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The problem began with Pius V's papal bull giving a clean slate hall pass to Heaven to anyone who ganks Good Queen Bess. He issued the bull and set up the foundations for The Roman Inquisition to be a dark weapon to crush the Protestants. The Inquisition had public show trials, but when they found real heretics or witches or sorcerers, they bound them to the service of the Pope's ""Obscura Martis". What the priests didn't know was that they imprisoned cultists among the mundane satanist rabble. So amid the usual Hell-rising, a much darker force was awoken.


Into this darkening world, Elizabeth's spy master, Walsingham, recruits the younger sons of the lesser nobility to travel Europe, gather intelligence, and establish communication networks in Catholic lands. John Dee is the man who instructs some of the young nobles in occult ways.


These bands of cavaliers soon discover that with along with the Papal threat there are new, strange beast loose in the lands.


The world is a 'legend/lore' version of history, everything is true (except for kissing vampires); with the crack in the veil to cthulhu giving the creatures of darkness a power boost.


The Calvinist have their own version of occult R&D, not as well organized as the Pope's.


And there is a well established black-market in the dark arts.


There are no end to adventure seeds. Religious/Political intrigue, Huguenots/Calvinist and Papists having at each other, in Europe, The Thirty's Years War, and wars of empire in every corner of the known world.

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Let's see if this works


I've clean up the folder, these are the four files I used the most. Tons of material left. I'll add more as I edit through it.


Uncounted Worlds has stress, as opposed to fright, rules I was hoping to adapt.


Now that I think of it I could have parked these files at the WEG-D6 Yahoo Group.


But then I wouldn't have had to figure out the Drive app on my tablet.

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Is using Enochian magic any more sinful than Demonic magic?


Angels and Demons are the same thing.


The tools for both magicks are the same, summon, bind ,ward, banish, and invoke.


Danse invokes a boon from angels; angels were once God's goon squad, what if you need to make a stronger case in a time of need?


Like jinn, angels can perform wondrous deeds simply by their physical nature.


Jinn were formed from smokeless fire.


Angels were formed from pure light.


Man was formed from the clay of the Earth, which might explain why they are resistant to esoteric magicks.


If a character practices dark arts for a noble cause - do Good and Evil cancel each other out?


That's two new Perks: Arcane Knowledge - Enochian Magic and Arcane Knowledge: Demonic Magic

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