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contacting admins about problems

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If you don't mind getting the messages and responding, how it is now will work. If you'd rather have a backup and don't mind working up a shared email, you can do that. I don't have a preference either way. I simply wasn't aware that it wasn't a "shared" email for that particular aspect.

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I was contacted by someone who has tried to join the forum a couple months ago but he never got approved or ever heard anything from anyone and his attempts to contact people, presumably with the "Contact Us" link, weren't working. I thought maybe only members were able to use it so I also tried it, with the aforementioned lack of success.

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How long does it take to be able to post into a forums and access ones own member page?

(also pushed contact admins button to no avail)

There is no set time. We've had such a hard time with spammers (humans and bots) that each new user must be approved manually by an admin.


After you register, you can post. At first, only you, moderators and admins can see your posts. Moderators (such as myself) can approve individual posts to be visible to everyone on a post-by-post basis, but only one of our two admins can permanently approve your registration so that all your posts are automatically visible to everyone, and everyone (including yourself) can view your profile. The admins check in every so often. Moderators do have the ability to ban spammers which I do several times a month.


I try to check in every few days to once a week, and when I see new posts by people I am convinced are not spammers I approve your posts and post a reply in a backstage thread we have that such-and-such needs approved. When an admin sees it, they approve you. Ryue, I approved your first post, and your registration has now been fully approved.


greetings, I see a post of mine authorized, but still am not a full member? would someone please look at that. thank you.

Savar1, I did post backstage asking for you to be fully approved. Sorry for the delay.


If anyone is having problems with the forum I would suggest contacting Grimace.

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