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The next project...

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So I've started in more heavy handed on the next project. It has gone through a few titles now, and I think I've landed on one it will keep.


The next setting is Science Fiction with an emphasis on providing a deeper story and background for players than our previous game settings.

As well, we wanted the game to be d6-centric, so much of the game is centering on being an Action Adventure.

There are currently 18 races, which will likely grow in time. As well, there will include lots of starships.


The current idea, as such that I can express right now is this:


The Universe and all of the star faring races have for centuries divided space into territories. Pivotal to these territorial claims are the many citizens within them willing to put a fight when needed, putting forward their endorsements of these regions. Moving through space is fraught with peril and adventure, as open space is without governance or rules, and sovereign territories are often far between.


The technology level of the game is following Arthur C Clarke's laws, especially this one: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Therefore there is no "supernatural ability" defined within the game so much as Natural Abilities and those who have the ability to Interface with powerful technologies beyond their understanding. Throughout the game setting, there are advanced technologies called Artifacts left behind by an extinct race who was far beyond the technological levels of all races currently alive. Some discover Interfaces, which are tiny symbiotic-parasitic devices that attach (forcefully) to a host (organic or otherwise), giving the individual the innate ability to interact, sense, activate, and operate with Artifacts. Artifacts provide such advanced technology that an Interface seems like some kind of supernatural being to those watching, and indeed the label Warlock is given to anyone merged with an Interface device. When a Warlock dies, the Interface selects a nearby host and merges with them.


Lots of things are going on in the Universe beyond Warlocks, Artifacts, and Interfaces - they are just a small slice of the story of this Universe.


There are Factions to join, alliances to make (or break), and people to betray. The looming sense in the minds of most people is fear. About two Earth months ago, someone (unknown?) figured out how to destroy a star (and subsequent solar system) by rapidly accelerating the age of the star, causing it to reach an event horizon within hours. Now the anonymous threat keeps everyone fearful of their lives, where most felt secure and safe living on peaceful and relatively protected worlds.


Life may never be the same, again.


- J.

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