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Damage in D6 Legend

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If the base damage value of an unarmed attack using martial arts is 1D, do I roll the wild die for that damage? (can't remember if the wild die is always used)


Is the wild die always used in any skill roll, or are there exceptions?

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From the SRD document:


Character Points: Whenever a player makes any roll (attribute, skill, damage, power, and so on), she may want to spend Character Points to increase the total. She may use one Character Point to receive an extra Wild Die, up to a maximum based on the Power Level of the game. Use the following chart to determine the allowable number of Character Points.


Base Damage Value: The amount of damage a weapon does. Roll the die code listed and count the successes. If the die code is to be multiplied by a number, then multiply the amount of successes by this number. This is the figure you use to determine the damage total. For example, one of the villain’s henchmen fires a rifle, which has a Base Damage Value of 4D x 4. The narrator rolls four dice (including the Wild Die) and counts the number of successes – in this case two. The Narrator then multiplies this total by four for an initial Damage Total of eight. This number is then modified as needed to come up with the final Damage Total. Melee, thrown, and most missile weapons are enhanced by the hero’s Physique/lifting bonus.


Emphasis added. I'd say "Yes, the Wild Die applies to damage rolls." To clarify, though, it wouldn't be 1D plus the Wild Die; that 1D would be rolled as the Wild Die. If you get a "6" then take that success and roll again.


To the second question, while I believe it is always used in skills, I think there is one power; Dimensional Travel, where a check is made on 2D6 and the Wild Die is not used.


Hope that all helps.

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