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Starship Weapons crew

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Hey all, new to the forum and the game, I got the 2nd edition R&E and had a question about starship weapons and their use in combat, what do the different crew numbers mean on those weapons and how do they effect combat ( 1(20), 2(40) for example)? Also, a Star Destroyer has 60 turbolasers, im assuming its silly to roll for all turbolasers, how has everyone handled multiple weapons like this?


Thanks for any answers. I just like clarification.

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Based on the numbers you gave as an example, it means that 20 weapons require 1 crew, and and 40 weapons require 2 crew.


And for a Star Destroyer...yes, it is silly to roll for all 60.

What I did was factor in probably firing arcs. Obviously not all 60 turbolasers are going to be able to fire at the exact same target no matter where the target is. So take that into consideration.


Secondly, if it's Capital Ship vs. Capital ship, then I would figure in the chance of an officer being able to coordinate all of the weapons in arc to fire simultaneously at the same target. So factor in Command rolls for getting coordination like that. If you do get coordination, just roll 1 time and give a bonus to hit/damage based on the number of weapons firing/hitting the target.


If it's Capital vs. Starship and the players are in Starships, I typically used a lot of the weapons as "space battle atmosphere". Roll 1D. That is the number of shots fired. Roll to hit one time for that many shots. If the roll misses, ALL of the shots encompassed in the die roll miss. If the shot hits, only ONE shot out of all of the shots, actually hit. The rest just explode nearby, streaking by the fighter and filling space with laser bolts. This way there's a LOT of bolts flying through the air, but only a limited amount of rolls.

(Example: A starfighter is coming in on one side. There are 20 guns in arc. Roll 1D. You get a 4. Four of the 20 fire at the starfighter. Roll to hit one time. A miss! Blaster bolts begin to lance out towards the approaching starfighter. Bolts explode nearby, creating bright flashes as the fighter continues towards its target. Roll another 1D. This is a 5. Five more weapons fire, using up 9 of the 20. Roll once to hit. Another miss! The fire intensifies as the fighter locks on with its torpedoes. The fighter shimmies as explosions burst right near his fighter. Roll another 1D. This is only 2. So only 2 weapons fire. Roll once to hit. A hit! Instead of rolling for 2 weapons, you only roll for one weapon. A pair of bolts lance out, one searing by the wing of the fighter, leaving a singe marking on the wing. The second shot, however, finds its mark! The front deflectors flare, but can't handle the power of the burst. The fighter craft bucks wildly from the shot, just as the fighter jock fires the torpedoes. System panels aboard the fighter burst from overload, showering the pilot's face with fragments, and alarms sounds indicating hull integrity failure imminent. The pilot has just enough time to hit the seal on his flight suit and punch out before his craft disintegrates in a flaming mass of twisted metal.)


That way you can have the imagery of lots of shots going off, sailing through space and getting "close" but not hitting. And instead of rolling for gobs and gobs of hits and slowing things down, you just created the atmosphere while still putting in the danger of at least one hit occurring.


Hope this helps.

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