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Hello Everybody!


I've been working in an electronic spreadsheet to calculate magic spell difficulties. I think it's working fine. Is anyone interested in giving a look at it?

Can I publish the spreadsheet here? (regarding IP and OGL matters).




I did something similar some time ago. Feel free to compare against mine. I'll be happy to look at yours.




I have it in Excel and ODS formats. I highlighted in green where my calculations differed from what was printed in the book.

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Well yes, after reading the OGL I think I got it right and have no problems publishing my spreadsheet here, just as Grimace said.

Some explanations about the spreadsheets:

I made 2 files, one for Magic and the other for Miracles. They aren´t very different between them, but each file contains the spells described in the D6 Fantasy rulebook. I made my best to make the calculations work OK, but I think there must be some bugs. Also I couldn't figure how was the wards formula, so I didn't include it in the spreadsheets, sorry. Also, I had some differences in the difficulties of some spells, but I tried to follow the spells as best as I could.

The files have some colored cells for you to insert text. All of the other cells are not meant to be modified because they have formulas or data or whatever to make the formulas work. In order to achieve this, I made the file with cells protection, to avoid any unwanted changes in the formulas or data, but if you want to modify anything or fix an error, just remove cell protection (there is no password).

The files were created using LibreOffice, so the files are ODS, but any recent version of Excel should be able to read the file without any problem.

I think that is all I have to say about the files, so here are the links:



Any feedback is welcome and if you manage to improve the files, please post it here for all of us to benefit from it. :D

Thank you!

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A lot of work done there! Thanks for sharing these!

This might actually get me to really try out the magic in D6 Fantasy. The way it is in the book just came across as way more (needlessly) complex than it should have been. That complexity, and lack of desire to want to muddle through "building" spells prompted me to never even attempt to use the magic in that book.


So thanks for giving me a potential chance to try it out. :-)

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Howaly smokes, these files are awesome, recrispi! I'll be messing around with them a bit and will definitely point out anything I find as far as bugs.


I've been working on something similar myself and it works perfectly but, it's not near as detailed and I didn't know of the formulas I needed to create drop boxes and such so, thank you a million times over, not only for the sheet but, for the education.


...now to do the same with characters and spaceship design. -D

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Thank you!


I'm happy it is useful for you.

I have read only the fantasy rulebook, so I'm not familiarized in the spaceship design to help you.

I'm working in a spreadsheet to create characters, but I'm still away from one fully functioning.

If you need technical help with the formulas maybe I could help you. :-)

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