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I've debated whether or not to post these. Not sure if there was an interest, and concerned about the copied information from actual sources - or borrowed from other authors (mainly Apeiros). But I'm interested to see some reactions so I'm going to go ahead.


Legal disclaimer: any information copied from the existing books was copyright of WEG, and is now owned by whoever bought it. This was a fan project for my personal use, and shared freely. Translation: if I've shared too much copyrighted information, please accept my apologies.

Also some informationin the Kadandra CB is heavily based on, or outright copied from Apeiros own documents, from his website. I took his work as inspiration, and worked with it for my own take. Any such information, such as axioms/WLs and some proper nouns, are his and in no way am I claiming credit for them. Again, I'm sharing this as one fan to others, and I hope it is received as such. Apeiros/Jasyn, I hope you don't mind, and really hope you like what I did with the place.



Kadandra came out to a 9 page document. It was exceptionally short as most of the equipment, cybernetics, and special rules, are unchanged from Tharkold. There is a Fashionware implant type that is adult in nature, Administrator/Moderator, if it is offensive please let me know and I will remove the text from that section.

Also: the Emergency Robot is the Protectionist from Creatures of Tharkold. When using the revamped Techno-demons, with the reduced stats, these robots need to have their Energy Weapons skill reduced to 17. This should probably be done for both realities anyway.


I'm nearly finished with Marketplace (about 20 pages without the copied pages from NT:SB) and will post it in a few days if I get some positive feedback from this one.


Edit: Apeiros' own Kadandra can be found here:


and here:


And while I thought this part was his, I'm uncertain as to the actual author of the axioms & world laws I opted to use. They originated here:


Edit 2: Thank you Apeiros for the information.

The gentleman responsible for the Kadandran WL's is named Mike Cantrell. He's an old-time member of the Torg Mailing List, though not active right now.


email: fiacha@ravensrook.com (I believe.)

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Magic Axiom: 2

Magic is extremely difficult and of limited usefulness. Effects are available only through complex and lengthy rituals, the creation of which requires decades of effort. Divination magic is the only type available and the effects are unpredictable and unreliable, as well as limited in scope. Divinatory magic may only perceive the present, it cannot see into the past or the future.


Social Axiom: 25

Kadandra utilizes the 'Net to allow the populace of the entire cosm to participate in debate and decision making – particularly Elections - from the comforts of their own homes. The functions of the family unit are often taken up by the Government or other social groups.

Though money is still in use (the Credit), society has reached a point where it is not considered important. All basic needs can be met, thanks to Makermods and fusion power. Food, and medicines, all can can be produced in sufficient quantities to provide for the world's over seven billion people. Because of this, people do not need to struggle. Instead, most seek challenge in education, exploration, or whatever gives them fulfillment.


Spirit Axiom: 5

An “extended” community is possible in which characters with faith not focus participate in miracles performed by a character with the focus skill. Rituals are still extremely difficult and lengthy.

Tech Axiom: 26

Energy weapons common, portable fusion generators possible. “Memory” metals and plastics available. Sublight interstellar travel is feasible. Nanotechnology practical for microscopic-scale uses. Basic principles of reality and possibility energy may be deduced. Artificial intelligence in computers, cybernetic prosthetics as good as or better than the natural components, advanced gene therapy, extensive genetic engineering of physical traits possible.


World Laws

The Law of Technological Dominance

Technology is the most powerful force in the universe. With appropriate technology, science can accomplish anything. The Law of Technological Dominance permits Possibility-rated Kadandrans to learn the Science: Reality skill if appropriate. The Law of Technological Dominance supports the use of the cyberpsyche skill, which permits Kadandrans to support more cyberware than their Spirit Attribute would normally allow. The Law of Technological Dominance reduces the effectiveness of Miracles and Spells. Miracles have their Difficulties increased by 3; spells receive a +3 to their Backlash values; and, both spells and miracles have their final Effect values reduced by 3.


Law of Prodigy

Like Core Earth, Kadandra supports the presence of Prodigies. A possibility-rated Kadandran can begin the game with an additional +3 Adds (for a total of 6) in their Tag Skill at a cost of 3 initial possibilities. If the skill selected is a difficult skill, the character may improve that skill at the cost for standard skills. Ords or Possibility-rated Kadandrans can select the Prodigy package by permanently limiting one of their Attributes to 7 during character creation. A Prodigy Package can only be taken once and only during character creation.


The Law of Denial

This World Law supports a Kadandran's belief in the natural order of the Universe (as perceived by Kadandrans). When faced by a situation which contradicts a Kadandran's belief system, the Law of Denial grants a +3 bonus to any actions which resolve the situation to the Kadandran's satisfaction. This usually translates to a +3 bonus to the Reality skill for reality storms invoked by a Kadandran Storm Knight. A Kadandran, may add their Adds in the Reality skill to the difficulty of any Miracles used against them. Note that a Kadandran with the Science: Reality skill can no longer take advantage of this World Law--their horizons have been expanded.

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Early Years

Kadandran history bears some resemblance to Core Earth's, however a lower Spiritual axiom resulted in organized religion not being as large or strong, and not a motivating factor in wars. This lower degree of Spiritualism becomes particularly evident 500 years ago with the Renaissance. The rise of Humanism (and the Social axiom) brought about a precipitous drop in the Spirit and Magic axioms. There was no concerted effort to suppress religion, but with miraculous events being exceptionally rare, mankind became less concerned with religion other than as a guide to positive social interaction.

The calendar is based on the beginning of the Iron Age (1200 BC on Earth). Recent evidence, based on study of Earth history, and the Possibility Wars, suggests that prior to this date, Kadandra was visited by aliens, who guided the primitive natives for some period of time (between a few centuries and two millennium). The year 1 CE is the year of the Akashan departure. The prevailing theory is that the Akashans resemblance to gods was so great, that absent any proof of their existence, later civilizations deemed them myth.

The next twenty five centuries follow a course similar to that of Earth. Rome, Persia, China, England, Spain, America, and many of the major personages existed in both worlds. The greatest difference came in the middle ages. Though there were a number of territorial disputes between Europe and the Arab-Byzantine nations, neither side had a religious motivation, and fewer volunteers (or nobles with their conscripted armies) took part.

The lack of religious motivation might have saved the great library of Alexandria. But fate intervened in the form of an accidental fire, with the same outcome. The net result, lost knowledge of sanitation resulted in the larger medieval population being ravaged by the bubonic plague, again bringing about a similar result to that of Earth.

The Age of Exploration saw the more advanced (technologically) cultures of Europe crush the western hemisphere, Africa, Australia, and parts of Asia, under the justification of bringing the advantages of Enlightened Civilization.

By 3100, much of Europe was bound by complex alliances and marriages. The lead to the unfortunate mess of the Great War, which involved Europe, North America, Africa, and some powers in the rest of the world from 3114 to 3118. Which was followed by the Sino-Nippon War of 3118 to 3140, which ended in the Sino-Nippon Pact (and the political alliance of the same name).


Cold War

After the Great War, and by the 3130s CE, three dominant world powers had emerged. The Democratic Alliance (The Allies - America, Britain, France, etc.), European Administration (Germany, Russia, Italy), and Sino-Nippon Pact (in Asia/Pacific). Rather than moving to outright war, the three powers competed to build the biggest and most powerful weapons.

This came to a head in 3145CE, with a limited exchange of Tech 22 Nuclear Missiles, devastating several of the world's capitals. Immediately following, the three powers established the World Council to prevent a greater Tragedy from occurring. At first, it was just more of the same political sabre-rattling. But the populace, believing that the dark side of Science had gotten them into this mess, looked to its brighter aspect to get them out. And as communications improved, both societally and technologically, there was a massive revolution in both areas, with rises of at least one point in both axioms per decade until things stabilized about ten years before the Sim War.


The Sims

By the birth of Dr. Hachi Mara-Two (3175CE, 1975 Earth Calendar) the world enjoyed Peace and Prosperity. Use of Fusion power, Synthecyclers and UltraCAD had ended shortages of food, medicine and energy. Humans had colonized the inner planets and were exploring the outer ones.

And then came the Cosmverse Project, and its warning. With even the scant time they had, Kadandrans reverse engineered the machinery and protective devices used in exploration and civil engineering, incorporating it into weapons technology from a few decades earlier. The result were Tech 24 weapons comparable to those the Cyberpapacy would later 'invent' based on Mara's Data Plate. With UltraCAD, these were quickly available as needed. After the invasion started, Kadandran CyberDeckers were able to raid Sim DataGrid Strongholds for their patterns to achieve parity.

Prince Thratchen of Tharkold lead the invasion of Kadandra. Unaware that its' efforts had been detected, the techno-demon took no special precautions. After all, no High Lord had ever lost in a cosm raid before – not counting Jean Malraux's repulsion from a cosm that Doctor Mobius had also invaded. The idea of stormers effecting any real resistance was impossible.

The invasion began with a maelstrom bridge in central Cape City, and expanded swiftly to twenty three stelae zones. The chosen sites match closely with those chosen by Baruk Kaah on Earth – and other invaders on countless other parallel Earths. At this point, three months into the invasion, Kadandran gridrunners had obtained vital information from the occupied zone. Notably the nature of stelae.

Based on this information, Corwin John-Two launched the first Stelae Rat mission. Their goal, the stelae planted mid-way along the Atlantic coast of Cape City. The stelae bounded two zones, including the Pure Zone where the Maelstrom Bridge dropped. His team were making up the rules as they went. And they got it almost right. The actions of Kadandra's stormers lead to glory actions, and a story seed in the southern Dominant Zone. But not in the Pure Zone to the north.

The stelae was destroyed. The maelstrom bridge collapsed, devastating Tharkold, and causing Kranod to abandon a second attempt in favor of renewed preparations for the invasion of Earth. But in the other zone, Kadandran reality washed back in. And the zone, drained of possibilities, was instantaneously destroyed. Millions dead, every building, priceless artifacts, much of the continental Government's facilities, all gone.

In the aftermath, Kadandra learned their mistake, and future missions did not repeat it. But the war became much more fierce. Cut off from home, abandoned by their High Lord, the techno-demons were fighting for survival. Most stelae rats did not survive to make it to their target. But Kadandra did prevail.

And afterward, Dr. Hachi Mara-Two discovered the Tharkoldu were preparing to invade another world much like Kadandra, only much less advanced. Mara planned to utilize her new Cosm Gate to cross over and warn Earth before it was too late. Her plans were disrupted by Prince Thratchen, who had escaped the Kadandran authorities. It slaughtered her team, and sabotaged the device. Only the two of them made it across.

Other scientists attempted to reverse engineer her work, but could not make the gate reliable. A half dozen soldiers were sent, but only two are known to have survived the crossing.

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Watching the war on Earth, via the Cosmscope, Kadandrans found themselves unable to comprehend Orrorsh, Aysle, Magna Verita, the Nile Empire, or the Living Land. These realities all possessed some energy, unknown to Kadandran Science, which defied their Scientific Laws. The Space Gods, they saw as a warning of what their own society might become. But in Marketplace, Terra and Earth, they saw themselves, and a chance to help these worlds along.

But Earth in particular held interest to them. It was just enough advanced in terms of the strange Super-natural phenomena to permit study without being so advanced as to be alien. Just as Kadandra might help Earth advance Socially and Technologically, Earth might hold the key to Kadandra's rediscovery of something they had lost in the process.

Kadandra used the Cosmscope - which did work fairly reliably - to make the Possibility Wars into a sort of Reality TV, with the Kadandrans able to follow the efforts of Storm Knights against the High Lords via live feeds on the DataGrid.

Following the war, and the Worldstorm, Kadandran gridrunners discovered another way to become involved. Deep inside the DataGrid, they found a portal, which lead to a strange Mirror-Grid – known as the GodNet. Hacking through the Cyberpapal network, they were able to make contact with Dr. Hachi Mara-Two, and Earth's Storm Knights. With Mara's assistance, the Gate has been made reliable.



The World Council debated the next step. It was decided that sending thousands of soldiers to Earth, to take part in the new phase of the war now being fought, would be too much like another invasion. Kadandra had no desire to be viewed in the same light as the Akashans and Army of the Light.

