deity did not feel the need to bestow power upon the person.  As a person’s Faith power increases, this increases the amount of dice that may be rolled when attempting to pray for a power. 


While it may seem powerful for the faithful to be able to call upon any power available to them, depending only on how well they pray as to whether the power is granted, there is a limit to the number of times the powers can be successfully used in a day.  That is limited to the number of pips in the Wisdom attribute (Charisma if using the generic attributes).


If a prayer attempt isn’t successful, it does not count against the maximum number of powers granted in a day.  However, to avoid the “I keep praying until I get it” syndrome, after each failed attempt at a prayer in a day, the difficulty to have the power gifted to the person praying is increased by 5 per failed attempt.  So if a person must get a 15 to have the power gifted to them, and they fail on their attempt, the difficulty to get that same power to work, should they try again, increases to 20.  If the second attempt (within the same day) fails as well, the difficulty then would increase to 25, and so on for each failed attempt.  Basically, just because you keep praying for something doesn’t mean it’s going to get any easier to get it.  In fact, it might even test your faith as it seems to get an even more remote chance of that particular power being gifted to you when you need it.


The cost to raise the Faith power score is equal to 10 times the number in front of the D for the current score in Character Points.  If it is less than 1D, then the cost is simply 10 CPs per pip up to 1D.  So a character that has 2D+1 in Faith power would need to spend 20 CPs to boost the Faith up to 2D+2.  Another 20 CPs would then boost the Faith power up to 3D.   Then 30 CPs would be needed to boost the Faith power up to 3D+1.


Rangers and Druids can choose from the following "prayers":

Create Water, Cure Minor Wounds, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Flare, Know Direction, Light, Purify Food & Drink, Trip, Animal Friendship, Calm Animals, Detect Snares & Pits, Entangle, Faerie Fire, Goodberry, Invisible to Animals, Pass Without Trace, Shillelagh, Animal Messenger, Barkskin, Dust devil, Charm Person/Animals, Slow Poison, Fire Trap...

Clerics and Paladins can choose from the following "Prayers":

Create Water, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Light, Read Magic, Bane, Bless, Comprehend Language, Cure Light Wounds, Detect Evil, Detect Undead, Resist Fire/Cold, Invisible to Undead, Magic Stones, Obscuring Mist, Protection from Evil, Magical Vestment, Sanctuary, Remove Fear, Hold Person, Remove Paralysis, Silence, Spiritual Weapon, Shield of Faith, Cure Serious Wound,  Cure Critical Wound....


That should give you an idea of some of the prayers of each type of class.  There are more spells than what are listed, but I didn't want to type them all out.  


And here is a sample "prayer" of Goodberries:


                Range:  Touch

                Duration:  1 day

                Difficulty:  10

Effect:  This enables the user to have up to 6 freshly picked, edible berries to be used in one of two ways.  One:  each berry can be eaten and acts as a complete meal, filling a person up and providing all of the nourishment they need.  Two:  each berry can be used to cure 1 Hit Point of physical damage to the person eating it.  The most hit points that can be gained back by eating Goodberry, per day, is 8.

And another one:

Resist Fire / Resist Cold 

                Range:  Touch

                Duration:  1 round per D in user’s Prayer

                Difficulty:  11

Effect:  This allows the touched person’s skin to become toughened enough to resist Fire or Cold, as chosen by the user.  The person gains +1D+2 to Constitution when resisting attacks or effects of the appropriate temperature, including magical attacks.  In addition an affected person only suffers half damage from the attacks they are protected from.  So if a character failed the resistance roll by 8 against a fire attack and they were protected by Resist Fire, instead of suffering 8 damage they would only suffer 4 damage.

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Thank you! I'll get a chance soon to go over all this, about 6 hours maybe, and then I may steal as much as I can for my own game. Thank you again! Excellent stuff. I may steal directly or alter slightly but I am impressed with it. Can't believe I didn't see it on my own, probably because I never saw anything similar for star wars, just templates. Quick question though, the bullet proof wookie, has anyone ever had this problem pop up in D6 fantasy or d6 adventure? (thats what I have btw, d6 starwars 2e, and the d6 fantasy/adventure/space books). If so, how often and what is a good way to mitigate it? 

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Let me know if you decide to "steal directly", as I may be able to send you more complete aspects that aren't simple snippets. I ran this version for a few years, so I have a lot of material for it.

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Oh, and as for the "bulletproof Wookiee", I dealt with that by having both Strength and Constitution for attributes.  That way someone super strong wasn't necessarily super durable unless they boosted Constitution as well.  And since they're boosting two attributes, they are hindering other attributes.  I dealt with that by providing more skills in the other attributes, so they were making beefy characters at the expense of not being able to use as many skills.  

