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Where Do Armor Adds Come From

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So, I'm not sure if Torg is the same as D6 but, It seems like they might come from the Object Toughness (Pg. 75 D6 Adventure) with a bit of creativity added in. Flimsy armour like Leather, Bone & Hide, and even Hard Leather (+1D+1) are all +1s which is in line with the toughness of 'Flimsy' (Plywood door) objects. Whereas harder armours like Chain and the like fall under Tough (hard wood, 'most guns').


I dunno, just throwing it out there. Good question!

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There might have been some real-world research and number-crunching involved with the earlier armor writeups similar to what was done with weapons, as I recall when BTRC reversed-engineered numbers for Torg weapons and stuff they matched up fairly well with the real-world numbers used as the basis for their Guns!Guns!Guns! rules.


(At least in basic terms, Torg went on to create modifiers for armor-piercing and other special types of damage that were a bit simpler in terms of game mechanics and didn't quite match up with what 3G came up with.)

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