But they could send a few elite soldiers, and provide digital assistance via portals into the GodNet and Tharkoldu Grid. This decision met with approval from the World Council leaders.

Then came a more controversial plan. Marketplace, bereft of a Darkness Device, is dying. Food, fuel, and other essential resources are depleted in that cosm, and must be imported. 3327 made this possible via Maelstrom Markets – cosm invasions, leased to his competitors. Without him, some of them are currently trying to use gates, and temporary reality warps to acquire the needed materials from Earth.

Corwin John-Two has proposed, based on discussion with Earth's Knights, sending a joint mission to Marketplace. Kadandran Gate technology can be used to reopen the other markets. Leftover Akashan technology can – via some method apparently understood on Earth – establish stable, non-invasive realms for the corporations to gather what they need. And the money from leasing these technologies can be devoted to programs to reverse the ecological damage; replacing all fossil fuel technology with fusion power, and power cells; and the creation of biofactories to grow foodstuffs.

Corwin has pioneered this plan to get his people into the war. His real agenda is vengeance on Tharkold for the deaths of southern Cape City.


Sidebar: Kadandran Naming Convention

In the wake of the formation of the World Government, a universal naming convention was adopted. Though isolated regions exist where it is not used, most living in the urban megaplexes follow the system.

In the manner of the Sino-Nippon Pact, family name is first, and given name second. There are some complications. First, middle names, or secondary given names are still used by close family and friends – but are not used in official records. This makes it difficult if a father and son share the same given name and numeric grade. Also, some – like the British or Chinese – have a Clan and a Family name. Though hyphenated married names, popular on Earth, are not used. Most retain their birth name, but a few do opt for the old tradition.

Then there is the Numeric Grade. The grade is rated one to five, and may change over time. The grade is assigned based on tests, taken throughout schooling. But work in the individual's chosen field can raise – or lower – the grade. Generally, retired persons retain their last grade.

One – 4.0 GPA. A Military officer of Flag rank (Colonel or General). One of the World Council's three heads of state. A Professor.

Two – 3.5 GPA. A field officer, captain or higher. A World Council representative, or a regional head of state. A Doctor, or junior Professor.

Three – 3.0 GPA. A sergeant or lieutenant. A regional Government representative, or a local (state/province/city) leader. A junior Doctor or an Associate with a Master's degree.

Four – 2.0 GPA. An enlisted soldier. A member of the bureaucracy. A Research Associate.

Five – less than a 2.0 GPA. A dishonorably discharged soldier or a convicted criminal. A professional who loses their accreditation.


Behold, The World of Tomorrow!

Geographically, Kandandra mirrors the Earth. But its cities have expanded into vast megaplexes. Unlike Marketplace, these mega-cities are free of pollution, and – for the most part – crime. Parks and other greenery can be found throughout, and personal living spaces are extremely large by comparison to those other cosms.


Democratic Alliance

The Democratic Alliance includes all of North and South America, Spain, France, Benelux, United Kingdom, and Australia. In the nuclear exchange the cities of Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Honolulu, London and Paris were destroyed. Reconstruction, and the weak economies of the Latin countries made the early years quite hard.

But the tropical countries proved advantageous quickly. First, the offered a wealth of natural resources. Secondly, as the great powers raced for the moon, equatorial launch sites were considered optimal. Belem, Brazil fit the bill. And there were numerous opportunities for new urbanization - planned, and designed, to minimize pollution, and optimize transportation routes.

The Alliance leadership are elected, and may be removed by a vote of no-confidence at any time. The political parties of the last century have given way to rule by the charismatic. Unfortunately, the most popular are not necessarily the most capable.

Cape City

Capital Megaplex of the Democratic Alliance, and formerly the seat of the World Council. Prior to the Sim War, the city numbered over thirty million. Though a formal census has not yet been performed, the current estimate places the population at about twenty million. Covering the same geographical region as Earth's Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. Much of the central region – including a large part of the New York state, was destroyed in the stelae accident.

Hub City

Named because it serves as the hub for all road, rail, and air traffic on the continent. Encompassing Chicago, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Detroit, and Toronto. The city was transformed during the war, and lingering traces can still be found. Horrific symbols mark the buildings. Gospog, and slave stormers, lurk in the shadows. Despite this, the city of 50 million is both an entertainment and agricultural center for the continent.

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Nearly twenty-five million live along the coast. The city parallels Earth's San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver. Famed for its computer research (the Grid was born here) and the Cosmicland Amusement park.

Mexico City

In the wake of the Sim War, this city of thirty million is the most prosperous in the west. The urban renewal of the last decades has made the city a shining jewel. Slums have been rebuilt, combining the majesty of pre-columbian architecture with modern technology. And poverty and corruption have given way to industrial manufacturing.


Capital city and industrial center of the British Isles. Large portions of old Liverpool and Manchester remain untouched amidst the modern metropolis that has grown up among them.

Côte d'Azur

A megaplex stretching from Barcelona to Florence, centered on the Marseilles-Avignon region. With a population of over fifty million, Côte d'Azur is a spaceport, a computer center, and a tourist destination.


European Administration

Comprised of central and eastern Europe, including Italy, the Germanies, Russia, Greece, and the various Scandinavian, and Balkan states. The cities of Berlin, Munich, Rome and Moscow were all destroyed in the brief nuclear war. The modern European Administration is Russian-dominated. It is a neo-communal, cashless society. The state provides for all basic needs of its citizens. Anything beyond this requires work.


Considered neutral territory for centuries, Geneve was selected as the capital of the EA, and with the Sim War, the World Council was relocated – after its reconstitution – there as well.

Italia Urbana

Comprising most of the Italian peninsula and Sicily, with a population of sixty million. Despite the name, the province is not entirely urban. In addition to the radiation zone, vast areas of nature and remnants of the past dot the landscape. The Italians have lost Rome, and it has driven them to rebuild, to be better. Renato Nero-Two intends to be the next head of the EA, and lead the World Council in spreading Kadandra's greatness to other cosms.


The largest Germanic megaplex, with a population of nearly twenty million. An extensive producer of food and advanced technologies. Though Russia leads the administration politically, Austra-Hungary is the heart.


A city of thirty million, center of aerospace and marine production and transportation. Alkaev Gennadi-One, director of the EA has instituted programs to build a defense against cosm travel. Gennadi fears that another High Lord could invade, or that visiting other cosms could bring about a different sort of incursion. He feels that before that happens, Kadandra must have a means to protect itself.


Sino-Nippon Pact

At the time of the nuclear exchange, Nippon was in the process of subjugating China. Significant portions of the country were under occupation. But when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed, Nippon was unable to support its troops on the mainland. Before the Chinese could take advantage, Nippon offered an alliance. China would retain its' sovereignty, as part of a larger polity. The two incorporated Korea, the various southeast Asian nations, most of Polynesia and Oceania. By the mid-fifties, India joined the Pact as well.

The Pact is a union of nations, some empires, some democracies. Initially, the Pact was very expansionist. But having incorporated most of its' neighbors, they ran out of independents. Then, the reality of administrating that territory set in. Many of the smaller nations were impoverished, and suffered from lack of food, clean water, or medicine. Elevating them to self-sufficiency became a new challenge.

One of the major steps to accomplishing this was the construction of sea farms. These floating structures mainly grow kelp, but fish, and other sea life are also cultivated. While the DA and EA have gone to other worlds, the SNP has been exploring, and colonizing, the Pacific.

Tang Daisuke-One broke the deadlock regarding use of the Gate. He proposed the Marketplace mission as a compromise. In essence, it is a continuation of the SNP mission to help the underprivileged.


A metroplex of thirty million. The jewel of the east, with a glittering night skyline. Tokyosaka boasts the top cyberneticists on Kadandra, and the general public strives to remain at the cutting edge. Using UltraCAD technology, cars, personal electronics, and clothes are replaced many times a year – sometimes as often as every two weeks – in order to stay in fashion. Even buildings will see their facades and interior design remodeled regularly. Small historic districts retain landmarks from the past. The rest of the megaplex looks to the future, and refuses to be stuck in the present.


In stark contrast to Tokyosaka, the Beijing Megaplex strives to modernize without losing the past. On the surface, the city looks like it did over a century ago – only expanded to four times its previous boundaries. But hidden within the walls, is the same technology found elsewhere on the planet.

Shang Kong

Running along the southern coast of China is a city of a quarter billion. Over two hundred kilometers of megaplex extensions link the island of Taiwan to the mainland. Shang Kong has vast seaports and shipyards, supporting the numerous undersea farms across the Pacific.


With a population of over a hundred million, Maharashtra is not only the capital of the Hindi subcontinent, but also the largest city. In addition to electronics industry, the megaplex also is home to the Pact's largest entertainment companies, and medical research.

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Other Places of Note

Persian Republics

Earlier this century, the great powers of Europe divided the middle east to suit themselves. This caused much strife, as warring tribes were forced together. Some tribes, now minorities in several nations, comprised of their enemies, faced persecution and extermination. And with the end of Kadandra's reliance on fossil fuels, the entire region was faced with collapse.

The modern Persia – which stretches from Turkey to Pakistan – is defined by its part in the solar expansion. Displaced tribes have migrated to Luna and Mars, under the jurisdiction of foreign powers, and to the asteroids. Their efforts in Terraforming are being brought back to Kadandra. The great deserts of Persia, and the Sahara in Africa, are being slowly transformed. Cometary ice is being directed Earthward, and brought down. Eventually, the regions will be capable of sustaining life.

Persia is also experiencing a rediscovery of its ancient past. Archeologists scour the Tigris-Euphrates for signs of early civilization, and the possible involvement of Akashans in human development.


African Confederation

Africa remains a continent of raw, untouched, natural resources, and underdeveloped countries. Tribal hatreds that have existed for millennia still linger. But the need to present a united front against the rest of the world has compelled a truce. Or at least an effort to hide the violence from prying eyes.

This new attitude has allowed the Confederation to prosper. And in the process achieve advances in medicine, education, and sadly, weapons.



Two major settlements serve as the basis for all outward expansion. The Alliance's Tranquility Base is home to almost ten thousand. In another decade it should catch up to the older EA Tycho City. Both are built underground as much as possible, with domes on the surface for spaceports and railguns.

Despite the name, these magnetic launchers are not intended for military purposes. Instead, they propel raw materials mined below into Kadandra orbit. There they are drawn in by satellite habitats for the construction of long range craft, and continued expansion of the colony.

In addition to being almost five years older, Tycho City is built in the moon's largest crater, and the impact has turned up vast quantities of useful minerals. The twenty-five thousand citizens have pioneered medical and cybernetic techniques to cope with the 0.06g environment.

Tranquility has to work harder to reach the ores it was built to mine. This means slower expansion. But the colonists feel they have reached a critical mass, and will soon be able to catch up.



Terraforming of the red planet is a job being tackled by the Alliance, EA, and the Persian Republics. Competition has turned to cooperation, as the experts strive to find the means to make Mars a world suitable for humans. At present, only a few thousand live in domed cities. Oxygen producing plants provide a significant portion of the colonies' atmospheres, and in time will make them self-sufficient.

As with Kadandra's deserts, cometary ice is being directed to impact the planet, to provide oxygen and water. Unlike the homeworld, the danger of impact affecting human habitation is significantly less. This permits a quicker turnaround in the process. Despite this, it will be decades before livestock can be introduced. And at least two centuries before it will be possible to walk on the surface without an environment suit.


The Solar System

Manned exploration of the rest of the inner system has been done. At present, the dangers of Mercury and Venus render them unsuited to colonization. The asteroids are being exploited heavily. And missions to the moons of Jupiter and Saturn have been launched.

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Character Creation

Kadandra Characters use the standard rules for attributes and skills. Kadandrans rarely put extensive training into hand to hand combat, but the social axiom supports Martial Arts. Magic is limited to the Divination skill, and does require the advantage. Psionics are not possible due to the low spiritual axiom. Miracles require advantage, and are limited to rituals – which require a community of faithful to perform.

All player characters may begin play with cybernetics with a Cyber Value equal to their Cyberpsyche skill value +3. Any items with a bonus of +5 or higher requires an equipment advantage.