For example, the attributes I used were directly taken from AD&D.  







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And here is my skill breakdown, based on class types and with the corresponding attribute listed:

General Skills:

Melee Combat                      DEX

Melee Parry                           DEX

Sneak/Hide                           DEX

Lifting                                     STR

Tracking                                 WIS

Brawling                                STR

Brawling Parry                      DEX

Thrown Weapon                  DEX

Missile Weapon                   DEX

Climbing                                DEX

Jumping                                DEX

Swimming                             CON

Dodge                                    DEX

Agriculture                            INT

Artistic Ability                      WIS

Animal Training                   WIS

Animal Handling                  WIS

Horsemanship                      WIS

Airborne Riding                    WIS

Brewing                                 INT

Observation                          INT

Cobbling                                DEX


Dancing                                 DEX

Etiquette                                CHA

Fishing                                  WIS

Language                              CHA

Mining                                    WIS

Seamanship                         DEX

Singing                                  CHA

Weather Sense                    WIS

Blacksmithing                       STR

Carpentry                              STR

Willpower                              WIS

Cooking                                 INT

Direction Sense                   WIS

Firebuilding                          WIS

Heraldry                                 INT

Leatherworking                    INT

Pottery                                    DEX

Rope Use                              DEX

Seamstress / Tailor              DEX

Stonemasonry                      STR

Weaving                                INT

Leadership                            CHA


Priest Skills:


Ancient History                     INT

Engineering                          INT

Herbalism                              INT

Music                                     CHA

Reading/Writing                   INT

Astrology                               INT

Healing                                  WIS

Local History                         CHA

Navigation                             INT

Religion                                 WIS


Rogue Skills:


Lockpicking                           DEX

Find/Set Traps                      INT

Ancient History                     INT

Music                                     CHA

Blind Fighting                       WIS

Forgery                                  DEX

Reading Lips                         INT

Tumbling                               DEX

Spellcraft                               INT


Pick Pocketing                     DEX

Martial Arts                            DEX

Local History                         CHA

Appraising                             INT

Disguise                                CHA

Gem Cutting                         DEX

Tightrope Walking               DEX

Ventriloquism                       INT

Rally Friends*                       CHA


Wizard Skills:

Ancient History                     INT

Engineering                          INT

Navigation                             INT

Religion                                 WIS

Gem Cutting                         DEX


Astrology                               INT

Reading/Writing                   INT

Spellcraft                               INT


Warrior Skills:

Navigation                             INT

Armorer                                  INT

Charioteering                       DEX

Mountaineering                   WIS

Survival                                 INT

Artillerist                                 CHA

Blind Fighting                       WIS

Bowyer/Fletcher                   DEX

Endurance                            CON

Running                                CON

Weaponsmithing                 INT


*Special skill only available during generation



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Did someone say monsters?!



                STR         4D                           Move:  18                                 Scale:  Human

                CON        4D                           Fear:  8                                    Hit Points:  28

                DEX        4D     

                       Melee Combat          +2

                INT          2D+1                       Armor:     Body Shield             +1D+1 / +1D+1 / +1D+1

                              Weapons:                 War Club                 STR+1D+3

                                                                Composite Long Bow              4D+2

                                                                Light Horse Lance   STR+Move+2D




                STR         5D+1                       Move:  9                                  Scale:  Human

               Brawling                  +2              Fear:  6                                   Hit Points:  22

                CON        3D+1

                DEX        3D

Melee Combat          +2

Thrown Weapons    +2

                INT          3D+1

                             Weapons:                 Mace                        STR+1D+1

                                                                Warhammer             STR+2D

                                                                Spear                       STR+2D




                STR         2D                           Move:  9                                  Scale:  Human

                 Brawling                  +1           Fear:  4                                   Hit Points:  14

                CON        2D

                DEX        3D

                INT          1D+2

                             Attack:                     2 claw attacks and/or 1 bite attack

                                                                Claw attack              STR+1D

                                                                Bite attack                                STR+2D

*  If actual hit point loss is inflicted on a character, target must roll Moderate Willpower check or be paralyzed in fear for 2 rounds

*  Immune to Charm and Sleep

*  This creature is kept completely at bay by Protection from Evil spells




                STR         5D+1                       Move:  12                                 Scale:  Large

               Brawling                  +3D           Fear:  16                                  Hit Points:  58

                CON        4D+1

                DEX        3D                           Armor:     Hides                       -- / +1 / +1

