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INFAMOUS homebrew translation

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Hello everybody,


I'm a big fan of D6 Powers. Since the release of Infamous:Second Son for PS4 (a setting that i'm a big fan too), i was looking for a mean to translate, not so much the scenario itself, but the moral system that causes a reflection in how a power may behave.


Are you familiar with the Infamous setting?


Perhaps a system like the dark side points from the Star Wars RPG (West End)... I was looking for suggestions on that and how to bring those "karma points" into reflection to the powers.


Thanks a lot for your time!

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Full disclosure: I'm not too familiar with D6 Powers (read it some time ago, not actually played).


I think a point assignment system for moral choices is a good first step. You could either do separate scores for heroic points and villain points, or just a positive/negative value (higher positive numbers reflect good characters, higher negative ones reflect evil characters) with points gained for good actions or taken away for evil ones.


The specific powers/power options might be hard to come up with though. I'd explain the concept to the players and set up a few options just to the powers they've selected after character creation, so no prep would go to waste. Then just assign minimum good/evil values to access each power/option, or you could just give a bonus to specific uses of a power for simplicity.


Rough example (not checking the book for reference, just showing what I'm thinking here):


During character creation, the player makes a PC with telekinesis.


Option 1: specific powers


Can make a kinetic barrier to intercept projectiles (1 hero point)

Can make a TK force field over one person (3 hero points)

Can make a TK field to cover a building (5 hero points)


Can accurately throw multiple objects as weapons (1 villain point)

Can strike with TK force like a thrown weapon, no object required (3 villain points)

Can hold and crush another with TK (5 villain points)


Option 2: bonuses


Add hero points to all roll results for any defensive use of the power (like force fields or intercepting objects)


Add villain points to all roll results for any offensive use of the power (like throwing objects or injuring another)


Again, this is mostly rough brainstorming. If I were going to do this, I'd probably review D6 Powers and see how well this fits together, and what if have to change about the power rules (as presented) to make this work.


It does sound like an interesting idea for a supers game. I've only played the first Infamous myself, but I liked it overall. Good luck with the game!

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Just a point of clarification, telekinetic is moving the body. Psychokinetic is affecting the movement of other things, including inanimate things.


So a shield or field to cover a building would be more psychokinetic than telekinetic.


And I like the idea of having the points be positive/negative basis, so if the PC does more negative things, they're more evil than good. And vice versa for when they do positive things. That way it provides an easy gauge for whether a character is good or evil and how society views them.

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Thanks for the comments. Thanks marsuniversity and Grimace!


While thinking about the subject, i concluded that marsuniversity's first option of creating the specifics effects (making them a pre-made effects tree to catch the Good and Evil flavor) would bring the Pnp RPG closer to the "spirit" of the videogame system. I guess that's what i was looking for. Great idea, marsuniversity! Thanks for the reply!

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