Gridrunners use the same rules found in the GodNet or the Grid chapter of Tharkold.



The following skills which are restricted by cosm, are available to Kadandra. Underlined skills are difficult.


Energy Weapons – Ion Weapons, Laser Weapons, Plasma Weapons, Stun Weapons


Cyberdeck Operations

Language – Kadandra possesses all languages found on Earth. Arabic, Bengali, English, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, and

Spanish are the most common




Cyberpsyche – all Kadandrans may possess this skill, provided they have cybernetics

Faith – Kadandrans may have any of the limitations available to Earth. Though, due to the World Laws, Atheism is the most common.

Attributeless Skill

UltraCAD Operation



While the cosm gate has proven problematic, the cosmscope has proven a interdimensional surveillance method capable of looking in on – theoretically – any cosm. The scope is most reliable at a resolution of about 1km, directly across the dimensional barrier. That is, a person using a cosmscope from the Bridgehead War Memorial would be able to see downtown Manhattan on Earth or Terra, Nouveau Amsteldamme on Magna Verita, or the wilderness of Manhattan Island on Gaea.

The corresponding location on Takta Ker, Marketplace, or Aysle is not as easily defined, which might explain why those cosms are not as easy to view as Earth.

The Base Difficulty for using a Cosmscope is 3. Cosmscopes do not see through walls. Certain other methods can obscure the signal. Attempting to look at a more distant location is possible. The distance value, in kilometers, is added to the difficulty. It is also possible to tighten the image. The closer, the more difficult.


Cosm or Realm Modifiers			        Range Modifier
Cyberpapacy, Tharkold		        +1	Distance Value -14
Earth			                +3
Nippon-Tech/Marketplace        		+4	Accuracy Modifier
Terra, Space Gods/Star Sphere       	+5	Closer than 1km	15-Distance Value
Nile Empire/Khem, Nolava		+6
Orrorsh/Gaea, Atlantis		        +8
Aztec Empire/Kantovia		        +11
Aysle, Magna Verita		        +12
Tz'Ravok			        +15
Living Land/Takta Ker		        +19
Lereholm			        +22

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Kadandra Economy: Credits

On Kadandra, the economy centers on the Credit. Basic labor for one hour is worth one credit, which is approximately equal to $10 Core Earth American. Three meals and a bunk cost four credits a day, though this is basic fare, with no luxury. Skilled labor of course nets greater earnings.

In general terms, the numeric grade of Kadandran reflects their income level. The Credit is abbreviated cr.

  [i] Grade       		Wealth level[/i]
  One        		3 or 4
  Two        		2 or 3
  Three       		1 or 2
  Four        		None or 1
  Five        		None, very limited fixed income



Kadandra utilizes the same post-industrial methods as Tharkold. Cyberware comes in patterns and not brand names. All Tharkold Cyberware, excluding Occultech, is available on Kadandra.


Tharkold cybernetics are functional. They serve a purpose. Cyberpapal 'ware – though derived from Kadandra's – is rough. On Kadandra, cyberware is sometimes about style. Fashionware is about looking good, feeling good, or expressing yourself.

It is common for Kadandrans who indulge to have numerous implants. Though each has its own Cyber Rating, they are not as dehumanizing as other cybernetics. If a fashion implant is added to another implant, it does not add to the Cyber Rating. And if the wearer undergoes psychological counseling, all fashion implants count as one item for purposes of reducing cybervalue.

i.e. Lex has a total of eight fashion implants, each with a CR of +1. If he undergoes counseling, he can reduce his cybervalue from these implants by a total of seven.

Several of these implants require chipware to set their programming. For those who do not have a chipholder, a single program can be installed by nervejack.


Tattoos are so archaic. Simple ink, fixed and unchanging. Skin Implants can be simple, or quite complex. Static Displays include the modern version of the old fashioned, neon glowing signs, or even an implanted digital watch – with date, stopwatch, and any other function that commonly found in a Earth wristwatch.

A more extensive type of implant can actually be animated. This variety requires either chipware or must be linked to a communications implant to receive the desired programming. Cyber Rating for this sort of implant is per location. Each limb, and the front and back of the torso, each count as a separate implant. Certain men in the Sino-Nippon Pact turn their entire bodies into a mobile form of art. In some parts of ___, wearers set theirs to show a video – even adding speaker implants for the audio – as a means of distraction. [Gamemasters can assign a +1 to 3 to Trick attempts for such methods.]


The wearer has every follicle replaced. The artificial hairs can be programmed for any color – including both natural colors and clearly artificial – from cotton candy pink or chrome silver to neon blue with oscillating yellow lights. A more complex version is also capable of changing length – from buzz cut to waist length – and style. It can even be programmed to move on its own.


The eyes are a prime choice for expression. A few decades ago, simple contact lenses could be used to alter color, or even create a fantastic look – like a cat's or lizard's eye. Such simple cosmetic designs can be incorporated into any cybereye, without taking up any slots. For those who want matching eyes, but don't have both replaced, the old fashioned lenses can be used for the second eye.

More extensive designs can change, display moving pictures, or even be linked to a datchip to show observers that information. This requires a slot in the cybereye – and access to chipware. Cyber Rating covers one or both eyes.


The wearer's fingernails – or more rarely toenails – can change color. If applied to an artificial appendage, these have no Cyber Rating. Changing the color can be done via neural commands with NeuraCal and a Chip, but an applicator pen can also be used. The pen is touched to the color, or ran across a pattern, and then touched to each nail to be altered. Can be incorporated into slashers.


Popular with women, or some short men. The heel of a cyberfoot has a built-in high heel. These can be fixed at anywhere from a two centimeter lift to twenty centimeter stilettos [not effective as a melee weapon, -3 to hit, for standard dagger damage]. They can also be designed to be adjustable.

Extra Appendage

A catchall for any sort of addition to the human physiology. These are not common, and those that possess them are viewed as strange.

Implants that are simply cosmetic – and confer no ability, or serve any function, are general simple to install. Examples include: tail, decorative horns, or cat ears. More functional additions require NeuraCal connections, heavier surgery, and some time to become accustomed to. These include: prehensile tail, extra arm(s) or legs (cost is per limb).

Sexual Implants

There are two reasons for these implants. Looking better, and having improved performance.

Breast Implants (normally come as a set) require NeuraCal, and can adjust at mental command from B cup to E cup (larger sets are possible, but the four cup variance is the maximum possible). Larger breasts grant a +3 bonus to Charisma when dealing with males. Smaller breasts are more practical for most physical activities.

Penis Implants include contraceptives and prevent the spread of STDs. They also increase from 15cm erect to 30cm erect, with correspond increase to girth. Some models include ridges or bumps to increase sensation during intercourse. Though not generally apparent when wearing clothes, the presence of such an implant grants a +3 psychological bonus to Charisma when dealing with females.

Orifice Implants include Vaginal, Anal, and Oral. Vaginal Implants include contraceptives. All models prevent STDs, are designed for on-command lubrication, and have cybermuscles to provide increased sensation for both partners.

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[b]Fashionware		Surgery		CR	Price cr (Value)	Effect[/b]
NeuraSkin		10 Wound	0	75 (15)		artificial skin
Display – Static	8 KO		0*	15 (11)		Electronic Tattoo
  Changing Patterns c 	10 Wound	+1*	40 (13)		Animated Tattoo
Color Change c		10 Wound	+1	25 (11)			
Length/Style Change c	10 Wound	+1	75 (14)
Static			6 Wound		0	+5 (9)		Permanent Cosmetic Lenses
Changing c	       	6 Wound		+1*	50 (13)		Lenses display variety of images
Color Change Nails c	6 Wound		1*	50 (13)			
High-heeled		---		+1	10 (10)		flat to stiletto, fixed or adjustable
[i]Extra Appendage[/i]
Cosmetic		8 Wound		+2	100 (15)	decorative body modification
Functional		10 Moderate	+3	500 (19)	extra limb, organ, or useful body part
Breast Implant		8 Wound		+1	100 (15)	CHA +3 vs Men
Orifice Implant		12 Heavy	+1	250 (17)	contraceptive, anti-disease, enhanced sensations
Penis Implant		12 Heavy	+1	250 (17)	CHA +3 vs Women, contraceptive, anti-disease, enhanced sensations		
Shock Buffer 		10 Moderate 	+2 each	150 (16)	Each buffer allows 10 additional shock point before losing consciousness.
Shock Suppression Booster10 Moderate 	+2 	150 (16)	Absorbs three shock points per blow.
Reflex Booster 		10 Heavy 	+2 	300 (18)	+1 to +3 to Agility. +2 cyber value per point for duration of boost.
Neural Node		11 Heavy	+2	275 (18)		Wireless Neural Link
Contact Plates		10 KO		+1	50 (13)		Allows Neural link with handheld tools
R-Scan			6 Wound		+3	1000 (20)		Detect and Identify Extra-Cosmic persons and objects

c – requires Chipware	* - no Cyber Rating if incorporated into another cybernetic implant


Neural Node

A wireless form of Neural Jack, implanted at the base of the skull, which allows the individual to fully immerse herself in Virtuality (see below) at all times. She may also link to a number of tools equal to the value of her Mind on the Power Push Table.

Vehicles/Heavy Machinery: Most such equipment requires the operator to be in the Driver's/operator's Seat. As such those machines only transmit to a Node within about a half meter. Remote operation is possible, but not legal – as it renders the device subject to remote hijacking.

Weapons/Handheld Tools: These devices have their sensors built into the hand grip. The user must have Contact Plates installed in their palm in order for the device to recognize them. Some such items can be used manually without Contact Plates, but gain no benefits for Smartlink.

Other Devices: Many devices contain computers, and can access the DataGrid. As such, a Kadandran with a Neural Node, and authorized access (or the skill to access it without authorization) may operate said device remotely – either from across the room, or from across the world.


Contact Plates

Some handheld items require – for legal, safety, or practical reasons – these implants in the finger tips in order to make contact with the user's Node. Contact Plates can be added to a Cyberhand without additional Surgery or Cyber Rating.


R-Scan Cybereye

Based on the Cosmscope technology, the R-Scan functions like the Zinatt Reality Probe psi ability. Only Possibility-rated characters can use an R-Scan optic implant. The user generates a Reality total and compares it to the Reality or Spirit value of a character. If successful, the user can determine the axiom values of the target. If the specific set is known, the reality is also identified.

R-Scan can also identify tools. For the Tech or Social based tools, the difficulty is 8, +1 for axiom level over Kadandra. So an Akashan Gravitic Ray would be difficulty 12 (30-26=+4). Kadandrans without Science:Reality can not identify magic, spiritual, or psionic tools.

R-Scan requires one slot. Surgery: 6 Wound, CR: +3 Price: 1000cr (20)



Searches for materials which are within the device's 60-meter range. Scavscan can search for up to 75 materials as long as the nano-profile of each material is loaded into the scavscan. In autosearch mode, the scavscan uses its find value of 13 to locate materials. In interpretive mode, the scavscan gives the user a +5 bonus modifier to generating a science total to locate materials. Record mode picks up any EM signals within a 10 meter radius.

Each minute recorded takes the space equivalent to one material slot, so the scavscan could record 20 minutes and have room for 55 material profiles. Price: 100 (15)



This spider-like machine is a nanomedical robot. It repairs injuries through nanotech processes. The carecrawler has medicine 19. The carecrawler takes two hours on a wounded character, four hours with one that is moderately wounded, and six hours with a heavily wounded character, eight hours with an incapacitated character, and ten hours for a mortally wounded character. The carecrawler has drugs and patch-swimmers which can stop the bleeding in any mortally wounded character. Generate a first aid total from a first aid skill value 19. Price: 120 (16)


Maglev Train

Kadandran Maglevs are not greatly improved over the Cybertrains of the Cyberpapacy. Simply put, the technology has reached a pinnacle, and the need for further improvement is not present. Though passenger service is available, Maglevs are primarily used as a cheaper alternative to air for cargo hauling.

Tech: 25 Speed(kmh/mph/value): 320/200/15 Man: -- Weight: 26 Pass: 300 TOU: 44 Price: 750,000 (35)


Mako-Class Subcruiser

A naval vessel capable of surface and submarine travel, suitable for anti-piracy, search and rescue, exploration, and cargo. Fusion powered, with a hydrojet propulsion. Beyond the propulsion and crew modules, much of the ship is modular, and can easily be refitted between missions (about a month for major refits).

