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Mini-Six Horror Campaign combat

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I'm GMing a new Mini-Six campaign for my group. They wanted a horror game set in a post-apocalyptic world, so we homebrewed a world where a nanite plague spread rampantly through flora and fauna, combining attributes of them with humanity and opening up previously unknown abilities such as telekinesis and ESP. While the majority of people were infected by this disease, a minority of people were able to escape to space stations.


The campaign is taking place several hundred years after the virus outbreak. The premise is that they're a group of soldiers and academics on the second attempt to establish a new base camp for humanity. The first party was lost in unknown circumstances when they tried to land in a South American rain forest.


I decided to have them face a group of human/jaguar hybrids with a telekinetic leader, but it wasn't horrific enough. The combat was just too easy for my characters. I had decided to use basic Mini Six barbarians as the model, but they were just too weak against the party. I think this is because I've let the party take science fiction style plasma weapons while the Jaguars had just swords and spears.


One of my first thoughts was to increase the stats for these mooks, to give them a better set of static stats, but I'm not sure that is necessarily what's needed.


Do you all have some suggestions that could help with this?

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Well, the easiest way would be to increase their stats, but you already said that doesn't feel right to you. How about using hit-and-run tactics with large numbers? Something like:


Round 0: Were-jaguars ambush the PCs - let's say something like 3 were-jaguars for each PC. They all take three actions: one attack, one Running roll (so they can run back into the jungle), one Hide roll (so they can, well, hide, presumably with several bonuses due to the terrain and their familiarity with that are).

Round 1: PCs presumably fire off randomly into the general direction to where the were-jaguars ran, presumably missing due to a large amount of penalties piled onto them and wasting ammunition.

Round 2: PCs will presumably either try to follow the were-jaguars or try and continue moving throughout the area. Either way, they will have to contend with several primitive but deadly traps laid out years in advance but kept in perfect working order by the were-jaguars.

Round ???: At some point, the were-jaguars will attack the bruised and battered PCs again - only this time, thinking the PCs are now easy prey, they'll go for an all-out melee (but still in groups of 3 were-jaguars for each PCs). They'll also use "cheap" tactics, like having one of the group grappling the PC and rendering him defenseless against the other two attacking him.

If you think the PCs are still too strong and will fight them off easily, put some were-jaguars with ranged weaponry for support. Maybe some spellcasters too, although I'd save those for the adventure's climactic confrontation. :-)

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Want to add horror to that idea?




The human/jaguar hybrids believe in the magical spirits. They have a spirit guide, a master of tapping into the spirit world. He watched the battles against the space humans from afar and realized that he must call upon the magical spirits to help them win against the outside invaders. He summons upon the spirits to grant powers to his warriors so that they may vanquish the invaders. The spirits respond, and use their powers to augment the human/jaguar warriors. Those that have fallen...get back up! Missing an arm, a leg, a head, or have a hole burned through them by a plasma weapon? No problem....they mend...the spirits grow the lost appendage back. It takes time, but the warriors will open their eyes, magically raise to standing (as though they were a statue being stood up) and then the warrior will begin fighting again!


Normal wounding shots do no appreciable damage to them. An "incapacitated" shot knocks the warrior back/down, but only for a round, then they get back up. A mortally wounded will knock them down (1 round) and stun them -1D for the next round. Only a Kill result will drop them. A simple hole in them that killed them...they are fixed in 1D rounds. Missing an appendage and killed...fixed in 2D rounds. Lost half their body...fixed in 4D rounds. Disintegrated.....fixed in 1 hour.


So while the people from the space station with the plasma weapons might be able to burn through the warriors pretty easily, and the warriors only have spears and swords, the warriors just simply won't die...and they don't tire out...and they don't stop coming.

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Interesting stuff, guys. Thanks for the help. The multiple attack stuff is sparking some ideas in my mind. And I like the idea of the reanimation. That will be hard to pull off, though, because the group decided early-on that there would be a moratorium on zombie-style undead. We did say yes to robo-cop style cyborgs, though, so there's a possibility of an experiment going wrong. :rolleyes:


I do want to make it clear, I'm not completely against boosting the stats. In fact, I did monkey around some with that. Here's a telekinetic stat block that I was considering, using a 18 attribute, 12 skill build. Any suggestions would be welcome. :)





Description: A human/jaguar hybrid found in the South American rain forests. The virus has given this creature the genetic ability to move things with his mind.


Attributes: Might 5D, Agility 4D, Wit 6D, Charm 3D


Skills: Brawling 7D, Spear 6D, Dodge 6D, Stealth 5D+2

Throwing 5D, Search 6D+1, Beast Ride 3D+2


Static: Dodge 21, Block 18, Parry 16, Soak




You can move stuff with your mind. Make a Wits roll and treat it like a Lift skill. People resist using Might.


Teeth and Claws
When fighting close-range, NPC can add +1D to damage when successful with brawling due to natural weaponry.


No Pain, No Gain
To access esoteric abilities, the NPC must spill his own blood. It can take a full round of action or be combined with another action at a -1D penalty.


Gear: Spear (Might+2D) Sword (Might+2D+2), Heavy Hide Armor (+6)

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No zombies, yes cyborgs...nano borgs! The simple jaguar warriors drop dead, the fight is over everything is calm, except they were not always a simple people, and unfortunately the battle was near an area taboo to their people. Sleeping nanites awakened by the plasma weapons suddenly spring to life infesting the dead bodies and attacking your players. Finally after millenia of being trapped the network AI will finally get off planet and become everything it imagined it could be. Now your players have to avoid getting hit at all, because a hole in the suit could mean their mind being overwritten with the code of the hive.

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