               Melee Combat          +3D

               Thrown Weapons    +3D+1

                INT          2D

                      Weapons:                 Thrown Rock                           STR+2D

                                                                Club                                         STR+1D


*  can hurl large rocks up to 20 meters, or smaller rocks much further

*  usually keeps a couple of Dire Wolves as guard dogs




                STR         3D                           Move:  18                                 Scale:  Human

                 Brawling                  +1D          Fear:  6                                    Hit Points:  24

                CON        3D+2

                DEX        4D

                 Dodge                      +2D

                  Running                   +3D

                INT          1D

                        Attack:                     Bite                                          STR+2D



RED DRAGON                                                                            


                STR         10D+2                         Move:  9  Fly:  30                    Scale:  Giant

                 Brawling                  +4D           Fear:  34                                 Hit Points:  119

                CON        8D+1

                DEX        3D

                INT          6D


                Magic Power:  9D

                       Attack:                     Up to 3 Attacks a turn, or may use breath attack every 3 rounds

                                                                Claw (up to 2 attacks a round) STR+2D

                                                                Bite                                          STR+5D

                                                                Tail                                          STR+3D+1

                                                                Fire Breath                               10D (30 meter range, 10 meter width)

*this creature is completely immune to all forms of fire

*most dragons speak many languages, including their own Dragonese, and up to 18 other languages.

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I just want to thank you Grimace, after reading through some of the things you did to integrate the systems together, you inspired me for my new conversion approach.  I've got all of my notes jotted down, I'm going to take a couple of converted test monsters and report back on if I made my job easier or not. 

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Sorry folks that was longer than 6 hours, real world can be a pain, got the cars cleaned and a nap so back at it I guess. But yes, I think I am going to steal directly and run a game or two with it, the few screenies I forwarded to the lads have met with approval and they seem eager enough to try it this way.

Kenny will be bummed about not getting to use D8 but I may find a way to work it in for him, give his character a luck ability that lets him swap out one of his dice for a D8 on defensive rolls or something. BTW, thats the funky dice part, just the d8, kenny just loves d8...who knew? Doesn't care for the others but maybe the diamond shape rubs his inner gnome the right way or something.

Now if I can just keep them from voting me out as dm and drafting Grimace in my place I might make it :P

If I get any monsters or spells converted to dovetail with what Grimace has produced I will come here and share them with you, to be sure. Thanks to Grimace any work in that regard should be roughly in the same format as what you might already be using rather than the frankensystem I almost gave birth to in my second attempt.

I can't thank you guys enough really, you've saved me a great deal of work and prep and did it so smooth, elegant, and simple-like w/o need to copy pasta half an edition of D&D to get there. 

Now that I feel at peace with it I'm going to play a couple hours of skyrim before I do anything else. You guys are the best, wish I had more like you here in the hills and hollers of ole kaintuck, bout have to drive to the nearest campus to find folks in the know game system wise.

You have confirmed for me the correctness of a decision I made back when 4e came out, which was to sell off my 3e stuff (still have pdfs) and just buy the d6 fantasy/adventure/space books...I figured they could cover anything I wanted to play just fine and that now appears to be true.

I don't think I ever had this problem with starwars, and D6 adventure is the easiest by far to game with because it covers so much, everything from pirates of the carribean to x-men really (wierd war 2 / tales of war anyone?), and other than the old marvel super heroes games and top secret we have no prior frame of reference for non-fantasy non-scifi games.  

But for some reason D6 Fantasy was harder for me to absorb and make use of as written, I SUSPECT BECAUSE OUR NOTION OF FANTASY WAS PRE-CONCEIVED due to years of playing D&D, and because the writers wanted to make it more of a tool kit to design with rather than a ready to run cart on rails like D&D. You'd think players would appreciate the greater creative freedom that allows rather than whine that it didn't feel like their old conan or dragonlance adventures. 

The grand total upshot is, I suppose, the ability to have whatever I invent or convert be possibly useful to the rest of you when shared, which it wouldn't if Grimace had not led by example and saved me from giving birth to a franken system. Grimace you are my Daniel Boone buddy, probably doesn't mean much to you but if not for your trail blazing we wouldn't be settling in this verdant valley.

Thanks again all, I will return once I resume work on this, maybe put grimaces work in a fancy handout like you've seen me do, but for now I'm totally going to join the stormcloaks just to be the stubborn hilljack that I am. Sure, the Imperials have universal healthcare and a retirement plan, but you and I both know that if the emperor is paying for your healthcare the Thalmor will be having them dictating your diet and exercise on grounds that since they pay for it they have a right to do so in the name of cost control. Death to the damned elves, this is bacon country!

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