Tech: 26 Speed(kmh/mph/value): 100/60/13 Man: -2 Weight: 35 Pass: 50(up to 400) TOU: 44 Price: 350M (48)

Armament: 4 very heavy weapons (mainly torpedoes), 4 heavy weapons, and 4 light weapons.


Copernicus-Class Interplanetary Spaceplane

The most common manned spacecraft for transportation from orbital satellites to the Moon, the inner planet, and the asteroids. The Copernicus can make the moon run in 10 hours (one-way) carrying 100 people – in seating like a atmospheric passenger plane. For interplanetary travel, the passenger module is configured for 20 passengers, with full cabins and recreational facilities. This is necessary, as the trip to Mars takes between two and eleven months.

Tech: 26 Speed(kmh/mph/value): 40k/24k/25 Man: +0 Weight: 35 Pass: 100/20 TOU: 30 Price: 600M (49)

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Plasma Charges

A demolition charge, based on plasma technology. Plasma Charges may be emplaced, and detonated by timer, proximity sensor, or remote signal, or they may be activated and thrown like a grenade, or fired from a Thav/5-Mim grenade launcher.

Tech: 26 Damage: 27 Burst Radius: 10/15/25)



Kadandra employs a number of robots with artificial intelligence to perform a variety of tasks without supervision. Synthcyclers, like those used on Tharkold are one such. Though unlike Tharkold, Kadandra doesn't generally arm them. Three other robots commonly in use are Agricultural, Construction and Emergency. Each has a number of built in tools, and may self-modify to perform a variety of tasks within those fields.



A large unit, about two meters by four meters and two meters tall. Capable of plowing fields, planting crops, spraying pesticides or other chemicals to protect or improve the crop, and harvesting it. The latter requires a trailer attachment.



AGI 9 DEX 9 STR 19 END 14 TOU 22 PER 11 MIN 11 CHA 0 SPI 0

land vehicles or flight 12, Melee weapons 18, fire combat:chemical sprayer 18, Find 18, trick (25), Survival 13, UltraCAD 13

Equipment: Tracked (MRG 11) or hover (MRG 13); sensor array (auditory, infrared, magnetic field, radar, seismic, and visual sensors. Use find value for any of these forms); Integral armor; overrun attack/Backhoe (D23); Combine (D27); Chemical Sprayer (Effect varies, pesticides D23, R0-1/2/-)



A variation of the Synthcycler, which includes a UltraCAD system permitting the robot to build or repair a building. Various arms allow the robot to install structural members (metal or plastic polymers), electrical or communications conduits, plumbing, etc. Most construction robots employ a hover propulsion system. Small Construction Robots are about the size of a lawnmower, Industrial models are the size of a two-story building



AGI 9 DEX 9 STR 11 END 11 TOU 19 PER 10 MIN 10 CHA 0 SPI 0

Flight 11, melee weapons 17, Find 17, trick (25), Survival 12, UltraCAD 12

Equipment: overrun attack (D14); Integral armor; sensor array (auditory, infrared, magnetic field, radar, seismic, and visual sensors. Use find value for any of these forms); Tracked (MRG 10) or hover (MRG 12); Tool Arms (Hammer (D14), Wrench/Screwdriver, Saw (D23))



AGI 9 DEX 9 STR 42 END 31 TOU 41 PER 13 MIN 13 CHA 0 SPI 0

Flight 15, Energy weapons 19, Find 20, trick (25), Survival 15, UltraCAD 15

Equipment: 1250mm composite armor; sensor array (auditory, infrared, magnetic field, radar, seismic, and visual sensors. Use find value for any of these forms); hover (MRG 9); Tool Arms (Rivet Gun (D14 A200 R1-10/25/40), Laser Welder (D24 A50 R3/5/10))



Man-sized, hovering robots, designed for firefighting, search and rescue, emergency medical care, and some police activities.


Emergency Robot

AGI 14 DEX 14 STR 12 END 18 TOU 24 PER 14 MIN 12 CHA 4 SPI 12

Flight 17, stealth 20, unarmed combat 16, Energy weapons 22, Deductions 16, find 20, trick 16, Demolitions 17, Taunt (20), Intimidation 14, willpower 26

Equipment: Integral armor; sensor array (auditory, infrared, magnetic field, radar, seismic, and visual sensors. Use find value for any of these forms); hover (MRG 13); Bith/90 Pulse Gun (D28stun A100 R5-10/30/60); Fire Suppressant (D13(Breathing), A60 R1-6/10/30), 4 Carecrawlers

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That anyone wants to use my fan stuff is flattering, to say the least. So long as you include my name and a link to the blog, I'm okay with you using those four Kadandra posts.


Good luck with the campaign, and I look forward to more of your posts.


(To be clear, I'm not expecting a link to each and every post or whatever. That'd be stupid. Just one link to the blog or site is fine with me. It's more of a "hey, I got this here" than anything else.)

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Thanks for the OK, and the vote of confidence. I've added the appropriate links to the OP. As I noted, I thought you were the author of the axioms & world laws I borrowed for my take. I'm not entirely certain who's they are, but I included a link to his work as well.


I'd hoped the document to be longer - like the Tharkold one. But Kadandra didn't seem to need as extensive a history write up. I think it could have used more society/culture, but I was pressed for time and needed it finished for the next session. (Maybe I'll be like George Lucas, and go back and redo the book later.)


As previously noted, I'm mostly done with Marketplace. Chapter one covers axioms and world laws. I bumped the tech, to keep ahead of Earth. I also added some changes to reflect technology more advanced than 2014 IRL, and some minor alterations to the rest of the text. The chapter concludes with Marketplace specific skills.

Chapter Two covers the cosm. A significant portion - which I won't post - is copied directly from Nippon-Tech, and the NT chapter in clerics. The rest covers the Mega-Corps, their status in year 7, and the other major factions in the cosm. And a bit more on Kadandra's involvement. Plus scale and a correction to the map (Tropical zone straight into arctic in the south?).

Chapter Three covers the Maelstrom Markets. Earth (with information on its' Mega-Corps, including GWI and MacDonalds), Lesle (Manga Martial Arts Reality), Meka (Mecha reality) which is also being invaded (sans Darkness Device) by Yomi (also a Mecha reality), and Chikyuu (Eastern Fantasy).

Chapter Four (in progress) discusses the invasion of Marketplace by one of the Horror realities. In short everything in Chapter two gets taken through the wringer. The fate of Daikoku, and the identity (or existence) of a new MP High Lord will be determined in the next adventure I run (starting next weekend).


Once that is done, after I recover, I plan to start work on Aysle. If I make it, that will likely start appearing this summer.

On the horizon: Magna Verita, Khem (I want to expand on the short version previously posted), Terra, Gaea, and finishing Tharkold. And by the time I have all that done, it will be time for another Infiniverse Update, probably set around year 10 of the war - 2001 in my campaign. Though if I can manage it, I want to try and advance closer to the present date, if I can explain an awful lot of stalemates/status quo.

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Thanks, I've added your addendum to the OP. As you can see, Kadandra is not my personal, sole province. Simply, a labor of love, to produce something for a world that deserved it.

I think my biggest challenge was trying to not go "dark and gritty." Despite my hatred for the overabundance of fiction that takes that route, it is so engrained into the landscape these days that it was a slippery slope. My solution, Think Star Trek - the original Gene Roddenberry concept. Kadandra became a world where Humanity is better than we are. I hope it worked.


Edit: Adding Marketplace Cosmbook now. Chapter One is largely copied from the NT sourcebook. I hope that since that information (for some cosms) was included in Infiniverse, and is now free, that the current owners do not object.

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Marketplace Axioms and World Laws

Magical Axiom: 2

The Magical axiom is much lower than that of Core Earth, a natural consequence of the cold rationality that pervades Marketplace and now characterizes the economic leadership of Japan.

This has had a peculiar effect upon life in Nippon, one quite the opposite of what would reasonably be expected. Much of the "normality" that Core Earthers perceive in their environment is actually due to the free-floating waves of ambient magical energy that cross the Earth cosm. Thus when a Core Earther is deprived of this energy in a setting like Nippon, everything seems "eerie" and "unusual."

In Nippon, the strangeness that Core Earthers feel manifests itself in a number of seemingly mystical fashions. Nippon seems rife with uncanny conspiracies and coincidences, foes seem to appear out of the woodwork and vanish into thin air, and certain people and organizations have power that is beyond the belief of the typical Core Earther. Add to this the amazing technology that is already beyond the level of Core Earth and Japan's idiosyncratic culture and you are left with a very moody, very "eerie" locale.

The most obvious effect of the low Magical axiom is a strange mist which blankets the land. This mist gives all of Nippon, but particularly the cities, a grim, bizarre atmosphere, one many people have been forced to adapt to if they wish to survive.

Again, even though these phenomena seem mystical in origin, they are in fact much closer to the way things act and react in an objective reality untainted by magic. In fact, magic barely functions at all under 3327's axiom set.


Social Axiom: 22

Socially, the cosm is slightly more advanced than Core Earth. This is reflected in the relatively rigid organized bureaucracies which have sprung up throughout Japan. The Japanese government has grown to twice its former size almost overnight, and Japanese businesses have implemented their own complex bureaucratic system based upon the Japanese feudal system: corporations are headed up by "daimyos" or "lords," who oversee a court of "vassals" (division heads), etc.

But despite the higher Social axiom rating that arrived with Nippon, most of the recent changes in the Japanese social arena have been for the worse. The increased activity by the Yakuza and the weakening of the Japanese government, both at the High Lord's urging, have created something of a social crisis. Crime, infant mortality, unemployment, homelessness and poverty rates are all roughly three times worse than they were before 3327 arrived. Most of these problems are the result of simple economics: as Japanese industry becomes more and more advanced, laborers without the skills to match industrial developments are driven from the work force, giving rise to unemployment, poverty, and ultimately, crime. All of these problems have been made worse by the fact that the Japanese government is unwilling to do anything about them - mostly because the government itself has been corrupted by 3327's influence. Spending money on social problems would necessitate the elimination of big business incentives, which would reduce the profitability of 3327's corporations.

As it currently stands,Tokyo, Osaka and several other Japanese cities have become urban nightmares. The rates of suicide, drug addiction, and gang violence have skyrocketed, turning entire sections of certain cities into monuments to despair.


Spiritual Axiom: 8

3327's Spiritual Axiom is also lower than its Core Earth counterpart, and the lack of spiritual energy in Marketplace is partially responsible for the "weirdness effect" described above. Again, the low value is understandable considering 3327's home cosm – there is little room for spirit in a universe governed entirely by the concepts of profit and loss.


Technological Axiom: 25

Marketplace's Tech rating is slightly higher than that of Core Earth, and it was 3327's knowledge of advanced technologies that allowed him to achieve economic dominion over Japan so swiftly and efficiently. By retooling a few small Japanese firms to produce the sophisticated weaponry available in Marketplace,3327was able to make a quick profit by selling the arms abroad to those nations embroiled in the bloodier aspects of the Possibility Wars. This allowed him to rapidly expand his financial empire.

The best way to sum up the level of technological achievement in Nippon Tech is to break down 3327's achievements field-by-field.

Medicine: One of the most stunning medical advancements fostered by Nippon Tech is the widespread use of artificial limbs and organs. Artificial hearts, kidneys, and lungs are all compact, affordable, and practical. State-of-the art prosthetic limbs are approximately 95 percent functional (meaning they can perform 95 percent of the functions of their natural counterparts) and are far more life-like than their Core Earth counterparts.

Subsidiaries of Kanawa Corporation are also investigating cybernetic technology, not only for its commercial possibilities but as a potential weapon against the Cyberpapacy. Prototype cybernetic implants are available, but they are few and tend to be prohibitively expensive. As a means of accelerating the progress of this research, Kanawa Corporation has recently purchased a factory in France to take advantage of the higher Cyberpapacy Tech axioms.

