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Guest 2E151

Galactic Civil War Naval Sim: Looking for Collaborators

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Guest 2E151

I’m in the initial stages of world-building for an online Star Wars Naval Sim/RPG and I’m looking for some likeminded individuals who’d like to get in on the ground floor and help with the set-up.

For those who have never role-played online, Star Wars Sims were incredibly popular in the late nineties and early 2000s, as were the supporting character role-playing chatrooms/forums. Good groups had a comradely that PC and video games still can’t rival.


However, a downside was that it was incredibly time consuming, especially for the Sims chat-based games that might feature two battles a week, plus the character development role-playing. Basically everyone who was available from both factions showed up to the battles; on just the Imperial side you might have had two Grand Admirals, a half dozen junior members of the Admiralty and a dozen line officers.


I’m trying to recreate the magic without the enormous time drain while avoiding the monotony of forum based space battles that might take months to resolve.

To fix this problem I’m designing a two-fold system so that players with varying time constraints can participate.


The first method is limiting the scope; instead of the entire galaxy, which has always proven nearly impossible to manage, I’m envisioning a conflict confined to a small slice of the galaxy. As it stands, the scenario focuses on the shipyards at Yaga Minor, Jaemus, Gwori, Ord Trasi, and the neighboring systems.


The second method is a hierarchy based system where players start out as lower ranking line officers (Lt. Cmdr, Cmdr) in charge of individual ships and gradually progress up the chain of command, earn additional responsibilities and billets onboard bigger ships, and eventually gain entrance to the Admiralty.


Instead of having to micromanage a dozen subordinates and their vessels, you manage your direct subordinates. For instance, a Vice Admiral might oversee 2-4 junior flag officers (Rear Admirals and Commodores) instead of 2-4 Rear Admirals and everyone serving under them.

This way responsibility is distributed evenly.


As I mentioned, this is in its early stages; the game probably won’t be ready for debut for several months but I’m dedicated to the cause, continuously refining ideas and constantly working on it.

If you’ve got a passion for the naval warfare and world-building and would like to get in on the early stages hit me up on here, or even better at ensignoftheunit@hotmail.com

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