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D6 Online 3.0

New D6 Legends Variant Playtesters Needed

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I have been working on this game for about three years now in my spare time, and it has been playtested over the past year and a half. Currently the rules are simple, streamlined, and undergoing some final editing. The goals for the system were in order 1) Provide a quick to read, easy to understand game for first time players. 2) Ensure rolling the dice is meaningful and quick. 3) Minimize special rules, subsystems and charts; everything you need to run a game fits on a single reference sheet. 4) No special materials required to run the game, no dice other than d6. 5)Character completion in under 15 minutes. 6) Reading the rules, understanding them, and GMing a game easily done in under 30 minutes. 7) Child friendly ruleset. The game is essentially a very simplified D6 Legends.


Having 16 months of playtesting to get to this point, I am planning on expanding the playtest to GM's who were players of mine in the past. This presents the problem of a closed system, where people who might think in a similar manner, or like many of the same things I do, are giving me critical feedback for the product. I believe the polish necessary for a good product requires a wider testing audience. With that in mind I am looking for individuals interested in participating in a wider playtest. The Core Rules will be released as OGL with add on items being a mix of OGL, and proprietary IP. I am looking to begin this stage of development by June of 2014.


So I am essentially conducting an open call for additional playtesting groups, and I would like to extend that to the regulars of this community. If you wish to express interest or have questions please post them. The initial setting is a Fantasy Setting, however I will be adding to the Core Rules to include the basics for Modern, and SciFi settings, principally as regards equipment and skill clarification.

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