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Found my old Star Wars D6 books

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So, let me set the stage. It was c. 2000 and I had never played an RPG. I bought the beginner box for SWd20 because I saw it in the bookstore. I liked it enough that I bought the core rulebook for it as well. Being unfamiliar with RPGs at all, I saw some Star Wars RPG books at the bargain bin at the local Game store and snatched them up (not realizing there was a difference between Star Wars D6 and the book I had). They are the only two D6 books I own in a physical form. They are Classic Adventures Volume 4 and Heroes and Rogues.


Being completely inexperienced, I never used them because the numbers in the book didn't match the rules and it would be another 4 years or so before I became aware of D6 as a system (through the Starcraft D6 and Appleseed D6 games).


Anyway, my brother brought over a couple of boxes of mine that apparently made it to his house when he moved (he lived in my house while I was living out of state). Inside were a bunch of old video game guides, aggressive skating magazines, the two Star Wars books, school year books, and other miscellaneous papers that I thought I had lost.


Now that I know more about the D6 system, maybe I'll make use of them.

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Yeah, WEG really hit its stride with the 2nd Edition Star Wars books. You can find some inexpensive rulebooks on eBay sometimes. It'd be worth looking into so that you can get some game time out of them. Good find!

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