The other area in which Marketplace has made great progress is cloning. The technique of reproducing humans at will coupled with accelerated growth is seen as an attractive solution to the labor force problem.

In the realm of more traditional medicine, effective (though expensive) treatments for both cancer and the AIDS virus are available, though treatment is too expensive for widespread employment. Several drugs with combat or espionage capabilities have been imported, and have made their way into the hands of groups like the Shiki.

Military: State of the art weapons include portable chain guns, rudimentary man-portable battle armor and small, robot combat modules. Higher powered ballistic weapons have entered the market. Plexiflex, Syntheleather, and Interdermal Plate Armors are being used by elite Marsec Agents and Ronin.

Although several mega-corporations are currently spending big money on laser and plasma weapon development, energy weapons remain impractical and expensive. Personal energy weapons developed in the Earth market have become reliable.

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Transportation: The automobile has been vastly improved by Marketplace engineers. Most cars are easily capable of speeds up to 280 kilometers per hour and feature advanced collision safety devices, satellite road navigation systems, on-board micro-processors, and various electronic accessories (cellular phone, compact-disc player, etc). These cars are sturdy and affordable. According to government statistics, every family owns 1.6 of them. Virtually all commercial air traffic is now comprised of supersonic "jump jets." The jump jets eliminate both the need for larger runways and the noise problems associated with the supersonic airliners.

Little development has occurred in the area of rail transport, due to the fact that it has not exhibited the potential profitability of the automobile and aircraft industries, Some effort has gone into improving the quality of tankers and freighters due to the need to export goods and import oil and other natural resources.

Improved hovercraft – both civilian and military have entered production, and research into Electric Fuel Cells is being made.

Communications: The major breakthrough in the field of communications since the invasion has been the dramatic advance in cellular technology. Microwave communication techniques have also been vastly improved and are now the norm in many areas.

Cellular Phones with advanced computer capabilities are now quite popular. Simulated Intelligence allows these phones to anticipate the users needs, based on past trends, and can advise the user of appointments, weather, stocks, entertainment, and other desired topics, as well as acting as a camera, video player, e-book reader, and can download a variety of specialized applications, including a variety of sensory tools.

Computers: Nearly all homes are equipped with a personal computer. The typical home computer system features more memory than most user's will ever need (hundreds of gigabytes), as well as hard copy, communications, and storage peripherals. Almost all home systems have access to one or more computer information networks. Computers are used for shopping, banking and a host of other activities, as citizens try to spend as little time as possible out in the polluted atmosphere.

Businesses now rely on supercomputers with advanced video coprocessors, floating point co-processors, and voice recognition processors. These machines also have up to 10 units of storage memory (multi-terabytes), and multiple output option module.

Misaki has developed a line of portable computers which permit neural interface via trodes, however there is about a 20% failure rate, often with lethal consequences. Some among the Kashi are willing to risk it.

Daily Life: Almost every home can access thousands of recorded films and video programs via home computer. These same homes are all connected via complex interactive cable television systems that allow program viewers to communicate with the programmers and each other.

The net is becoming an increasingly important, with all legal business, and some others being capable of online sales. Desperation has lead to crash efforts in recycling, energy conservation. Though hydroponics and other methods of producing food are possible, the start up is proving complicated.


World Laws

The Law of Intrigue

A peculiar side effect of Marketplace's axiom set makes individuals and organizations in Nippon more susceptible to intrigue and deception than their Core Earth counterparts. Remember, the cosm is a very dark and mysterious place. One never knows whom he can trust.

In game terms, this world rule has a number of effects:

• When using the stealth skill in Marketplace, characters receive a +3 bonus to their attempts. The difficulty numbers of Perception checks intended to detect stealth-using characters also increase by +3.

• Charm attempts based upon lies or deception receive a +3 bonus in Marketplace. In addition, persuasion attempts receive a +3 bonus if their goal is to convince the target of something untrue. Possibility-rated characters receive a +3 bonus for all trick attempts.

• Characters using persuasion in an effort to bribe someone in Marketplace receive a +3 bonus.

Note: attempts to bribe and deceive at the same time require two separate persuasion rolls. For example, Kenji wishes to bribe a guard into admitting him to a party to which he was not invited. He claims to have forgotten the invitation, and generates a persuasion total to deceive the guard. If he then offers the guard money to slip him in, he generates a persuasion total to bribe him.

Even if he fails to deceive the guard, it is possible the bribe may be tempting enough that Kenji will get his way. But in that case, the guard will know that Kenji is up to something, and might cause problems for him later.

• Using the disguise skill is also easier in Marketplace. Characters trying to penetrate a disguise using Perception or find have their success level reduced by one, i.e., a Good success automatically becomes Minimal. A Minimal success becomes a failure.

• Any group or organization in Marketplace with more than 100 members will have at least one spy or traitor within its ranks. If the organization numbers 1,000 or more members, there will be a cell of at least 10 members conspiring to wrest control from the leaders. (This is most common within mega-corporations.) Traitors will commonly be members of a rival organization or working toward goals that are contrary to those of the group being betrayed. Traitors within the ranks of politically unimportant or innocuous groups may be social deviants or psychopaths (i.e., somewhere within the ranks of the Japanese equivalent of the Boy Scouts there might be at least one future mass-murderer). This rule applies to both honorable and dishonorable organizations. There are traitors within the Megacorporations, Marsec, the priests of Palan, Kashi and the Burakumin and Shiki.

• Roughly two-thirds of the gamemaster characters the Storm Knights meet during an adventure set in Marketplace should be unfriendly, though the majority of them will pretend to be friendly. Note that unfriendly characters are not necessarily working for an enemy organization.


The Law of Profit

As stated above, the cosm of Marketplace is based entirely upon the concepts of profit and loss. Its axioms are specially configured to favor those with great wealth and penalize those who are poor. All of this has a rather unusual effect upon economies operating under Marketplace axioms, such as Nippon Tech.

According to the Law of Profit, goods and services cost less when purchased by those of means than when purchased by the underprivileged. "Those of means" are inhabitants with an income above that of the realm's average citizen (roughly 3,500,000 Japanese yen or 25,000 American dollars), and the underprivileged are those with an income below this figure. Characters earning more than ¥3.5 million can find goods for 10 percent cheaper than the average Japanese citizen will pay. Characters who earn more than ¥10.5 million can purchase goods at a 25 percent savings.

This law does not mean that the instant a wealthy character steps up to a cash register, all the price tags magically change. Instead, the lower prices are found in the better neighborhoods and in stores maintained by corporations for the benefit of their executives.

If a wealthy player character wishes to take advantage of the Law of Profit when purchasing goods, he may play a Connection card to guarantee he can find a store that will sell him what he wants at reduced prices. If he does not play a card, he will have to roleplay finding a source of goods, which may involve convincing a merchant he is indeed worth as much as he claims.

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The Law of Vengeance

Finally, the Marketplace axioms favor those who claim vengeance for themselves. The personal avenging of a wrong done you, making use of the "eye for an eye" system of justice, is encouraged in Marketplace. It is possible that there is some connection between this situation and the high incidence of betrayal in the realm mandated by the Law of Intrigue, but no definite link has been established.

In game terms, a character who takes revenge against someone who has wronged him receives six possibilities at the end of the act in which the vengeance was exacted. In essence, the revenge subplot constitutes an adventure all its own. There are two conditions that must be met to earn the possibility reward at the end of the act:

1. The player character must be responding to a serious wrong. Punching someone back who punched you earlier is insufficient under the Law of Vengeance. The key to determining if a particular wrong qualifies is that it must involve a significant loss: the loss of limb, loved one, fortune, honor, etc.

2. The taking of revenge cannot occur less than 48 hours after the commission of the wrong. This gives the character time to cold-bloodedly plan his actions. Gamemasters can treat a quest for vengeance as a Personal Stake subplot for any adventures that take place between the the victimization of the character and his revenge.

Note that only possibility-rated characters can claim this "vengeance bonus."



The following skills and specializations are employed in Marketplace:


Vehicle Piloting:Air – Aircar


Cyberdeck Ops

Language:Japanese – Marketplace has evolved the same language as that spoken in Japan.

Scholar:Marketplace Lore - Megacorporation, or faction (Marsec, Kashi, etc.)


Psychology – Marketing Strategy


Faith: Atheism is not uncommon, though Agnosticism (not a skill) is more so. Palan is the native religion with the greatest number of active adherents.




Plexiflex and Synthileather, as per Cyberpapacy and Tharkold.

Samurai 68-D Battle Armor, was first introduced by Ursan Industries after field testing in Los Angeles against the Tharkoldu. In addition to very heavy protection, the suit contains an internal jet pack, defense modulator (which analyzes opponent's unarmed attacks and assists the wearer to avoid or block them), power boosters (which amplify the wearer's strength tenfold), and two Sansu 500K lasers mounted in the wrists. Squad leaders suits also contain a Katana 6800 battlecomputer (which allows the squad leader to coordinate their forces on the battlefield). 68-D's are linked to the brain waves of their assigned wearer, and can not be used by anyone else without modifications.

Niyoki Shinobi Infiltration Suit is a light armored camouflage suit. The suit contains infrared baffling and an ECM system, which act to counteract most security detection systems. Holomimetic Camouflage uses dozens of tiny cameras in the suit to scan the environment, so long as the wearer moves slowly (no speed pushes) the suit projects the image of the surroundings, causing observers to see only a slight distortion from movement – if anything. The mask includes lenses which allow the wearer to see in low light, ignore the effects of smoke pellets, or sudden bright light. Breathing apparatus, such as a breather, or gas mask may be worn under the mask. Hidden pockets and pouches store and conceal a ninja-to, pistol, smoke pellets, shiruken, and other small items.


Ursan Industries remains at the cutting edge of weapons tech.

The Ichiwa Disrupter is phasing out the 13mm Chunyokai and KM11. Larger slugthrowers being implemented are entirely new designs not sold on Earth. The A-36 Assault Rifle, replacement to the A-35 Medium Assault Rifle. AA-12B Assault Shotgun is an upgrade on the AA-12. The MP-10G is another upgrade of an older design, and is replacing the MP-11 Machine Pistol. And finally the MG-225 and MG-226 Machine Guns. The 225 is a bipod mounted, or light machine gun. The 226 is a heavy autocannon intended for use on combat vehicles.


Asuga Hovercraft has introduced a new generation of Aerovehicles, with much of their sale going to Marsec. The Maxim Hovercycle, and Interceptor Aerocar are capable of speeds in excess of two hundred kph, as well as hovering at up to five meters. The Hover Utility Vehicle (HUV) can be used as a Troop Carrier (8-man squad), an ambulance, or a surveillance van. Kubaicho's news agencies make extensive use of the latter. All three vehicles use new electric fuel cells rather than gasoline.


Misaki Computers has spearheaded a radical new advancement in computer technology. Neural links, called Temp Trodes, allow the user to operate the computer – or rather Cyberdeck – by thought. The user can actually experience the computer network as a Virtual Experience. This gives the user considerable advantage over conventional computer users. Unfortunately, the systems require a Tech 26 Temp Trodes, and have a dangerous fail rate. Though not widely advertized, the systems however are exceptional for hacking. Five models, and a variety of modular upgrades have been designed.

Surveillance and Visual Enhancers

A variety of small, handheld devices, or goggles/visors. Various functions can be combined into a single unit at an additional 15cr.

Security Equipment

Security equipment is used to protect important installations. These are some common systems.

Electronic Locks These are rated according to difficulty (normally 10-22). They may be opened with a successful lock picking check. Their cost in credits is equal to measure of the difficulty -9. For example a lock with a difficulty 18 would cost 60 credits.

Voice Identifier This unit analyzes voice inputs and matches them to data held within a computer. It may be fooled with a a good impression (difficulty 22) or a synthivoice (difficulty 18), or negated if one of the voices it has been programmed for is held in a Vocoder.

Retinae Scan This device scans the user’s retinae and compares it with those in held in a computer. It can be negated by a RPR.

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Medical Supplies

Medical supplies are readily available. Some of the drugs available are addictive, see the sidebar for ways of dealing with drug addiction. Drugs

may only be taken three times per day without an overdose occurring. If a fourth dose is taken see the sidebar. Drugs come either as pills or in small plastic vials suitable for use in a Neural-Injector. Pills take one minute to take effect. Injected drugs take effect on the following round.

Toranaga SlapPatch A SlapPatch is a small pad of self-adhesive NeuraSkin which contains blood coagulants. It can be administered by anyone and

instantly removes half of a character’s shock damage. If applied to a mortally wounded character it prevents the accumulation of one shock point of damage per round, keeping him alive until he can receive medical attention. Applying a slap patch is a simple action.

Toranaga Bioscanner A bioscanner is placed against the patient’s skin and gives readouts of bodily functions and drug levels. It adds +2 to first aid skill. If a character is fitted with a Mediserve, the bioscanner has no effect.

Toranaga Laser Scalpel A laser scalpel focuses a laser beam to a fine cutting point which is extendable 2 cm from the end of the scalpel. If used as

a weapon it has a damage value of 13.

Street Drugs

A wide variety of street drugs are available. These drugs are illegal, but widely accepted as part of life on the streets. The drugs come from a variety of sources, large quantities come from back room laboratories, but those actually produced by biochemical companies have a reputation for the consistent strength of their drugs and their purity.

For details on the specific effects of these drugs, see Cyberpapacy.


See the Equipment Book for Tech 25 weapons, vehicles, robots, and gear.


Eternity Shards

A great many of Marketplace's native Eternity Shards have been acquired by 3327, and consumed by Daikoku. These two shards are known to have survived.


Tobukai Algorithms

Cosm: Marketplace

Possibilities: 60

Tapping Difficulty: 17

Purpose: To reaffirm the potential of the human mind and aid in the gathering of knowledge.

Powers: The Tobukai Algorithms allow those who hold it to perform extremely quick mathematical calculations without the aid of a computer or other device. In addition, it allows the user to perform extraordinarily fast operations with a computer, including data transfer and analysis. A successful reality total vs. the tapping difficulty gives the user the science (mathematics) and science (computers)skill at values of 20 for a period of one hour.

Group Power: Insight

Restrictions: Possibilities from the shard can only be used for the performance of Perception- or Mind-related skills.

Description: The Tobukai Algorithms appear as an old weathered book, about the size of a modern encyclopedia. The pages are worn and faded, but are still legible. The cover of the book is black cloth with fine threads of red and blue scattered across it.


The Eyes of Palan

Cosm: Marketplace

Possibilities: 75

Tapping Difficulty: 21

Purpose: To help spread the word of Palan to the people.

Powers: The Eyes of Palan grant a +2 bonus to uses of the focus skill by those with at least one add in faith (Palan).

Group Power: Judgment

Restrictions: The Eyes of Palan can only be used by those with the faith skill (of any kind). When tapping possibilities from the shard, those whose faith is not Palanic have the difficulty increased by +3.

Description: The Eyes of Palan are two perfectly shaped spheres of marble, one deep blue the other bright red, connected by a white silk ribbon one foot in length. When the two spheres are brought within three inches of each other, each changes color, to a even mixture of blue and red. The Eyes have no powers when of separate colors.

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Marketplace is an resembles Earth, in that it is a spherical world, orbiting within the life zone of a star that is identical to Sol. However there are two key differences. Marketplace is half the size of Earth, with a circumference of 12,500 miles, or 20,000 kilometers. And it has an extreme axial tilt. The northern hemisphere is always pointed toward the sun. As a result the southern hemisphere has a very slight temperate zone, and a large arctic zone.

Note: the map of Marketplace on page 12 of has an error. The dotted line below the tropical zone is the equator, and the map below that point is the southern temperate zone. The rest of the southern hemisphere below that point is the southern arctic zone.



Marketplace is governed by five mega-corporations. The three most powerful sit on the world government, known as the Triad. Marketplace has long since exhausted its natural resources, and depends on food, oil, and other raw materials imported from the Maelstrom Markets (other cosms). But, since the death of 3327 of Ursan Industries, and the loss of the Darkness Device, Daikoku, the Maelstrom Bridges have been closed. And the cosm is on the brink of economic and social collapse.


Misaki Computers (MsC)

Computers and electronics, Triad member

CEO: 8714

Megaplex: Sebat; holdings in Donglin and Akiyuri

Subsidiaries: Weapons, entertainment, laser technology

Maelstrom Market: Yomi

8714 has used the current economic crisis, and the actions of Ursan's acting CEO, to bring Misaki out from under the influence of that corporation. Misaki is at present the wealthiest of the mega-corporations. This has made him a potential High Lord Candidate. However, the fact that he has no strategy for saving the cosm, is a point against him.

Instead, he has acquired an Eternity Shard with the Gate group power, and is moving key resources offsite to Earth, where he intends to takeover.


Ursan Industries (Urs)

Arms manufacturer, Triad member

CEO: 7710 (Acting CEO: 0075)

Megaplex: Donglin; also holdings in Sebat, Ombetsu, Akiyuri, Hanwa

Subsidiaries: Computers, clothing, transportation, energy

Maelstrom Market: Earth

With 7710 on Earth, 0075 has been running the company. And his strategy has been to run it into the ground, causing stock prices to drop, and buying up the outstanding stock, in order to replace 7710 permanently.

Ursan has had to make enormous compensations to the other mega-corporations for the last eight quarters, as it has been unable to meet its obligations to maintain the Bridges and provide new power packs (stelae). This has forced the sale of stock in Misaki and Shori.

Ursan has lost considerable power and influence. In fact, one of its breakaway subsidiaries, Kanawa Enterprises of California, has achieved enough power to be considered a sixth megacorporation. It could in fact, rise to threaten the Triad members within the year.


Asuga Hovercraft, Inc. (AHI)

Transportation, Triad member

CEO: 7414

Megaplex: Hanwa; holdings in Ombetsu

Subsidiaries: Banking, retina-scan technology, anti-pollution devices

Maelstrom Market: Chikyuu

Theft of KEC research has let Asuga bring an electric car to market, and replace Shori Petroleum on the Triad. Other stolen research includes Akashan anti-pollution biotech.


Shori Petroleum (ShP)

Energy research and production

CEO: 3557

Megaplex: Ombetsu; holdings in Akiyuri and Hanwa

Subsidiaries: Processed food, hydroponics, banking

Maelstrom Market: Lesle

3557 arranged the termination of 9012, and purchased majority stock from Ursan, as well as significant stock in Asuga. Illegal deals on Earth have permitted him to keep Shori from collapse for the time being.


Kubaicho Entertainment (Kub)

Software, laser discs, etc.

CEO: 4778

Megaplex: Akiyuri; holdings in Donglin

Subsidiaries: Computers, construction and demolition, processed food

Maelstrom Market: Meka

Kubaicho is on the verge of collapse. With the economy failing, few people have the money for entertainment. And the lack of imports is hurting its food production subsidiaries. 4778 is holding his job only because none of his subordinates want it. Desperation has lead him to make a deal – see Chapter Four.

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Other Factions


As food riots increase in size and frequency, Marsec is overworked and underpaid. Many are worried what will happen when they are unable to eat as well.

Keeping Marsec well armed is still a priority. And Ursan Industries has taken technologies developed on Earth, based on conflict with Tharkold. Elite agents have had their gear upgraded. In time the upgrades will filter down to the rank and file, as well as the Gospog Mk. I to V robots.

See Chapter One for details.


Contract Ninja and Ronin

In the current climate, mercenaries are making a fortune. Every executive, and many criminal groups, are hiring – either for long term private guards, or short term ops. But some, with foresight, have been hording food and ammunition, preparing for the total collapse of society.


Burakumin, Mutants and the Shiki

The Burakumin have swollen as layoffs, and inflation have forced more of the salarymen into poverty. This has lead to more chaos, as fights over abandoned buildings, food, water, and other necessities increase. The Shiki have been growing as well, recruiting the desperate for raids on food shipments.

In Hanwa, where winter is only weeks away, the Shiki have discovered another alternative. A dimensional warp to the cosm of Chikyuu. They dispossessed are being relocated by the thousands into the realm Asuga Hovercraft built. See Chapter Three for more details.

With more homeless, unscrupulous scientists of the cosm's many chemical and medical firms have more test subjects – willing or unwilling. Which has lead to an increase in mutants roaming the streets as well. They are particularly a problem in Donglin.



The Kashi have been using the uncertainty among the corporations to their advantage, filing false orders, stealing bank accounts, and generally attempting to prepare themselves for what is coming. They have arranged the theft of a large number of experimental cyberdecks from Misaki, and have made it their number one priority.

When 3327 had 6365 removed, he activated a number of contingency programs she had put in place. These have undermined Misaki Computers, and allowed the Kashi to siphon funds, and appropriate stocks. Though not enough to hurt, or influence the company, it has given them access to internal information.

For more on the Kashi's activities see Jigoku and Meka in Chapter Three.


Priests of Palan

As the populace is losing their faith in the government and the corporations, some are turning once again to religion. In Ombetsu particularly, the Palanic priesthood are gaining followers. Although the current state of affairs is what the monks have warned of, and hoped for for a long time, the suffering that is now at hand gives them no joy.

They are seeking a way to resolve the situation. But a miracle is what they need.

For more information see Lesle in Chapter Three.



Daikoku is not gone. The Darkness Device is in a luxury retreat on an island south of Ombetsu. The island was purchased by 3327, though the at present the title is unclaimed – much like Daikoku.

The laptop is watching current events. 7710, 0075, 8714, 7414, and Corwin John-Two of Kadandra are all of interest to it.

Daikoku is beginning to feel that Marketplace has just about ended its usefulness. Despite the infusion of Possibility energy two years ago, perhaps it is time for Daikoku, and its' new High Lord to move to a new cosm, leaving the husk of Marketplace to rot.

Vengeance against Heketon is another priority. After the way the Ebon Heart used its' brothers, it must be destroyed. Daikoku considers that a prime consideration in choosing a new High Lord. Even above profit.


Sidebar: Census

Marketplace, as of the beginning of this fiscal year, had a population of 3,989,609,563. Roughly evenly divided between the five megacorps – and their territory. The geographic breakdown is as follows:

	Continent	Population	Unemployment
Akiyuri		1,183.8M		32%
Donglin		   401.4M		12%
Hanwa		   660.5M		15%
Ombetsu		   788.3M		21%
Sebat		   955.6M		13%


The following pages are excerpts from the original Nippon-Tech Realm Book, and the Nippon-Tech chapter of the Clerics' sorcebook, which expand on the information depicted above. It is included here for convenience.

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[b]ARMOR			Tech	Value		Cost[/b]
Plexiflex		25	+4/25		$150/Y5k/18cr/11
Synthileather		25	+5/25		$1500/Y50k/180cr/16
[b]Samurai 68-D[/b]		25	+10/25		$200k/Y6.7m/23.8kcr/27
defense modulator (+2 to Unarmed combat active defense); power boosters (STR+5); sensor package (+2 to find and tracking skills); 
Sansu 500K lasers (D 23, ammo 40, range 3-150/300/1200); Katana 6800 battlecomputer (squad leaders only); Flight (MRF 9).
All Samurai 68-Ds are linked to the brain waves of their wearers and so can not be operated by anyone else (Science:Electronics DN 25 to alter)
[b]Niyoki Shinobi Infiltration Suit	[/b]		$6000/Y12k/ 700cr/19
Irimesh Lining	(TOU+3/20)
IR/EM Suppression and Holomimetic Camouflage (Stealth+3)
Sorubu Climbing Gloves and Boots (Climbing +2)
Eye Shield/Flash Goggles/Lowlight (Ignore bright light/darkness/smoke)
Includes concealed pockets/pouches for Ninja-to sheath, pistol, 20 smoke pellets, 12 shiruken, and miscellaneous minor items.

[b]WEAPONS              		Tech	Damage	Ammo	Range		Price[/b]
Ursan A-36 Assault Rifle  	25	22	40	3-40/250/500	2500/825k/300/17
Ursan AA-12B Auto-Shotgun	25	19	10	5-15/25/50		900/30k/107/15
Ursan MP-10G SMG		25	18	20	3-15/40/150	700/23.5k/84/15
Ursan MG-225	        	25	27	20	3-120/500/1k	4000/133k/476/18
Ursan MG-226		        25	30	20	3-400/2.5k/4k	40k/1.3m/4762/23
All Tech 25 weapons from Kanawa Personal Weapons, Cyberpapacy, and Tharkold can be purchased in the Nippon-Tech realm, or imported to the cosm.

[b]VEHICLES	        	Tech	kph/mph/value	Man.	Wt.	Pass	TOU	Jump DN	 Price[/b]
Asuga Maxim Hovercycle        	25	250/150/14	+2	13	1	13	2	 25k/8.25m/3000/22
Asuga Interceptor Aerocar	25	220/130/14	+1	15	4	17	4	 40k/1.3m/4762/23
Asuga HUV Aerovan		25	100/60/12	+0	17	8*	19	6	 60k/2m/7143/24
* or 4 and specialized equipment, such as medical or surveillance

[b]Vehicle Fuel Cell[/b]
Fuel Cells are now sufficiently advanced to provide the same endurance and horsepower as fossil fuels.  New Model Vehicles for the coming year will all feature Fuel Cells, at a mere 50% mark-up.  [Cost Value +1]

[b]MISAKI CYBERDECKS[/b]  Tech 25 (Trodes are Tech 26 however)
[b]Rtg	Name		Res.	Stealth  	Proc.	Storage	Slots	Cost (Dollar/Yen/Credit/Value)[/b]
0	Jade		0	0(3)	2	6	0	2500/825k/300/17
1	Bronze		1	0(3)	3	7	1	6000/800k/700/19
2	Silver		2	1(40	4	8	1	15k/500k/1800/21
3	Gold		3	2(5)	5	9	2	40k/1.3m/4800/23
4	Platinum	4	3(6)	6	10	2	NA
Response Value includes 'Trode Penalty.  Stealth Value in Parentheses includes Law of Intrigue bonus.
[b]Upgrade Slots		Cost[/b]
Processor/Storage +1	x1.5 (+1)
Response +1		x2 (+2)
Stealth +1		x2.5 (+2)
Cost multipliers for Gold and Platinum are added together.  e.g. Response +1 (x2) and Stealth +1 (x2.5), cost x4.5 (+4).

[b]OTHER EQUIPMENT           	Tech 	Price		 	Effect[/b]
Misaki TempTrodes 		26 	$75/Y2500/9cr/10	Neural link, Response Rating -1, can not run linked or duo
Misaki Enhanced TempTrodes 	26 	$225/Y7500/27cr/12	Neural link, Response Rating -1
[b]Type 	[/b]	
Kubaicho Eavesdropper   	23 	$225/Y7500/27cr/12	+2 bonus for hearing , normal frequency
Kubaicho Lo-Frequency Spy 	24 	$375/Y12.5k/45cr/13	+2 bonus for hearing, low frequency
Kubaicho High Freq. Spy        	24 	$375/Y12.5k/45cr/13	+2 bonus for hearing, high frequency
Kubaicho Damper 		24 	$225/Y7500/27cr/12	dampens and boosts sounds in specific ranges
Kubaicho Sound Selector 	24	$225/Y7500/27cr/12	selectively homes in on area of sound
Omi Decoder         		24 	$225/Y7500/27cr/12	+3 bonus to Mind for decoding.
Omi Bug Hunter 	        	24 	$375/Y12.5k/45cr/13	+3 find for detecting electronic bugs
Misaki Taster        		25 	$225/Y7500/27cr/12	records sound/ combined with other ‘ware
Kubaicho Thermal Image        	23 	$225/Y7500/27cr/12	+2 find in poorly lit conditions
Kubaicho Color Clarifer 	24 	$225/Y7500/27cr/12	+2 find in well lit conditions, selects colors
Kubaicho Flash Protectors 	23 	$225/Y7500/27cr/12	light adjustment, flash protection
Kubaicho Infravision 		23 	$375/Y12.5k/45cr/13	+3 find, tracking up to 50 meters
Ursan HUD 	        	23 	$375/Y12.5k/45cr/13	+3 bonus to hit, must link with SmartGun
Electronic Locks 		23 	$15/Y500/2cr/6 per pt
Voice Identifier 		24 	$450/Y15k/53.6cr/14 
Retina Scan         		25 	$750/Y25k/89cr/15
Toranaga Slap Patch 		26 	$15/Y500/2cr/6		removes shock, prevents mortal bleeding
Toranaga Bioscanner 		24 	$225/Y7500/27cr/12	+2 first aid
Toranaga Laser Scalpel  	24 	$225/Y7500/27cr/12	surgery, damage value 13
Totalamine 	        	24 	$75/Y2500/9cr/10	+1 action (15 mins); 3 shock, -2 Mind, Spirit
Stardust 	        	24 	$75/Y2500/9cr/10	+2 Perception (30 minutes)
Dazzleomine                     24 	$75/Y2500/9cr/10	+5 Charisma, -2 Spirit (one hour); one wound
HeadBanger 	        	24 	$30/Y1000/3.6cr/8 	+3 STR. TOU (2 hours); -3 PER, MIN, CHA, SPI

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3327, and Daikoku, had established five cosm invasions as of the time of his death. Each of the other four mega-corporations had leased one of Ursan's Maelstrom Markets. Though the invasion of Lesle had originally been leased to Ursan subsidiary, Osu Textiles, the losses suffered on Earth, from conflict with Tharkold, the Living Land, and Orrorsh, forced 3327 to seek new capital. So the Lesle invasion was sold to Shori Petroleum instead.



An in depth look at the Earth Market can be found in the Nippon-Tech Realmbook, and the Infiniverse Updates. What follows is a brief look at the aftermath of the possibility wars, and the Kanawa Corporation-Raaru Block war.


Kanawa Enterprises of California (KEC)

Technology Research and Production

CEO: 7710 (Murasaki Yamato)

Subsidiaries: Kanawa Petroleum (Magnolia Research Parks, Boruzai Construction), Zamftech Computers (Laser, Entertainment, Transportation),

Ichi Entertainment (Ichi Records, Ichi Pictures, Ichi Publishing, FOX Network), Hachiman Arms (Ama-Tsu-Mara, Kasigi Motors),

Yamaguchi Corporation (Yamaguchi Computers, Yamaguchi Medical, Yamaguchi Energy)

When 3327 died, taking the upper floors of the Osaka headquarters of the Kanawa Corporation with him, it started a free-for-all, as the surviving elements of his empire on Earth, and Raaru Block tried to seize the pieces. 7710, who was in Sacramento at the time, found himself unable to get back to Marketplace. He choose to consolidate hold over Kanawa Enterprises, abandoning most of the Japan-based assets.

KEC made its' mark by cooperating with the American government, and several other world powers. Boruzai Construction in particular has been unable to keep up with the demand. Mr. Yamato has become a valued friend of the White House.

Though returning to Marketplace, and claiming the wealth of Ursan Industries – and especially, Daikoku – are foremost on his mind, 7710 is making the most of his situation. He has directed Yamaguchi Energy to research alternative energy – a popular cry among the local Californians. On Marketplace, such research was considered unprofitable. Shori Petroleum, and other energy producers, had to much invested in oil, and other older energy sources. Despite the viability of Fusion power, it was considered cheaper to continue the use of coal and fission power, and import fuel from other cosms. But if the foreign markets are no longer an option, fusion is the only viable alternative.

By developing the needed technologies on Earth – where demand has made it financially attractive – 7710 can return home with the means to insure the future of the cosm, and Ursan Industries at the same time.

Meanwhile, this expensive research has been paid for by the profits from the other corporations. Icons 98, from Yamaguchi Computers, is the latest, and eagerly awaited version of the user-friendly Operating System, which is now in use in over 2/3s of Core Earth PCs and business systems. The fact that Icons is a blatant theft of the Misaki OS is of no import to the people of Earth.


Nagara Corporation, Oda Aircraft, Rijato Electronics

The three remaining eastern pieces of the Kanawa empire. Nagara has used its R&D, computer, and robotics firms to ingratiate itself with the Japanese government, trying to do there what KEC did in America. Distance itself from Kanawa, while claiming as much as it can.

Oda Aircraft of South Korea has found itself in competition with GWI of France, and is losing.

Rijato Electronics, due to the efforts of Raaru Block, and the efforts of its rightful owner, has broken free of Kanawa control. The South Korea firm has started entered the combat armor market. Faced with a Tharkold invasion, China has expressed interest in battlesuits.


Shodan Metals, Kokaru Automotive, Dokaru Chemicals, Allied Technologies

The four largest members of Raaru Block. Without the threat of Kanawa to unite them, they turned on the other corporations, gobbling them up. Allied Technologies has been the most successful. Allied has taken possession of the Kanawa Building in Tokyo. A visible symbol of the fall of the invader from Marketplace. With the implication that it was Allied who made it possible.

The other three have called a truce, intent on putting their former partner in check.


God's Word Industries

The most powerful of the Cyberpapal Corporations. When the Cybertech firms secularized, and began offering stock, they were able to expand beyond the borders of Cyberfrance and Quebec Liberte. GWI promptly bought out several of the lesser companies, and went to work opening markets in South America – where alternatives to Akashan Biotech are in demand, and East Asia, where they are proving capable of competing with the Nippon-Tech Mega-Corporations.


Karthusa Inc.

One of the top producers of cheap goods in the third world, and owner of department stores in the first world. The Singapore based corporation has become a household name in America and Europe, for its' affordable tennis shoes, designer clothing, and electronics. In India and southeast Asia, it is also well known. As the source of jobs that pay pennies a day, for hundred plus hour work weeks, with little safety concerns.


General Motors, AT&T, McDonald's

Three American based corporations who have weathered the numerous invasions of the nation. GM has kept Detroit running throughout the war, and its sales of reliable M-1 Abrams tanks, Humvees, and Semi trucks have not only kept the company afloat, but have allowed it to expand. New factories in the south and west are producing civilian vehicles again. Though legislation favoring more environmentally friendly vehicles could give Kasigi Motors an edge.

AT&T is still the largest communications corporation on the planet, though Allied Technologies and GWI are both chipping away at its consumer base.

McDonald's, staggeringly popular with Storm Knights from other cosms, has marketed DinoBurgers, and propelled itself to the leader in the restaurant wars, as well as buying numerous food producers, and supermarket chains. Nearly half of all American franchise fast food restaurants and grocery stores are now owned by McDonald's.

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Chikyuu (The Feudal Fantasy Reality)



Magic 17

Magic is potent. Though actual casters are rare, they may perform great feats. All four magic skills are available to those arcane casters of Chikyuu. The Wu Jen are Elementalists, the Shinobi favor the Principles and illusion. Both may use the Kindred and Mixed Forces. Essence magic is not generally known however.

Social 15

Most of Chikyuu's people live in feudal societies, giving fealty to a warlord, emperor, or other noble. In the Immaculate Empire of the Rising Sun, land is divided among the clans, with each having near sovereign authority – subject only to the dictates of the Emperor. Though money has been invented, stocks and investments have not. Huge bureaucracies exist to support the smooth function of governments. Schools and libraries exist, but are only available to the wealthy or talented. Most such institutions exist for the studies of magic users or the clergy.

Spirit 11

Spiritual power can be channeled into items, such as weapons or holy tokens. It can also be channeled through the mind, body, and soul of the adept – permitting Martial Arts, despite the Social Axiom being too low (the World Laws of Chikyuu allow this, as Terra and the Nile Empire allow Pulp Powers and Weird Science).

Chikyuu's people worship religions much like those of Earth's eastern peoples, though there are gods, most show reverence to the spirits of nature (animism) or hold to philosophies (like taoism or buddhism).

Tech 13

Metallurgy has made steel possible, but the local iron ore is poor, and magic or faith is needed to strengthen the finished product for weapons. Gunpowder has been invented, but is seen more as a entertainment than as a weapon. Balloons and kites have been developed, and one man craft, tethered to the ground are used for observation on the battlefield.


World Laws

Laws of Honor and Corruption

Very similar to Aysle. However, neither skill affects the character's appearance, nor does the land become blighted by the corruption of the people. As such, the Corrupt do not need, or receive the power to defer corruption. Ords may not possess more than two adds in either skill.

The Mandate of Heaven

As Gaea, but reprinted here for convenience. There is an order to all things, mandated by Heaven. The Heavens have ordained some to rule, and others to follow. Both have obligations to each other and to the land of their nativity. The awareness of these obligations tends to manifest—both personally and culturally—as a strong sense of honor. Outside of the mechanics of this World Law, an exacting code of honor is found in nearly every culture (for example Bushido).

Commoners are meant to follow the commands of their betters, so gain a +1 bonus modifier on actions taken when directly commanded by a noble (such as on the field of battle.) They have a -3 bonus modifier to action taken in violation of noble commands. Commoners being led by a noble ignore Break results, either from the Drama Deck or from Intimidate interactions.

Nobles are meant to lead the commoners, as well as act as their protector (and are forbidden to exploit or otherwise abuse their lessers). Actions taken to lead or protect commoners gain a +1 bonus modifier. Additionally, nobles acting within their Mandate gain a +3 bonus to charm and persuade those of lesser rank.

Rulers (such as the Emperor) are the mortal embodiment of their nation, and carry on their shoulders the responsibility to lead the nation, defend and protect it, and ensure that it grows in prominence and power. Rulers have +3 bonus modifier to all actions taken in defense of their nation or when advancing their nation’s interests. They have a -3 bonus modifier to actions taken which violate their obligations or betray their nation. If directly leading nobles or commoners (such as on the field of battle), their subjects gain a +3 bonus modifier for all actions ordered by the Ruler.

Another cultural aspect of this Mandate is the universal disdain for merchants and mercantilism. Gaining prominence through the accumulation of material wealth is seen as grubby and plebeian. The richest merchant may command a fleet of ships, and an army of workers, but in the eyes of society (and the Heavens) is nothing more than a commoner.



All creation is a balance, between creation and destruction. The Sun Goddess created Chikyuu, spinning it outward from herself. But the changing, Moon God circled her, and his destructive presence restrained her creation, limiting it. She filled her creation with life. He acted to limit that life – introducing death.

To facilitate death, the Moon God causes Tides, Storms, Quakes. These forces are responsible for the destruction of an entire continent. What survived is now known as the Broken Lands. And the Moon God's emanations perverted the surviving life. Creating Oni, Bakemono, and other vile creatures.



Chikyuu bears a striking resemblance to Lower Aysle. The same 18,000 km diameter, the same continents and islands. The sun rises and sets through a hole in the center of the world.

Where the two cosms differ is that compasses report that direction to be south, and the outer rim to be north. Clockwise is east, and counterclockwise – west. And Chikyuu does not – so far as any have discovered – does not have a hollow interior world, or a opposite side. Instead, like Magna Verita, the disc is a world complete and whole.

The lands corresponding to Polja, Chamkatt, and the Volcan Isles are all part of the Immaculate Empire of the Rising Sun. They are known as Gokoku, Shinjou and Kazan respectively.

Following west are the thirteen islands and the continent of the Dragon Kingdoms. Here, humans and Half Folk alike bow before the ancient, immortal, lords of heaven: the dragons.

The Broken Lands are home to nomadic maruaders. Inhuman beasts, known as Oni (or demons), but recognizable to the Ayslish as close cousins to the Trolls.

The westernmost lands, which complete the circuit around the surface of Chikyuu, have not yet been explored by the Empire, though the Oni may well have raided their coasts. The Empire believes that these lands are home to the Asuga, strange sorcerers, with fantastic weapons and flying craft. They are also populated by Round-eyed, white-skinned, devils.

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The Immaculate Empire

The Imperial family are directly descended from the Sun Goddess herself. Even those with the least drop of Imperial blood are shown the respect due their divine lineage.

The late Emperor Takehiko was an isolationist. When the Asuga came, he wished them turned back. The honor of the empire mattered more to him than the goods the Asuga offered. But before he could make an official proclamation, he died in his sleep.

His son, Ryoichi, shared his father's concerns, but weighed them against the advantages the Asuga offered his people. Can honor co-exist with industrialization?

Most of his clan has come to enjoy the wealth that trade with Asuga has brought. But there are some, particularly among the Clan's priests and shugenja, who have seen changes in the land since the coming of the Asuga. Kami grown angry and turning their backs on the people. They had nearly persuaded Ryoichi of this two years ago. And then the kami reawakened, destroying their argument. The few that hold to the belief that the Asuga are harming the Empire must now do so quietly. They call themselves the Conspiracy of Light.

The Conspiracy engages in no dishonorable acts, works to thwart ninja spies, contain the spread of the Asuga, and search for proof that Asuga is an enemy.

The larger continent, Shinjou, holds the imperial seat Shujou. Stretching along the southern coast, Shinjou is quite warm throughout most of the year.

The west coast is the province of Hisui, land of the Shirakawa Clan. The Shirakawa are known for their jade, and the skills of their mystics. The Six Elements Monastery is in northern Hisui.

The central lowlands are the breadbasket of the Empire, Pankago. For five years, the Montoku clan sold its' excess produce to the Asuga, at a generous price. For the last two harvests, the Asuga have bargained harder, and bought less. Coupled with exceptionally large crops – in anticipation of the Asuga's rapacious needs – this has brought many smaller farms into debt, and caused a recession.

Above Pankago are the Tetsu Mountains. Source of much of the Empire's iron. The higher quality steel produced by the Asuga has lead to hardships for the Reizei clan.

The cold northern coast is the province of Yuki, home to the Uda clan. Uda are few in number, with much of their population congregated in a handful of communities. They are mainly hunters and trappers, the meat and fur of the local fauna, especially seals, whales, and deers are vital to their diet, and are prized exports.

Shinjou's east coast, Gyorou, is also in mainly in the arctic. The Fukakusa clan lives mostly along the southeastern coastline, particularly the Utsumi bay, where they thrive on fishing.

Gokoku, the eastern continent, is slightly smaller. Five clans claim provinces in Gokoku.

Sasumata's northern reaches offer strong timber, used to build strong ships. The Shikike clan are the best sailors in the empire. They have a trade agreement with the Asuga, though few Shikike ships have actually traveled to the Asuga homelands.

The northern plains and mountains of Shiroi are barren and inhospitable, home to the tiny Akamatsu clan.

Koufukin, largest of the provinces of Gokoku, is a rich fertile land. Like Pankago, they have have trade with the Asuga. Even going so far as to sell more than a thousand kilometers of their eastern border to them. The Tachibana clan has wondered at the sudden turn of the Asuga. Why have they suddenly become disinterested in buying Tachibana grain?

The south is a marshland, filled with disease, and foul creatures. Shoutaku is home to the Imube clan, rumored to be little more than brigands. Bakemono have also been seen near Shoutaku. The lesser folk are more common here than anywhere in the Empire.

The east coast is Kyotetsu, once the province of the Nakatomi clan, now the realm of the Asuga (See below).

North of Gokoku is a large island, home to the Sugawara clan. The Asuga have coveted their lands, and many minor landowners have sold, permitting the Asuga to draw up a black tar from the deeps. This has angered the kami, and the local priests have demanded the Asuga stop. They also suspect the Asuga of sending ninja to kill a number of shugenja – who's lands were coveted for the black tar or other substances of value to the foreigners. Many in the clan are allies to the Conspiracy of Light, seeking to drive the Asuga back to their homeland.

The five volcanic islands of Kazan are mined by the Kazan clan, but they have few permanent settlements.

In the wilderness hides at least three species of Half Folk: the Kitsune (foxpeople sorcerers), Tengu (Ravenpeople) and Nezumi (Ratfolk ninja).



Asuga Hovercraft was granted the lease on Chikyuu almost ten years ago. Before 3327 became involved in the Earth market. They began their efforts in the western lands. Three maelstrom bridges were used in their efforts, and the entire region was converted to Marketplace. In the early days of the Earth annexation, a fourth bridge was established on the northeast coast of Kyotetsu, in Nakatomi's province.

Asuga has bought out the clan's holdings, but retains corrupt members of the noble house as intermediaries to the Emperor. Despite some unsettling rumors about the origins of the strange magics practiced by the Asuga, he values the fine trade goods they have to offer. Especially since they want only worthless tracts of land or the rights to build artificial islands in imperial waters.

Branch Manager 4488 has grown concerned about the current situation. Contact with the home office has been lost, and some of the workers have begun expressing the superstitious beliefs they held before Asuga arrived. Worse, some of the Marketplace personnel have as well. 9134, the head of the ninja team responsible for removing indigenous threats to profit (i.e. Wu Jen, Monks, etc.) has deserted, and is believed to have joined a group of Shinobi.

4488 has also begun to suspect that the Warlord Mizushima is plotting to remove the board, and seize corporate assets.

And as if all this were not enough, members of the Shiki have somehow been sighted by the Yakuza, teaching the agricultural laborers to use automatic weapons. Weapons stolen from a Marsec armory, under unusual circumstances.

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[u]Type			Tech	Value		Cost		Fatigue?	Special	[/u]			
Silk			12	+2/20		500 (14)	no
Lamellor		12	+6/20		5000 (19)	yes*		Intimidation +1, no fatigue is specially constructed
									This costs 6000 (19)
  Chikyuu also has access to hide/fur, leather, and cuir bouilli and all Shields of appropriate Tech level.

[b]Melee Weapons[/b]
[u]Type			Tech	Damage		Cost				Special[/u]				
Katana			13*	+7/21		2000 (17)			* Requires Magic 17 or Spirit 11
Manriki-Gusari      	  8	+5/19		100 (10)			
Naginata		10	+7/21		150 (11)				
Ninja-to		13*	+5/20		1000 (15)			* Requires Magic 17 or Spirit 11
Nunchaku    	  9	+5/19		200 (12) 				
Sai    		  8	+4/18		100 (10)
Tonfa  		  5	+5/20		100 (10)				
Wakizachi		13	+5/20		400 (13)			
War Fan			13	+5/21		400 (13)	
  Chikyuu also has access to knives, daggers, clubs, staves, and various axes, hammers, and polearms.	

[b]Missile Weapons[/b]
[u]Type			Tech	Damage		Range S/M/L	Cost		Weight	Special[/u]			
Rocket 			13	16		250/400/1km	2000 (17)	10lb	Burst radius  0-5/15/20
Shiruken		13	+2/16		3-5/10/15	100 (10)		--	
  Chikyuu also has access to spears, slings, short and long bows, and a variety of heavy weapons including catapults.



Shugenja and Shinobi are skilled at the creation of a variety of single use magical potions and items. Any Mixed Forces or Kindred spell may be prepared in this manner. Casting difficulty is increased by 6, and the preparation takes ten times as long as a normal casting (+5). An alchemical creation is expensive. Take one half the value of the Skill Value, this is the price to create a potion or other creation. Actual sale prices can be much higher. So a Healing potion would cost $500 (Alteration/Living Forces 15, 15 has a value of 1000).



Priests may imbue prayers into small scrolls, which can be used by the faithful without the need for the Focus skill. Only prayers may be so imbued, Focus DN+4, and it requires an hour to properly write the characters of the prayer. The cost of the ink and paper needed to produce an

O-mikuji is $25, and but if the priest makes too many (GM discretion), the kami may deny him their favor – until he atones and undergoes Rituals of Purification and Hope.

Miracles of the Kami


Banish, Bless, Call Animals, Calm, Captivate, Cleanse, Contort, Cure Poison, Death of Sound, Detect Deception, Fire Walk, First Strike, Flame Burst, Ghost Walk, Heightened Hearing, Heightened Sight, Heightened Taste, Kamikaze, Leap, Pass Quietly, Presence of God, Run Like the Wind, Soothe, Spirit Shield, Spirit Sword, Spiritual Protection, True Vision, Walk on Water, Ward Danger, Wings of Sparrow


Beacon, Bless Missile, Bless Weapon, Blessing Vow, Bow Master, Cure Disease, Divine Intuition, Faith Armor, Feast, Healing, Healing Waters, Pathway, Penance, Prowess, Ritual of Hope, Ritual of Purification, Spirit Flight, Spirit Quest, Staff of Swift Iron, Sword Master


It is possible that some priests may have access to Ayslish miracles of Axiom 11 or lower. Ward Enemy is not available. Invocation DN 42.

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